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Quote of the day | ‘Every book is kind of like a child, you want it to work’

O.M.A.C. #5

“With all these books, and this is where I’m going to sound corny, every book we put out, we want to succeed. Every book is kind of like a child, you want it to work. Books like O.M.A.C., yes, I loved O.M.A.C., and you know the hard work that goes into that. Unfortunately, sometimes these books don’t find the audience you were hoping they would. We knew from the beginning, when we created the New 52, some of these books that we were discussing earlier, there was always the discussion of replacement titles if something was not performing to the extent where we’d like it to be. It’s always unfortunate when something doesn’t work out the way you’d like. It doesn’t mean these characters are going to go away. One thing I really think is exciting is you will see O.M.A.C. land in another book. You will see Hawk and Dove land in another title. This is the fourth time I’ve used this term, so again I apologize, but we are world-building. These characters, even if their books are going way, they are still part of the DC story. We’ll still be seeing them.”

– DC Comics Editor-in-Chief Bob Harras, talking with Comic Book Resources about the cancellation of six titles: Blackhawks, Hawk and Dove, Men of War, Mister Terrific, O.M.A.C. and Static Shock



Besides O.M.A.C and Static, I thought those were some of DC’s weaker titles.

I’m going to kind of miss Blackhawks myself. I’m probably the only person around who saw the potential on where that title could have gone but the pacing was too slow and it really smacked of G.I. Joe with the serial numbers filed off and without the character development (which is really saying something). Basically they failed to land the hook within the first two issues and, by that point, most people who were trying it out had left it.

I am happy to see a G.I. Combat comic coming around again but I visibly cringed when I saw J.T. Krul attached to it. I think DC must really hate their war comics. It’s like they’re starting off the title with the timer already counting down on it before it blows up.

Man, what a mixed metaphor (I know it’s technically a simile). Does Harras believe in child labor? He probably should have said “every book is kind of like a child, you want it to succeed.”

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