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Quote of the day | Presumably, Romney isn’t polling well in Riverdale

Reggie and Me #26

“Mitt Romney is starting to get on my nerves. He reminds me of Reggie, the rich, handsome, athletic and effortlessly superficial character in the Archie comics. He does almost everything well, and he looks like a million bucks (leveraged for much more), but he rings hollow, like the class president who would bring glee to all of Riverdale High by slipping on a banana peel. I’d kill for that. […] Jon Huntsman is on to something when he says Americans seek forthrightness in their politicians — leaders who take their convictions from their gut, not focus groups. Romney does not come across as that guy. Instead, he has the coldness of Reggie from the Archie comics — the guy who had everything except, notably, his name on the cover.”

– Washington Post opinion writer Richard Cohen, comparing Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney to a certain Reginald Mantle, but somehow overlooking that the latter starred in no fewer than five series, including the long-running Reggie and Me



When you stop and think about it, Mittens is probably more concerned by the polling results of a fictional comic book town than that of a WashPo op-ed. Frankly, he’s every bit as much a “common guy” as the effete snob we have in the White House now, or the even bigger snob that is the First Lady. Again, we are left with no reasonable choice from either major party for our next leader.

God DAMN is Reggie ripped on that cover though, I’d admire myself too.

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