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Amanda Conner’s Power Girl toilet seat cover

Jimmy Palmiotti recently posted a bunch of pictures of Amanda Conner at conventions. They’re a lot of fun, but sitting there amongst the photos of Conner with Wookiees and Black Canaries is a picture of a weird and hilarious piece of original Conner art: a Power Girl toilet seat cover on which the character discusses why she’s there and the impracticability of her costume.

There’s no real nudity, but its subject matter makes it possibly NSFW, so we’ll put the picture below the jump.

[Update: A commenter points out below that this is part of the Comic Rockstars Toilet Seat Museum at Isotope, which includes other lids from artists like Brandon Graham, Darwyn Cooke, and Ben Templesmith. Thanks, Brian.]



Awesome! Toilet seat covers, Watchmen sequels– when I think of shit coming out of asses, Amanda Conners is going to be the very first artist I’ll think of. She’s like a Fecal Rembrandt! Thanks!

I have always enjoyed her artwork.

When I saw the headline of this article, I was picturing the hole in the toilet seat as the window in her costume. Not sure how it would have worked, and it would have actually been kind of creepy, but that’s what came to mind.

It should be noted (since no one has labeled it correctly) that this another of the entries to the Comic Rockstars Toilet Seat Museum @ Isotope [].

Thanks, Brian. I’ve updated the post.

Way to stay classy!

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