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Small press publisher Nakatomi debuts with Bad Cat Comics

Although Marvel and DC may be trying to suck the air out of the room with event books, there remains a thriving independent comics scene, and as we enter 2012 so does a new publisher: Nakatomi.

Spinning out of a previously established nerd fashion online storefront, Nakatomi (named after Die Hard, I hope) is entering the comics fray with a comic by Tim Doyle titled Bad Cat Comics #1. This limited-edition comic promises a mad-cap chase book centered on an El Camino driven by cats carrying a shark.

An El Camino. Driven by Cats. Carrying a Shark.

Friend of the site Paul Maybury chips in on the book doing gray tones over Doyle’s work, with Nakatomi partnering with Austin-based literary/arts publication Minerva’s Wreck. Bad Cat Comics looks to be the most inventive comic of 2012 thus far. Check out an interior page sample below and then repeat after me: An El Camino. Driven by Cats. Carrying a Shark.



I think you mean El CATmino ;)

“NO, Mr. Bigglesworth. Bad cat! …Comics!”

They should have a crossover with Toonces.

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