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Artist shuffle: Saiz moves to Resurrection Man, Dagnino moves to Suicide Squad [Updated]

Resurrection Man #9

DC Comics announced they’re reshuffling the deck a bit on the New 52, with Birds of Prey artist Jesus Saiz is moving to Resurrection Man and Resurrection Man artist Ferndando Dagnino moving to Suicide Squad. Both are effective with issue #9 of each series, which also happen to contain a crossover between the two titles.

“I’m going to miss Birds of Prey immensely, although it’s also true that I was dying to work on the Dark line of books,” Saiz told DC’s The Source. “There’s some very interesting stuff happening in these books, and I’ve always considered horror / creating dark settings are some of my stronger areas as an artist, and I really haven’t had many chances to flex those muscles working in this genre during my career. So…I think I’m really going to enjoy working on Resurrection Man! Crrrrazy fun!”

“Call me insensitive but I must admit I’ve really enjoyed killing Mitch twice or thrice per issue,” said Dagnino. “Nevertheless, it all falls into place knowing that he will be in Jesus’ hands now. This run on Resurrection Man has REALLY been loads of fun but now I must confess I am even more excited to take over the responsibility of dealing with such a thrilling cast of characters as the Suicide Squad. Harley…I’m coming!”

No word yet on who will be drawing Birds of Prey after Saiz, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we find out later today. The cover above, for Resurrection Man #9, is by Rafael Albuquerque.

Update: DC Comics has announced that Animal Man artist Travel Foreman is moving to Birds of Prey, and 1990s Animal Man artist Steve Pugh will return to draw the character in his current series.

“A big reason I love the Animal Man character so much is because of the work Steve did on the character back in the 90’s with Jamie Delano,” Animal Man writer Jeff Lemire posted on his blog. “In fact, I don’t think it would be a stretch to say that I have been heavily influenced by a lot of the concepts Steve an Jamie created and represented them in my tenure on the book. So, to have Steve join colorist Lovern Kindzierski. letterer Jared K. Fletcher and I is a a dream come true for me. Steve is an incredibly talented illustrator as well as an extremely professional and reliable guy and with everything we have planned on Animal Man coming up, I know the Baker Family is in good hands!”



Ah, bummer, I was enjoying Dagnino’s work on Resurrection Man. I’m sure he’ll draw one helluva Harley Quinn, though.

Saiz isn’t a bad choice ofr Resurrection Man. At least the book is getting time to find readers. I like it a lot, even if it’s not essential reading so far.

Pugh on Animal Man, Foreman on Birds. Nice.

Um, did anyone else laugh when Dagnino said that he enjoyed killing Mitch but is glad that “he’s in Jesus’s hands” now?

I’m going to miss Saiz on BoP. I may drop the book if I don’t like the new artist.

Weird decisions, if I must say. In my opinion, Foreman was killing it on Animal Man because he was a great match to the horror/monster stuff, and they put him on a straight-up superhero title. Meanwhile, Saiz is much more iconic and super-hero-y, but they’re putting him on dark, gritty tittle?

Don’t get me wrong, they are both awesome artists, and will do well wherever they land, just really suprised to see these moves, as they seem to be playing against the artist’s strengths.

Whoa, what? Travel Foreman on Birds of Prey is…just bizarre.

Uh, taking Foreman off AM is just wrong. Not pissing on Pugh but Travel’s art is almost equal to the writing in making this book stand out. And btw I really don’t think that his style will be as effective in straight-forward superheroics of BoP.

I don’t like this at all.

Travel Foreman and Duane Swierczynski have good synergy, though…

I might stick with Animal Man longer now. Foreman’s art has been just a bit too gory and unpleasant for my tastes.

Why does DC have to change up all thier titles at the issue 9 mark? This is getting irritating.

I loved Travel’s art on Animal Man. but let face it steve Pugh was the best Artist to draw the last series he is easily one the best animal Artist in comic books. When I saw he was part of the last preview I thought he was just comming back for a couple more pages he did great on the climax to the last storyline I have no problem with the swich in fact I am excited . Simon Delmont if you want to see gory you should look at the art steve Did for The Preacher: Saint Of Killers miny yuck lol

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