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Rob Liefeld says The Infinite ‘is over’ due to creative differences

The Infinite #5

Rob Liefeld said on Twitter that after four issues, his collaboration with writer Robert Kirkman, The Infinite, “is over.”

“Unfortunately creative differences have sunk The Infinite. It’s over,” he said, noting in another post that he and Kirkman’s Skybound imprint disagreed on an inker Liefeld was using for half of issue #5.

“Artistically, I’ll continue to seek out talented collaborators to work with that keeps me energized for the next 25 years,” he said, adding, “For 10 years all my printed work was printed from my pencils. Now I’m re-discovering the appeal of working with a variety of inkers.”

The fifth issue was originally solicited for last October, then rescheduled for February. Solicitations and covers had been released through April’s issue #8.

Word about The Infinite ending follows the news that another Liefeld book, DC’s Hawk & Dove, is also coming to an end. But despite that, Liefeld still has a pretty full plate, as he will start working on three other DC Comics in May, and his Extreme Studios properties continue to relaunch from a variety of creators.

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and the sound of surprise resounds absolutely nowhere

Aaron Scott Johnson

January 23, 2012 at 5:09 am

Guess they should’ve called it The Finite.

Wow. Disagreement about an inker is called a “creative difference”? I guess technically it is, but the headline made me think it was about something deeper and actually meaningful, like the direction of the series.

Good one Aaron.


Yeah. I find it hard to believe that this was over an inker.

Robert Kirkman, as much as I respect his work, made a huge mistake in choosing Liefeld. I know he is mercilessly criticized on message boards, but Liefeld is, to put it very mildly, not a very talented artist.

This breakdown of a creative relationship is hard for all concerned, but in the end “The Infinite”, Rob Liefeld, and Robert Kirkman will be better for it.

Tom Fitzpatrick

January 23, 2012 at 5:36 am

Just out of curiousity, was INFINITE a limited or on-going series.

At any rate, wasn’t a Liefeld fan in the first place, so didn’t bother to pick up the series.

Tom Fitzpatrick

January 23, 2012 at 5:37 am

Just out of curiousity, was INFINITE a limited or on-going series.?
At any rate, wasn’t a Liefeld fan in the first place, so didn’t bother to pick up the series.

Very disappointed ! The Infinite was a great comic and as usual I completely disagree with all the haters criticizing Rob’s awesome artwork.

Man, I was really surprised when I first saw Kirkman together with Liefield. I will not entry here in discussions about the quality or the lack of it in Liefield work, because he has some historical value, but it was very clear, at the start, that both of them have different conceptions of comic books. I saw the union as a chance of working different conceptions to create something positive and I tried to read the comic book, although the art made it preetty difficult. The ink was kinda nice, though.

Now Kirkman can re-shape the concept and get somenone else. I’m 100% sure more people will pick it up.

Not surprised. I dont understand how Liefeld keeps getting work. This is the third thing with Kirkman that he hasnt finished (Killraven, Infinite, & Image United). His DC work gets cancelled so they give him 3 more books? Its all very weird. He keeps failing upward.

Why do people keep buying/supporting this guy and most of the IMAGE founders when they have a track record of never actually finishing the vast majority of their projects?

“Creative differences” over an inker though? Weird.

Though inkers usually don’t get the love they deserve, they can have a HUGE impact on the look of a book. If Kirkman and Skybound had ultimate creative control, I find it hard to fathom why Liefeld would let this new inker do 14 pages before running it by them.

@jheintz58: “This is the third thing with Kirkman that he hasnt finished (Killraven, Infinite, & Image United).”

Actually, Killraven wasn’t Liefeld’s fault…he drew five full issues before Marvel decided to can the project entirely before it even came out.

As for Image United, I don’t know about issue #4, but #3 was late because of Todd, not Rob. And according to this (, it’s Todd and Marc that are actively working on pages at this point.

Why does everyone think Kirkman can continue this alone?

It was creator owned by both of them, folks.

I’m sad to see it go to be honest. I quite enjoyed the first 4 issues.


The guys at DC lost their minds????!

I hope that all of these cancellations wont affect the relaunch of Extreme, I can’t believe it myself but the revamped books look really great.

Apparently, Kirkman wanted more feet.

I liked the concept of The Infinite but Liefeld’s artwork was a major distraction. Everyone’s face looks exactly the same — just like Hawk & Dove. A better artist would have made it into an awesome book. Related, Deathstroke and Grifter are going to suck with Liefeld doing the art work. 2 less books to pick up.

Great , now I have a bucket load of Infinite issues i need to Shift :-)
However , one thing is that the series definetly has some promise, hopefullu kirkman can ressurect it with another artist.

I have to just assume that the problem arose when Kirkman said, “Hey, how about if you draw well?” and Liefeld refused.

Losing 21,000 sales in 4 issues probably didn’t hurt the decision to end it either… (27,434 to 6,428)

“Rob Liefeld says The Infinite ‘is over’ due to creative differences”

“Liefeld” and “Creative” in the same sentence… now that’s FUNNY STUFF! :)

Rob had an incredibly talented guy helping out on issue 5. The art is posted on his forum,and to those who see it will scratch your heads as to why it wasnt accepted

Will anyone really miss when it’s gone?!?

I also agree w/CapCanuck, how does Liefeld keep getting WORK?

Liefeld won’t be doing the art for Grifter (still Scott Clark) and Hawkman (Joe Bennett from Deathstroke). He’ll be plotting those books. He’ll (probably) get co-writers to do the scripting. (not 100% verified) He has mentioned doing the covers for all 3 books though. Argh!!!
I believe that Rob has mentioned numerous times that Killraven was actually completed but Marvel shelved it.

Hey Robot 6 peeps, I have a totally-not-spam comment awaiting moderation that has links explaining the status of both Killraven and Image United, if someone could please kick it live. Thanks!

Don’t you have to be creative to have creative differences?? (Liefeld, I’m looking at you)

Did Rob really say keep me energized for the next 25 years? I personally hope not there’s already too much of his art out there.

the sales is a good point.
thats the first thing I thought about because when you’re trying to Add an employee to a book thats not making money its not surprising that the book will come to an end.

“Did Rob really say keep me energized for the next 25 years?”

OMG! Run to the hills!! Women and children first!!! :()

@Aaron – great line!!!! LOL!

As others have posted here and elsewhere…clearly the steep sales decline had an impact here. As a creator owned booked it’s up to them if they want to put their energies into a low selling title, but pretty clearly Liefeld wanted to seek work elsewhere to understandibly help with his income and Kirkman also only has so many hours in a day to write so not surprising both would walk away from this Vs continue to produce a low seller AND have to incur the added expense of adding an inker to the payroll.

It sure looks like Liefeld was hoping for a “second coming” of sorts for his career in 2011/2012 but unlike fellow 90s stars Jim Lee (who never really went away) & Greg Capullo, his just wasn’t meant to be…at least not yet. And while art is subjective, I certainly am not putting him in the same calibre as those artists. Sales of Hawk & Dove and The Infinte certainly prove that Liefeld can no longer trade on his name alone. He just doesn’t have enough “built in” fans that will follow him from book to book. I wonder what title (if any) Liefeld could be put on and have solid success with. And I don’t mean that as a slight at all…but given the sales performace of recent books with his name attached, I honestly wonder what would happen if he were on a higer profile book (didn’t he do some Deadpool work a while ago…I seem to remember him using that as his proof that he could churn out consistent work, which he proved on Hawk & Dove as well…anyone know how Deadpool sales fared with Rob on art?). Would fans flock to his name on an X-book again? Would he be a boon or a curse for sales on Detective Comics or Amazing Spider-Man that already perform well? What about the new Superman? Could he help make sense of the underwearless kryptonian? It certainly seems like DC is headging their bets by giving him titles that are mid-to-low performers and hoping for the best (while mitigating risk since they’d likely be cancelled inside of a year with or without him). I wonder what title best suits Liefeld in this market…

I’ve never understood the hate for Rob Liefeld. His art isn’t bad; it’s stylized. It looks like Rob Liefeld’s work. It isn’t for everyone, but I’d rather see someone have his own style instead of a million Neal Adams clones. I don’t particularly care for a lot of Mike Mignola’s work, but I’d never call him a bad artist because, frankly, he isn’t one. It’s just a little different.

Liefeld does not draw half as bad as some of the jokes in the comments are.

@papercut fun…i don’t think he’d be able to add sales to any books more than a possible bump for his first issue on board…
liefeld is just a very different guy than he was as the guy in the 90s…obviously we were all younger (if even born in some cases) back then, so maybe that has some kind of effect on how fans viewed him but…
his art just seems bland and cookie cutter now…i recently went back and read through his new mutants, early x-force and his first youngblood mini…not saying he was perfect back then but his work was far more exciting and every single panel didn’t seem exactly the same…also, it seems he has forgone drawing backgrounds completely…maybe lazy is the right word?
another big thing is he used to have exciting ideas and at least through his new mutants run, seemed to have new characters galore…cable, stryfe, the MLF, shatterstar, feral, deadpool, gideon, the externals, etc…were very much characters that helped create the watered down 90s that ended up being defined by his very weak extreme studios, but at first were actually creative…

i don’t hold the absolute disgust of the guy some people do and give him a ton of credit for succeeding and making a great life out of something i wish i could…but i don’t think he’s ever going to have the impact he did in his younger days without a huge upturn in the quality of his work which i don’t see…i also don’t think any publisher would be crazy enough to put him on a top book like ASM or detective…

How do you have creative differences on a book that was essentially created for you? Didn’t Kirkman go on and on about how The Infinite was basically going to be a showcase for Liefeld? How do you just end it with the guy who obviously had the most faith in you?

@ Drew

I’ve always understood the hate for Rob Liefeld. His art is bad;

Fixed it for you.

“Never understood the hate for Liefeld”….WTF! He’s always been less than a hack and I agree with the above, his stuff all looks the same and he has the writing merits of a 10 year old. He has not evolved at all in his “25” years in comics. How did he come back? Why did he come back? Who actually purchases his crap? I wish they could show age and mental impairment when it comes to who buys his trash, and I’m not sorry it is trash. I think the reason most people “hate” him is that anyone on here would probably give a limb to actually be in the comics field and this doorknob (Liefeld ofcourse, and yes doorknob may not be harsh enough) keeps getting work when it is an insane miracle he ever got work to begin with. He created a couple characters back in his hay-day but a multitude of writers and other artists have fleshed them out and made them readable. I wouldn’t let my 10 year old read Liefeld as I would expect he would drop IQ points per page. I’ve never heard anyone mention anything even remotely positive about this guy in 20 years, and back in the nineties…well, we all know how that went. We’re lucky to still have comics to read after that dim-bulb decade. Then DC, I also agree with most of you that DC must really need some help to give him 3 titles that he has any control over. I guarantee they’ll all be cancelled or he’ll be replaced in 3-4 months. Please people don’t buy his stuff and he won’t keep coming back…hell, that might not even work. You can even see it in his eyes, he’s missing a chromosome or two. Urrghhhhh….

One would think that our chances of ever having Image United finished have been dashed… 10th Anniversary all over again…

Liefeld draws like he’s an alien who has never actually seen a human, but is following instructions from someone speaking a language he doesn’t understand.

I honestly thought Liefeld’s art on Infinite was an improvement over his past, but I think it was just the fact that he was working with inkers who were fixing things and covering up the larger atrocities.

January 23, 2012 at 7:01 am

Why does everyone think Kirkman can continue this alone?

It was creator owned by both of them, folks.

I’m sad to see it go to be honest. I quite enjoyed the first 4 issues.

Because Kirkman wrote the story, all he has do is find another artist incapable of drawing more than one facial type or range of emotions.

Dennis the Menace

January 23, 2012 at 9:07 am

One thing I know: No one draws a pouch like Rob Liefeld! ;)

He also draws large shitty looking guns very well too.

All his male characters look constipated and his female characters look like a plastic surgery horror stories.

At Marvel you know that they’re laughing thier asses off that DC hired him. He’s been the kiss of death for any project that he gets his hands on.

Dennis the Menace

January 23, 2012 at 9:36 am

“Liefeld: Two years ago, when Jim Lee and Geoff Johns were given their new positions, I called Jim and said “DUDE! Congratulations… how about Deathstroke for me??” He laughed and here we are”

Oh thank you very much Jim!

“The horror… the horror…”

BWAHAHAHAH!!! He did it again! :D

Did your’ll see those huge guns on the solicits for the Infinite#8?

Hmm… Given Liefeld’s past habits, I’ll bet the “inker” was actually drawing most of the book (finishes, if you will…). It’s the same thing Rob has always done, where he keeps his name on the book while Marat Michaels comes in to actually draw it, and that person draws like he’s recreating old Liefeld drawings from memory… Happened on X-force, Youngblood, and the recent Deadpool Corps. I don’t even dislike Liefeld – I was a big fan as a kid – but I wish he would finish a project once in awhile.

lol–Yeah, that’s smart. The only guy keeping the series remotely interesting–kick him to the curb. Genius.


Support Ed Hannigan!

shocking… another failed comeback attempted by a dated 90’s artist. His style doesn’t transcend like Lee’s and Capullo’s. When you see his art you immediately think ’90’s junk’. I was a huge fan of his in the 90’s but I look back at his work now and realize how bad it was.

with whom does Liefeld get along anyway?

If you go to bleeding cool they have the side by side comparison of the pages Liefeld turned in and what they ended up looking the after the inker had finished…it’s completely redrawn. Kirkman wanted Rob Liefeld to DRAW the book. Not scribble evolved stick figures on a page and have somebody else redraw them…ridiculous.

Does this really surprise anyone? Maybe he should take this time to work on updating his 90’s style? Just look at Hawk and Dove, why does each page contain a small number LARGE panels that really do not tell a story!?

All I can say is, “Next!”.


Obviously you’re a Lielfeld apologist. That is not the Killraven story. MArvel via Brevoort says they have paid Lielfeld for the art, he says it is completed but they have not received complete art for any single issue.
I’ll believe Brevoort over Lielfeld anyday.

While Invincible is my favorite superhero comic currently being published, and I adore Kirkman’s work, there’s no escaping the fact that The Infinite was GARBAGE. Just terrible. It had to be stopped, and I am glad it’s being canceled. Kirkman should have known better.

Murphy’s Law dictates that EVERY one rises to their own level of incompetence – and stays there.

I’ve never met Rob Leifeld. I’ve only red maybe one issue of Youngblood. He’s gotta be the nicest guy on the planet to have so many people supporting him.

Maybe Kirkman wanted anatomically proportionate characters with less pouches that would show their feet and greet their teeth less…

Kirkman hired Liefeld for the Liefeld style. Whether you agree with it or not, those pages look like someone else aping his style (better in my opinion) so Kirkman was not getting what he ordered. If you paid for an inked piece of work by Jim Lee and he sketched something on a napkin and passed it to Scienkiwicz to ink(sorry about the spelling) you may love the product but it isn’t what you paid for. The bcn comparisons tell that kind of story.

“Artistically, I’ll continue to seek out talented collaborators to work with that keeps me energized for the next 25 years…”

don’t threaten us, rob!

It’s pretty sad that I’ve heard Kirkman compliment Rob many times in the press – but I’ve never heard Rob say one kind word about Kirkman

At last year’s San Diego comic con, I was in line to get Walt Simonson to autograph the large special edition of his Thor art. Liefield tries to come up to the front of the line to get them to give him one special or so that he wouldn’t have to get in line. It looked like all the people in line and all the professionals tried to ignore him. I have it on video. It would be funny if it weren’t so sad.


PLEASE post that. That is too funny. Liefeld trying to game the great Walt Simonson?! Nothing’s sacred to that chump.

And yes, why DOES Lie-feel’d-you-up keep getting his work published? His art is so unappealing and grotesque.

mon-el, i’d love to see it. posted on you tube?

Kirkman: Was I drunk when I brought you in on this?

Liefeld: Roofies.

Kirkman: ahhh, I see…get out.

Liefeld: Doh kaaay.

@ Mon-El, I lend my voice to the masses PLEASE put that on youtube!

Wow…. It’s like “Lost in Douche-bag forest in here”.
Most of you guys are quit to criticize but your information is all wrong. ….not that you’d be open minded enough to consider that what you THINK you know is full of shit….but whatever.

– Liefeld is a 50/50 partner and co-creator on The Infinite so there will be no “replacement artist”

– Hawk & Dove (while not a huge seller) was cancelled because Liefeld was offered (and accepted) Deathstroke .DC chose not to continue with H&D. Would it have been cancelled eventually? Probably so…but there are a couple of books that are still being published that sell less than H&D (Captain Atom for example …which is another good book)

– Killraven is finished minus some coloring. Neither Liefeld nor Kirkman are to blame for the Killraven delay. If you have a problem with that , talk to Marvel about it. They solicit almost everything before it’s even drawn at Marvel. ALL the Killraven pages are pencilled and inked. I’ve even seen some at shows. The Killraven delay has more to do with Kirkman and Liefeld being on the “Marvel shit-list” than anything else. Tom Brevoort sugar coats it and uses the “uncolored pages” as an excuse which “(in the spirit of all the negativity here) is total bullshit.

– Image United stalled out due to McFarlane (and Silvestri if i’m not mistaken). Larsen, Liefeld , Portacio, and Valentino had their pages done when they were supposed to. In a collaboration of that sort… what can you do? Seriously. Not Liefelds fault so quit trying to give him the shit end of the stick

– The inkers on this project are talented and the pages in question look good. No, they’re not 100% Liefeld but they look very nice and the art is superior to several Marvel titles i’m reading at the moment. Several of those pages are out there if you’d like to see them. Bleedingcool has posted them already. Bottom line : The art looks good. As a fan, I can’t see why they weren’t published. It’s not uncommon for a book to have a “fill in” artist or to have the artist do layouts + use a finisher. I don’t see why it was an issue here…. especially when it’s a creator owned book. WTF?

I have no doubt nothing i say here will change your minds…. I just thought that if you’re gonna hop on the Liefeld shit talking bandwagon (which only goes in circles by the way) you should at least know what your talking about.


Hawk and Dove was cancelled because of poor sales. Do you know ANYTHING about business??? There is NO WAY DC wants to cancel a new 52 title this early. To think otherwise is deliberate delusion

Bleeding cool – yeah you left out the part where those Liefeld layouts were some of the mos atrocious things you’ll ever see in comics – but, might as well have selective sight while accusing others of not having all the facts


I never claimed that sales on Hawk and Done were amazing or that DC “wanted” to cancel anything for the fun of it. (Does any publisher???)What I’m saying is that while Hawk and Dove sales were indeed low… they weren’t to the point of cancellation yet. If that were the case Captain Atom would have been announced for cancellation along with the others because it was selling less that H&D.

When Liefeld signed on for Deathstroke and the others, the decision was made to go ahead and put Hawk & Dove to bed. Hawk and Dove have never been huge sellers so it was probably for the best. There’s only so much potential for those characters at the moment. That goes for a lot of other non-Liefeld DC books too. In launching that many books simultaneously …there was bound to be cuts. Everyone knew this going into it….and there will be more. Thats just the nature of the business (that i know nothing about). If i’m not mistaken DC is hoping to put Hawk and Dove in a team book at some point. Whether that comes to pass…. I dunno.

RE: Layouts. It is what it is…. Rob’s layouts were to direct the inker / finisher on what to draw. It was a blueprint. He also inked over the finishes and added the patches as shown in the article. They layouts themselves were never intended to be some glorious manifestation of artistic ability nor were they ever claimed to be.


Hey Rob, glad you could stop by!

When I was a struggling penciler in the mid-late 90’s.. the most important criticism I would be given by the editors in charge were.. pay attention to anatomy.
Make sure what you draw looks like it actually exists.
Pay attention to sequential storytelling.
Pay attention to lighting.
Don’t concentrate on one area of a panel and ignore the rest.

Now I get that Rob has his own style. A style which he refuses to enhance or evolve over the last 25 yrs.

But when guys like him get tons of high profile work- and the truly good artists don’t get any work…. how can you not resent seeing artists like him?

That was a really really REALLY good book….

over an INKER???

I KNEW those inkers were trouble

@masontganes that’s another reason I despise the monkey fingered cretin.

@CFlowers (somehow an apt name) I genuinely feel sorry for you. I’ve actually come to believe that people who like RL’s work are, well not to dance around the issue a few bricks short of a lego set. Most of them have to be from the nineties which puts them about my age ‘ish so to STILL think he’s a good artist must mean they still need help tying their shoelaces and reading involves a finger. There really is NO other reason I can see to like his work, my friends SIX year old could see he was a bad artist, true.

lead sharp (and everyone else)

Don’t feel sorry for me , I’m enjoying all the comics I read and I don’t feel the need to get online and trash the ones that I don’t. There are artists out there whom i respect…. but don’t necessary like. Just because I might not like it doesn’t mean that the people that do are “tasteless” etc. How could you begrudge anyone for doing something they love and making a living / supporting a family?….. Especially when said person is a damn nice guy. Liefeld’s always been super cool to me in person and I’ve always enjoyed all the comics he’s drawn / produced etc. More than an artist… I respect him as a creator. Still a huge fan of all his 90’s creations and can’t wait for the rest of the Extreme relaunch books from Image.

To each their own and all that stuff….. You’ll get no apologies from me. =)

He didn’t ‘create’ anything he just ripped off other peoples concepts. People who STILL buy his crap are in my opinion, actually contributing to the detriment of comics as a medium.

It’s not a matter of personal taste, his…work…is…objectively…BAD.

So yeah, like people who like to play in faeces, “each to their own”.

Sorry to add yet more to this but I just found this…

And it just occurred to me that RL is comics equivalent to the ICP. Does this make his fans ‘Lielos’?

I am angry and feel slighted that someone I believe is less talented than me and somehow getting work. Now, I’ve never drawn more than a stick figure or presented a portfolio, but that doesn’t stop me from being the world’s foremost art critic that should guide everyone else’s buying habits. Anyone who doesn’t feel exactly as i do should be shouted down or attacked. There is only one opinion in this world and that is mine.

@Michael, actually you are correct.

@lead sharp Silence. I agree that I am correct in everything I say.

Ah no sorry that was meant to say;

Actually I am an artist with a portfolio who can draw better than Liefeld who IS pissed at the cretin getting work when even a cursory glance at Deviant Art reveals hundreds like me struggling in the field.

I can, believe it or not grasp that people do or do not like something, that’s called subjective opinion. There are people out there who don’t like Alex Ross’s art, for example because they don’t think he’s changed over the twenty plus years he’s been at it, but they still appreciate that he is a competent artist who does good solid work. I could completely understand why some people wouldn’t like Kelly Joneses work or Mike Mignola, I’ve met those people the’re good, sensible people who know the difference between turd and a chicken McNugget and they can accept that other people can see what they don’t in the mentioned artists work and that it simply isn’t their container of hot brown beverage. I myself don’t like Jim Lee’s art but I can see why others do and he knows how to draw anatomy.

There’s no clearer way to say this.

1. Rob Liefeld is so OBJECTIVELY bad to the point where calling him an artist is actually distasteful.

2.If you defend or actually like his work and you are over the age of 6 you are either a time traveller from the nineties OR unable to eat ice cream without a safety helmet.

As an aside, to those who ‘don’t think this is worth getting worked up about’ I refer you to my first sentence. Also if enough people rant about this cretin maybe he’ll do a Lucas and just retire.

Though not a Liefield hater to this point ,this was the last straw. Liefield is basically just bailing on a commitment he. made way prior to his work with DC, Because now he does not have the time to do anything but layouts for The Infinite ,leaving the finish art for someone else. Take the money from the big CO, and blow off your prior commitment, maybe this guy should get into politics Needless to say this will be the last title with Liefields name attached I will purchase.

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