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The sweet smell of sexism wafts through the Axe cologne comic

One of these things is not like the other

Following in the grand tradition established by Hostess Fruit Pies, the men’s cologne Axe is pushing its product with a comic. Like Twinkie the Kid, the women in the comic are personified versions of the product — in this case, “experimental fragrances,” that cause all kinds of trouble when they are both let loose at the same time. Because OMG, two women always means trouble! Or maybe a good catfight!

Someone at Axe Headquarters must have been reading about this “social media” thing in The New York Times, because that’s going to be a part of the comic, too — fans will be allowed to make essentially meaningless choices shape the action via Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. I suppose it’s pointless to complain about sexism in a comic created by the people who make Axe cologne, but the video is a textbook case: All the women are super-sexy, with body parts sticking out all over, while the guys all look like ordinary schlubs. Maybe I’ll go on Facebook and suggest they add in some beefcake.



Is that Scott Lobdell in the video? I’m being completely serious. There’s a quick shot of one of the creators and it looks like him.

you should their “games” on playstation home


The dude at :34?


Why should this comic be any less offensive than any of Axe’s other ad campaigns?

I don’t see how this is any worse than a lot of comics that are being made without social media input. Why don’t we get more outraged towards sexism in comics in general, rather than just knee jerking towards Axe?

Unfortunately, this is the most unsurprising comic news ever. What’s that, the guys at AXE are still being sexist towards ladies by trying to make us all look like total sluts? Well, gee, never saw that one coming.

Although, is it just me or does having your face drawn into a comic just because you made a suggestion that corporate liked seem kind of creepy?

The “product” that they sell is nothing without its offensive marketing. It’s just perfume for young men. The sad thing is that their bone-headed advertising seems to work. When I was in college (not too long ago) I noticed a lot of guys I knew were using that stuff. I never saw the appeal; I hated the way the dorm room smelled after my roommate applied it.

Does anyone care enough to read advertising comics? I’ll admit to a perverse fascination with the Hostess Fruit Pie ads, but they’re only amusing because they’re 30 years old. I’d never read an ad comic. It’s the same principle as the fact that I’d never choose to watch a commercial.

Steve Rotterdam

January 5, 2012 at 10:03 am

As I posted over on Heidi’s blog, this campaign does not seek to make inroads with comics fans as much as it does with Axe’s general target of young males. It borrows – or exploits, if you will – what (in my opinion) Axe thinks is mainstream culture’s idea of what’s cool about comics. While I think that any brand recognizing the power and appeal of comics is good for the industry as a whole (it’s what we’re building the Bonfire Agency around), with the right guidance and a little planning (are you listening, Unilever?) this promotion could have had substantially more impact and credibility among target consumers both within and outside comic culture. But that would have required Axe to back off somewhat from their arguably sexist platform, a platform that, frankly, has worked and continues to work for the brand.

Where is Axe Cop when you need him?

Anybody that has paid any little bit of attention to Axe’s ads on tv shouldn’t be surprised.

yeah really!! the tv ads for AXE have every guy having abs that are insane and have about 2% body fat!! Lucky bastads!!

there are massive human trafficing rings in the world, in your city, in your community and this is what disgust you people? The point is that these fragrences give normal guys, working [maybe on in this climate], to make them feel like they have a chance with stunningly beautiful woman we may fantasize about. Just get over it. If the commercials had guys with ripped abs, a chissled jaw, and killer calves, there would be no point to advertise it. Sitcoms have been doing this for years – hot wife and normal average looking guys, probably fat husband, for years! I’m sorry that just about no real woman looks like the characters in the ad, but not only does this work in the companies benifit, but it’s what get’s people talking and in the mind of consumer, it’s what they want. Men buy AXE for this reason – to smell good and maybe help the chances of talking to a woman who may not otherwise give them the time of day. Don’t don’t say “well, if that’s what they think then their insecure and needs confidence”. WE DUH! WE ALL HAVE SOMETHING WE’RE NOT 100% on ALL THE TIME! For someone, AXE, and these other fragrences, may work. Don’t worry about this so much and read a comic or try to make your community better. YOU’RE LETTING THE CUBANS WIN!!! [watch the Cuban Prostitution Documentary. It’s a very interesting doc on dating customs in Cuba. It kida relates to this. Just Google or BING it]

Um… duh, of course it’s got hot women all over regular dudes. That’s what sells. Sexism-shmexism, get over it.

Hey Axe! Bring on the catfights. I would love to work with you on that endeavor. ;)

People care about commercials outside of the Superbowl? [GASP!]. Even about ‘comic book’ commercials? I try my best to not see ads in regular comics. We’ll all live, folks.

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