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Chronicle’s Max Landis takes on the death and return of Superman

Screenwriter Max Landis, whose found-footage superpowers movie Chronicle topped the weekend box office, has released an entertaining 17-minute rant about, and recreation of, the death and return of Superman, featuring appearances by Elijah Wood and Mandy Moore, among others. The original version apparently was 45 minutes long, so what we get here are the highlights — along with a sly plug for Chronicle.



Awesome. Simply Awesome!

Landis needs to stay behind the camera. He’s pretty annoying in front of it.

Good stuff.

I know a lot of folks are taking issue with some of the specifics of this, but overall its a great bit of story dissection.

I also really enjoyed the Knightfall video he made.

Chronicle would be more appealing to me if it wasn’t found footage, but I hope he does more of these kinds of vids.


Can you please provide a link to the Knightfall video?


couldn’t agree more: he’s proving to be an interesting screenwriter, considering his lineage that’s a no brainer. Unlike his father John who is quite endearing in front of the camera, Max is rather annoying even if this is being played for irony/laughs.

As for the short, they have a point about The Death and Rebirth of Supes taking the power of death out of comics, but I didn’t find the short funny or entertaining.

Uhhh… there were plenty of characters returning from the dead long before Superman died and returned. Kinda defeats his commentary.

Nitpick all you want, but this was FUNNY.

This most definitely was not funny. At all. I got exactly one laugh – not even a laugh, really, more like a brief chuckle – but I can’t remember what it was in response to and I’ll be damned if I’ll sit through this again to figure it out.


Yeah, he’s an obviously talented movie-maker, but I just don’t think his appearance in this video makes him look too good, even if it just played for cheap laughs.

And truthfully, even taking his professed dislike for Superman out of the equation, I just can’t take his criticisms over the Death/Rebirth of Superman too seriously. Characters have been coming back from the dead before Superman. While the Superman death was made a big deal of in the mainstream, that’s really something to criticize the media over, not necessarily DC Comics and the creators involved in the Death of Superman.

You’re not meant to take them seriously. It’s a goof.

A friend of mine showed this to me last weekend. Its interesting to see comics from the perspective of a cynical dick, but that’s the extent of my interest in these videos.

Death in comics was ruined by the returns of Jean Grey and Elektra long before DC’s “Death of Superman” marketing event. Whether Landis’ video rant is funny or not pales compared to how his perception is skewed by his age. To be so worked up to inspire this silly short, he really must have believed that DC would keep the Big Blue Boy Scout dead and buried when the event happened.

I’d say the difference between Superman’s death and those of Jean Grey and Elektra, is that Superman’s was obviously a marketing ploy, feeling hollow and cheap, whereas Jean Grey’s and Elektra’s death felt like they were adding to an already rich, interesting story and their character’s development. It is possible that they were just marketing ploys as well, but at least they were executed better. Death still felt reserved to be used as an interesting story device, that sort of went out the window with Superman.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that many of the comics of the 70s and 80s felt like two steps forward, and the Death and Return of Superman felt like two steps back.

Gosh, I couldn’t make it past the first minute. Typical clown who can’t fathom anyone liking something he doesn’t like.

Aaron Scott Johnson

February 6, 2012 at 6:58 pm

Well, since Jean Grey wasn’t supposed to die in the first place, I don’t think it was orchestrated as a marketing ploy. Not that first time, anyway.

I wish he and the peanut gallery would leave his murdering father out of everything.

This had potential to be funny, but he just comes across as smarmy hipster douche with a lot of famous friends. The fact people are calling this a documentary, or even brilliant, just makes me a sad panda.

The Knightfall one was better… but even that’s not saying much.

He’s way too unlikable for this to work.

Loved it. It’s funny how those who are criticizing this obvious tongue-and-cheek commentary on a seminal comic book storyline like the Death and Return of Superman so seriously.

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