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Rare Calvin & Hobbes watercolor goes up for auction

Calvin & Hobbes cartoonist Bill Watterson is notoriously reclusive, and original pieces of art from his long-running strip are just as rare. That’s why recent news by Heritage Auctions that a piece of his is going up for sale is worth perking your ears up about.

The watercolor illustration (seen at right) was a piece done by Watterson for a 1989-90 calendar cover. The piece comes from the collection of comic historian Rick Marschall, to whom Watterson inscribed it to in the lower right corner.

The current highest bid is at $26,000, but the auction house expects it to top $50,000 by the time the live floor auction starts on Feb. 23. I expect to see a vast array of comics art collectors come out for this, and perhaps even a few comic artists who are fans of Watterson’s work.



Can I get Ron Granito to sign it?

Would someone please edit these before they go live? Horrid grammatical errors.

Aside from that, I want this.

If this goes for 1 million dollars I wouldn’t be the least little bit surprised. At All.

I would easily pay a million dollars for that … but I don’t have it so … but it will top 50k as very few people actually own Watterson art and he’s got tons of fans …

How old is this comic strip and people still love it? I remember reading it in High School …

You know, I always WONDERED what was inside the rare calendar pages. Were there any sketches that were later collected in the book collections? I have no idea if this image is duplicated in the Calvin & Hobbes 3-volume collection. If it isn’t, that makes the above drawing more valuable.

…Until somebody gets the bright idea of copying and sharing it on the internet.


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