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First look at the cover to Dark Horse’s fifth Dragon Age digital comic

Back at the New York Comic Con, Dark Horse Comics announced a “digital first” series for one of their newly licensed properties–the popular Dragon Age video game series. The Electronic Arts franchise has already produced two video games, an expansion, lots of extra downloadable game content, a Facebook game, three novels, a tabletop role-playing game and even a previous comic series published by IDW Publishing.

I’m a huge fan of the game and, with the exception of the tabletop game, I’ve read or played all of the above. The reason I like the game and the universe its set in comes down to the characters–noble, but somewhat goofy Alistar; dark and mysterious Morrigan; the likable liar Varric; brooding bad ass Fenris–unfortunately, the IDW series didn’t delve into further tales about any of these guys. While it was set in the same world and put the spotlight on one of the primary conflicts of the game (mages vs. templars), the characters were all-new creations. It wasn’t a bad comic, but it felt flat and lacked that one key ingredient.

The good news is that Dark Horse is correcting that. Not only have they recruited the game’s chief writer, Dave Gaider, to write the comic (he also wrote the three novels based on the game), but it will feature Alistair, Isabella and Varric teaming up on a mission that takes them to Antiva, a nation we only heard about in the games but never got to visit.

“If there’s going to be a Dragon Age tale told in another medium, there’s no reason why it can’t add to the overall wealth of lore rather than be something disconnected from it,” Gaider told CBR. “There are lots of little side plots we never get a chance to develop properly in the games, or even whole areas of the world we just haven’t gotten to yet, and sometimes it’s a lot easier to go to those places without needing to expend the resources of an entire game to do it. It’s quite exciting, and even more so to work with people outside BioWare who are enthusiastic about the world and the possibilities. Taken as a whole, everything that says Dragon Age on it should be complimentary to each other, and to a fan it should be seamless moving from one to the next.”

Dark Horse plans to release the comic via their digital store as a series of six biweekly 12-page issues for $.99 each, starting next week (It’s alternating weeks with a comic based on the game Prototype, the first issue of which became available yesterday). Courtesy of our friends at Dark Horse Comics, we’re pleased to present a look at the cover to the fifth issue of the digital-only Dragon Age comic series featuring the saucy pirate captain Isabella. Check it out below.

Dragon Age #5



Although I enjoyed the first Dragon Age, and I liked the characters in the second Dragon Age, I always found the Tolkien-style fantasy setting kind of dull. With few exceptions (western) RPGs are trapped in this setting. I’d rather read a Jade Empire comic.

… Why is Isabela white in that cover? She’s, um, very dark. Gross.

I’m as big of a Dragon Age fan as they come, but uh, super put off by this. Why is Isabela white?! She is very clearly NOT WHITE in the game. Is the whole comic going to be a bunch of white Isabela? No. Atrocious.

She’s not white; you can see in the picture that her skin is dark. This is just one part of a larger image. I’ve seen the other covers and they all have a faint blue-green tinge — sort of like light reflecting off of sea water — that makes everyone look pale, including Varric and Alistair.

Funny, I like Dragon Age because it takes some of the ‘classic fantasy’ tropes and throws them on their head.

Elves aren’t this graceful enlightened race looking down on humans.

Dwarves aren’t a dying civilization, if anything they’re rebuilding.

A large Monothesitic faith , but no clerics and (barring the one quest) no divine magic.

I found DA II disappointing. The RPG is nice, both on mechanics and bakcground (and this is coming from a d20 fan, so it has to have an impact if it breaks me out of that.)

I’ll be checking this out.

So, um, why’s she white? Isabela’s obviously kinda mediterranean olive-skinned dark lady in the second game. Now her skin color’s the same as Varrics.

I mean video games already have so few dark-skinned (female) characters that white-washing the ones we already have is kind of a bummer ):

No wait checked again, she’s actually paler than Varric. Whaddya know.

I love the DA franchise. I was saddened by the change of the elves (especially Zev) but Fenris was a plus <3.Why should her skin color matter? Uh hello? Originally Isabella's skin was white is DAO. Her skin in this picture is obviously due to the environment. I personally prefer the olive skin Izzy, but what truly matters is the story.

I’m also grossed out by this. Isabela is dark-skinned, not white (she’s also dark-skinned in the first game, the first game just had shitty lighting) and whitewashing is racism. Whoever did this cover art seriously messed up, because she looks white, regardless of whether that was the intention.

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