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DC partners with Sonic Drive-In for Justice League Tots

Have you heard? Some maniacal super villain has kidnapped the Justice League and turned them into… tater tots? Don’t worry, super friends, it’s all part of a unique promotion DC is doing with the fast food chain Sonic Drive-In.

Sonic Justice League Tots

Available “for a limited time only” with purchase of one of Sonic’s Wacky Pack Kids’ Meals, these “Super Tots” come in 10 varieties: Superman, Clark Kent, Wonder Woman, Martian Manhunter, Flash, Hawkgirl, Aquaman, Supergirl, Bizarro, and Plastic Man. Batman and Green Lantern are conspicuously absent, but I’d chalk that up to the adult world of licensing agreements and what not given their recent movies.

This isn’t the first time comic heroes have shown up in fast food kids meals, but it’s arguably one of the most deliciously cute ones in recent memory. Check out all the little guys after the jump, courtesy of Sonic.

Wonder Woman


Plastic Man

Martian Manhunter



Clark Kent




Tot trading cards

Tot trading cards



Looks like I’m gonna make a trip to Sonic.

With all his recently popularity I’m surprised they didn’t make a Green Lantern.

Though if they decided to make more DC characters in the future, damn I want a Jonah Hex Tater Tot!

I think they should make a Swamp Thing one. After all, isn’t there some history with him and tubers?

Those are hideous.

I applaud the “New DC” ‘s attempt to expand their market share by appealing to lapsed and new 3-6 yrs old fast food eaters… This is EXACTLY the sort of corporate dynamic move that’s to needed insure the continued existence of the Restaurant Toy Industry in the decades ahead!

(Though you have to question why DC chose to limit themselves with just tthe ONE toys distribution scheme of SONICS, and not make their product also available to McD, BURGER KING/CHEF, WENDY’S, JACK-IN-THE-BOX also. And what of the market that’s NOT burgers-dependent? Surely customers of CHICK-FIL-A, ARBY’S, KFC, POPEYE’S— not to mention those of the substantial Pizza fast food market share—should likewise have these “Justice Tots” to them??)

But they’ll probably just be snapped up by DC’s usual 30yrs-old-and-above white male EXISTING customer base, anyways.

There are no Sonics near where I live :(((((((((

Toy promotions are usually exclusive, although franchises can jump around from one promotion to the next.

(Subway once had Justice League Adventures toys. Then Burger King had a second line.)

Recently, DC had a “Brave and the Bold” promotion with McDonalds. (aw yeah, Batmite!)

The “tots” theme is specific to Sonic.

eBay should have them listed almost immediately.
If Sonic is like other restaurants, you can buy the toy separately.

DC, please create a beginning readers line based on these characters, like the “Mr. Men” series!

Those are cool! I want to get the The Flash and Plastic Man ones!

I work at sonic, and I’ve snatched up all 10!

That Bizarro is adorable.

Why is Bizarro’s “S” not backward?

I love these but I was disappointed that Batman and Green Lantern weren’t included! Why they chose to include Plastic Man, SuperGirl and Aquaman, I will never understand. To me the more logical choice would have been Batman, Green Lantern (the black version as in the series) and Lex Luthor!

All said and done I think they’re cool and I already have Wonder Woman, Superman and Hawkgirl! I am getting the whole set!

I really want these.
As for Batman and Green Lantern, my guess is that because of their recent successful films, their fast food toy rights are tied up legally.

Wonder woman is practically impossible to get. I’ve been lookin for the past two weeks, even helped an employee dig through a new box, there was one flash, one super girl, tons of the others and no wonder woman.

IMHO Sonic should sell some of these on their main website, say spend $15 for the whole set from the company or the regular $1 each at the store. Triple bonus points if the extra money goes to a charity or the Limeades for Learning fund.

So… WHERE’S BATMAN?? Or am I somehow missing it?? (I am viewing from my phone…)


March 6, 2012 at 3:08 pm

DC Tots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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