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Artist line-up for Ashes takes shape

After the falling out between Ashes writer Alex de Campi and artist Jimmie Broxton, de Campi decided to pursue having multiple artists draw the sequel to the 2005 series Smoke. This week in an update to the project’s backers on Kickstarter, de Campi said the line-up of artists is now complete.

Joining A Distant Soil creator Colleen Doran and Smoke artist Igor Kordey are:

De Campi said she plans to begin serializing it digitally in June and publish the graphic novel in December.



Holy crap! Didn’t she say one of her problems was not being able to afford other artists? Where’d she get the scratch for that kind of lineup?!

Hey Chris! I actually never said (…at lesat I don’t think I did) that money for other artists was a problem. Time definitely was a problem — finding an artist with a year free to draw the whole book was unlikely at best, which is why I went back to my original plan of having multiple artists take discrete sections of the book. I’m kind of amazed how well the lineup came together, too — a couple of those people, I thought no way in heck would they say yes. But the script seemed to strike a chord with artists. I rather feel like a kid in a candy store, getting to work with these awesome people.

My mistake, I’m just glad it worked out for you!

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