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Colleen Coover and Paul Tobin working on secret capes-and-tights comic

Details are super-mysterious, but Colleen Coover shared a couple of costume designs on her blog for a project she’s working on with her husband, Paul Tobin. I’m crossing my fingers for the Adventures of Gingerbread Girl and Bulldog.



I hate to go do the DC route, but could it be the myth title, Robins?

Also the sketch I posted yesterday is from the same project. :)

Great post Michael !

I would buy the Adventures of Gingerbread Girl and Bulldog. I would probably even buy just a comic book about the bulldog if Colleen is the artist.

Cool, Colleen! I’m all about Boris D. Belgique of the Special Police Force.

I would buy any comic written by either Ms. Coover or Mr. Tobin. If both are involved, not only will I buy the book for myself, it will probably be suitable for me to give to my nieces and nephews!

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