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Ryan Ottley’s cover process for the next Invincible hardcover

On his blog, the insanely talented Ryan Ottley shares his process for creating the cover to the Invincible Vol. 7: Ultimate Collection, which features the huge cast of characters from issues #71-84, a.k.a. the Viltrumite War storyline.

“I always have a hard time with these covers, they are always packed with everyone from the issues so it’s tough to get any kind of composition,” he said in the post. “Here I tried to organize things a little bit but with keeping the same idea of all the other covers.”

The hardcover collection is due Feb. 15, and you can catch up on previous volumes, as well as purchase Ottley’s latest sketchbook, in his new online store.



I’ve only been reading this book in the Hardcover format. I love it, but it’s hard to wait, sometimes.

I am reading the Invincible Library collections and I bought vol 3 this week.
This week I read them all and WOW. The problem is I feel like I have to wait two years for the next chapter.
Damn it!

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