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Cartoonist finds himself with Hell Lost

Rex Libris cartoonist James Turner has launched a new webcomic called Hell Lost.

Described by the artist as being about “the inevitable Counter-Revolution in Hell,” Hell Lost follows up what happens when the fallen angels languishing in Hell realizing they are, in fact, in .. well, Hell. Turner’s got a whole host of fallen angels in this, coming in all shapes and sizes, from the dragon Magor to the impish Ich and the man leading it all, Balthazar.

This follows up from Turner’s last big project, the one-shot Warlord of Io, while also spending his days doing magazine illustrations and design work in everything from The Wall Street Journal to Elle.

Here’s a preview of the first three pages of Hell Lost:



Can’t seem to find an rss feed for this comic… Anybody know the rss address?

sandy… looking for the same thing. it doesn’t appear as if turner has one set up. possibly on purpose? it sucks. i’m digging where this is going but i won’t remember to visit…

Hope to get an RSS feed in with an updated version of the site.
Not sure when that will be ready though.

RSS feed is up and online!

After seing all the story I just have to say “dude.. what? hu? but wasnt he at..? hu?” about the last 5 strips (18.08.2012) I

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