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Chris Samnee joins the Daredevil art team with issue #12

Daredevil and Elektra by Chris Samnee

I was going to make a “You got your chocolate in my peanut butter” joke here, but a) Would kids these days even get the reference? and b) Those commercials work under the assumption that chocolate and peanut butter are somehow mismatched, and combining them would be unnatural. No, this match-up is more in the “Why didn’t anybody think of this sooner?” category.

According to a Twitter post, artist Chris Samnee will join the Daredevil art team starting with issue #12, rotating story arcs with Paolo Rivera. Samnee replaces departing artist Marcos Martin, who left after issue #6.

“I’d like to welcome Chris Samnee to the team, who will be alternating arcs with me on the series,” Rivera said on his blog. “I’ve been a ‘Samnee-vore’ for some time, consuming his beautiful, black and white pin-ups via his blog and Comic Twart. He’s a pitch-perfect match for the book, and his pencils for issue 12 are phenomenal.”

Samnee’s previous credits include Captain America and Bucky, The Mighty and the canceled-way-too-soon Thor: The Mighty Avenger. If you’re curious what his Daredevil might look like, head over to his blog to see more sketches like the one I included here.



Nice! Samnee is a great artist. I really enjoy that Marvel seems comitted to constantly have great artists working on DD, so often in comics you see the fill-in or replacement artists be a tremendous step down. Not so with Daredevil!

Awesome choice.

I love this development, and couldn’t be happier with Marvel right now given their obvious commitment to the quality of the Daredevil title. Rivera and Samnee are a dream team and I can’t wait to see Samnee in action on this project.


This is one of those good news, bad news things, since Martin seemed like a perfect choice for DD. But how can you go wrong with Samnee.

Unless, of course, it was announced he was leaving DD to do a revival of Thor the Mighty Avenger with Landridge.

Smart Internet Man

February 20, 2012 at 1:01 pm

apple, applesauce.

I like this move. his stuff is more suited for the new-DD than Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man, though he is more than welcome on either titles.

Thanks, Steve Wacker!
If Marvel E-I-C was an election, I would’ve voted for Wacker.


Became a Samnee fan after T:MA, loved his recent Cap/Bucky arc, really looking forward to his DD!!! :-D

Oh man, he did The Mighty? I should check that book out. I’m happy to see Samnee on Daredevil. He’s been bouncing around different books since Thor: TMA got cancelled, so I’m glad he has a regular gig now. Wonder what Marcos Martin is doing now that he’s off DD.

What is wrong with Marvel and the industry these days that they get absolutely, total acclaim for the team on Daredevil and then let part of that success go? Why is it that only one run in recent years has managed to live up to the numbers from the sixties for a consecutive creative team? Bendis and Bagley’s run on USM should be the rule, not the exception! As great as an artist is, seeing them leave after just six issues is rubbish, I’m sorry.

At least Samnee’s good. Not as good as Martin, but still good.

Great news! I love Samnee!

Martin left, I believe, to work on a creator-owned book with Brian K. Vaughn. Can’t fault him for that…


I understand what you’re saying, but if Martin wanted to leave there really wasn’t anything Marvel could have done to stop him. As nice as it would be to see 50 issue runs from artists all the time, those days are long gone. It’s just not how the industry works any more and hasn’t been for a long time.

And Samnee is fantastic, and a perfect fit for DD.

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