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Quote of the day | Paul Kupperberg on the marriage of Kevin Keller

“I guess the idiot lunatic fringe does some bitching and moaning about it. But the reaction that I’ve seen has been positive. It’s been ‘This is great—thank you! It’s about time! These are the kind of stories we want to see.’ And if people can’t deal with it, well, go away, don’t read it. That’s okay. I don’t care what you think. […] When the story broke a month or two ago, there was a comment left on some Fox News site, and they didn’t cite me by name, but it was essentially ‘Whoever would write and draw and publish such a story should get AIDS and die.’ And you know … I thought that was great. [Laughs] I have so much power that I can write a simple comic-book story and that can cause you to wish me death! I am mighty. [Laughs]”

– writer Paul Kupperberg, discussing response to the introduction of Riverdale’s first gay resident Kevin Keller, and the marriage of the character to Clay Walker in Life With Archie #16



What’s really impressive is that Archie, a brand that has for decades been associated with innocuousness, can actually inspire such consistent rage, simply by keeping up to date with contemporary life.

Great to see Paul Kupperberg gettings some buzz. I remember him from his DC days. A good editor, and sometimes a smart writer.

Ironically, this issue (#16) is probably the tamest of the series so far, telling a pretty straight-forward story without all the melodrama and (to be quite honest) insanity that’s characterized the rest of the series so far.

Dude’s got the right attitude.

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