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First look at the cover to Superman Family Adventures #1

DC Comics has revealed the cover to the first issue of Superman Family Adventures, the new all-ages title by the former Tiny Titans team of Art Baltazar and Franco Aureliani.

“Superman is here! And he’s bringing his family!!! AW YEAH!” said Baltazar on The Source. “Working on Superman Family Adventures is truly a highlight to my career. Everything you know about the Superman mythos is here in this comic. You will see Bizarro, Parasite, Brainiac, Metallo and yes, even Lex Luthor! Writing and drawing bad guys is really cool! We had bad guys in TINY TITANS, but this time, they fight the heroes! ACTION! ADVENTURE! HUMOR! BIG GORILLAS! GIANT ROBOTS! LOIS! JIMMY! PERRY! and…SUPER PETS!!!! Whaaaa? Yep, that’s a true story right there! SUPERMAN FAMILY ADVENTURES is gonna rock! Aw yeah Krypton!”

“SUPERMAN!!! Are you kidding me? SUPERMAN!!!” Franco said. “Ask any comic creator and this will be the number one guy they want to work on!! I’m definitely excited to be able to work with my good friend Art Baltazar on the all-new Superman Family Adventures. The book is going to be filled with amazing adventures, stories and humor featuring the entire cast of the Superman family – Lois, Jimmy, Supergirl, Superboy and even a few surprises you haven’t seen in a while like Fuzzy The Krypto Mouse. You should come along because this is going to be a fun ride!”

The comic comes out May 30. Check out the full cover after the jump.


Superman Family Adventures #1



Looks fantastic. Can’t wait!

Aw, and indeed, yeah.

this look fine up to age 8, but would a 12 year old be interested? NO WAY. This style skews way too young for an All-ages book

I’m 30 and it’s the first superhero book I’ve been interested in checking out in years.

Even if the over-18 sent can’t enjoy it, which they should be able using TINY TITANS as a guide, that should be fine. As one of the few super-hero books from the “big two” to be completely appropriate for the under-10 set, it is a welcome addition to the stands.

Crotchety Old Guy

February 12, 2012 at 11:12 am

There are lots of books that I pick up every month. But Tiny Titans is the only one that brings a whiz-bang of happiness with it. Superman Family Adventures is going to rock our collective faces off, and then put them back on better than they found them in the first place.

:-| –> =-)

They should make a batman family adventures

Since super girl and super boy look like teens they should make the teen titans from tiny titans teens and hang out with super boy all the time . I can’t wait for this comic . They’ll probably give away the first issue at free comic book day on May 5th

This looks awful. For very young kids only. The art is infantile.

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