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Frosty first look at Adam Hughes’ cover for Fairest #3

Adam Hughes has revealed his cover for the third issue of Fairest, Vertigo’s upcoming Fables spinoff series that will spotlight such female characters as Thumbelina, Rapunzel, Snow White and Rose Red. While the six-issue initial arc, by Fables creator Bill Willingham and artists Phil Jimenez and Andy Lanning, centers on Briar Rose, Hughes puts Lumi, the Snow Queen (previously seen in the background of his cover for Fairest #1) front and center.

Check out the full image below. Fairest debuts from Vertigo in March; the third issue arrives in May.



A wonderful cover……..

When did Powergirl join the Fables crew?

or, the debut of Emma Frost as a member of the Fables community?

Fantastic cover, though! Can’t wait for this mini series!

that cover is cool. Which is both the truth it’s beutiful and a pun the coveres about the winter I will say this much I was never the biggest adam hugh’s fan but his Fairst Covers are the best this I have seen him do. burrr that cover makes me want turn up the heater

oh and for you guys who can’t fighure out who the picture represent it is the snow queeen

This series, and it’s spin-offs have had more fantastic covers than any other series I know.

Also, this isn’t a miniseries….it’s an all-new ongoing series!

Judge Fred MANSON

February 4, 2012 at 3:55 pm

Yup, it is an ongoing mini-series which seems very fabulous!!

And with the rolls of the authors teams, each story will have its own personality. I think that this “Fables” spi-off is definitively the best one (with Cinderella of course!!!).

To be short: I am in!!!

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