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Apple adds comics section to the iTunes bookstore

When Apple opened its iTunes bookstore last year, comics and graphic novels were just mixed in with everything else. That changed today, as Apple introduced its Comics and Graphic Novels Section.

The selection is rather eclectic, with everything from Harvey Pekar’s Cleveland to The Walking Dead to How to Draw Manga. There are separate sections for Marvel, children’s comics, and collections of newspaper strips, which is a great idea, but everything else is a bit of a mishmash. (Most of these books were already in the iTunes bookstore; this page just collects them in one place for easy browsing.) In addition to Marvel and Image, the publishers represented include IDW (with their Locke and Key books), Archie, Seven Seas, and Manga University—but I didn’t see any DC titles. It’s definitely a bookish selection, but there are some bargains—and even some freebies—to be had.



Finally it is about time.

Isnt DC amazon exclusive right now? Why would they publish in apple’s store when the kindle fire numbers dwarf iPad and other iOS devices?

Just looked at the free copy of new avengers #1 and it’s not terrible, wasn’t a fan of lock and key on iBookstore, because the text was tough to read at times. Not sure if marvel touched up the text or what I’ll have to look at my Comixology/marvel app version to see if there is a difference.

Seems like it will work great for casual readers.

The main thing of interest for me, since I’m a Kindle Fire kiddo, is that they have full issues of Diabolik for a dollar a piece!!!

Did everyone see that?!?! Diabolik for a buck!!! Sure it’s in Italian, but whatever–it’s Diabolik! That stuff is crazy expensive in the U.S.

Now if only they’d start carrying some of those crazy horror fumettis…

I’m amazed at the price difference between the same item on ibooks and the marvel app. Is this because apple don’t need to take a cut for themselves or is it because of the lack of panel to panel navigation?

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