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Mackie reveals the Ravagers line-up

The Ravagers by Ian Churchill

Last week DC Comics released a teaser image for their new teen superhero series The Ravagers series by writer Howard Mackie and artist Ian Churchill, which debuts in May following a crossover between their other teen books, Legion Lost, Superboy and Teen Titans. The team didn’t look too familiar to me beyond Fairchild, the former Wildstorm character who led Gen13 who has been popping up in Superboy lately, and I speculated that the team was made up of other former Wildstorm characters.

And of course I was wrong.

Mackie discussed the line-up with Newsarama’s Vaneta Rogers, and it’s a line-up the includes a bunch of names that should be familiar to longtime Teen Titans readers:

  • Let’s start with the guy shooting the wave motion gun out of his chest, on the left … which means we’ll also have to talk about the girl on the right holding lightning. Apparently they are the New 52 versions of Thunder and Lightning. Back in the old DCU, they were half-Vietnamese twins, one with the power to control thunder and, um, one with the power to control lightning. I think the last time we saw them was during the Salvation Run miniseries where they were used to power Lex Luthor’s teleportation machine and send him home.
  • As folks pointed out in the comments section, the lady in the middle there is Terra, who Mackie called “abrasive.” The name Terra, of course, has a long and sorted history with the Titans, dating back to the Judas Contract storyline. The name’s been used by a couple other characters since then.
  • And with Terra on the team, it only makes sense that Beast Boy would also be there … although in the New 52 he is now red instead of green. I bet Terra breaks his heart at some point, poor guy …
  • The monster-looking guy in the back is called Ridge, who I don’t recall ever seeing before.

And although she isn’t shown in the above image, Mackie confirmed that Rose Wilson would play a role in the book, as would the newly designed version of Warblade.



Who’s the chick front and center with the sports bra?

…and I think you mean to say Terra has a long and “sordid” history, not “sorted”, unless you’re talking about your longbox I guess?

fairchild from gen 13

I don’t know who these characters are. Why would I want to read this?

Obviously I can’t say much about this since I haven’t read it. But there have sometimes, believe it or not, been good things made with characters you don’t know! It has been known to happen!

“Why would I want to read this?”

Because it’s written Howard “Spider-man Clone Saga” Mackie. Isn’t that reason enough?

This is a gag right? I mean it’s not 1996 anymore

MACKIE SAID ON NEWSARAMA that the reason beast boy has a changed color and stuff is because he has a connection with ANIMAL MAN

You lost me at “Howard Mackie.” The Chromium Age revamp of DC continues.

So it’s not Black Havock? :sadface:

So, these aren’t the same Thunder and Lightning who were Black Lightning’s daughters?

Oy gevault, guys, Mackie isn’t just known for the runaway train that was the Clone Saga. He’s the guy who helped turn Ghost Rider into one of the biggest-selling characters of the 1990’s. He created Danny Ketch!!

“I don’t know who those characters are. Why would I read this?”

Then Ayo throws the fucking computer out the window and shoots at it on the way down. God damn, %&@# and some **** along with it.

:kicks puppy:

Acer’s right, Mackie actually wrote Ghostrider back in the 90s. When it was GOOD. When he left is when it got bad. And why does everyone seem to forget the good stuff that came out of the Clone Saga? Mackie had nothing to do with the good parts, but you people do realize there is more to the Clone Saga than Maximum Clonage and Norman Osborn’s return, right? But I could go on for a good couple pages about the misconceptions of the “Chromium Age.”

DC’s teen books have actually been pretty good (along with many of the other New 52 books), so something that ties into them is a welcome addition to me. Plus, I doubt that Mackie will be running the show 100% on Ravgers; considering this ties in heavily to a crossover Lobdell is heading, I wouldn’t be surprised if Scott gets a plotting credit for the first few issues. Either way, both of them have written some really good stuff. I’m choosing to be optimistic, and hope we get the GR Mackie, the same way we got the Generation X Scott Lobdell on TT and SB.

Poor Fairchild. I was hoping she’d get a better spotlight than this!

Maybe with her original Gen 13 mates, or the other 13 that were hinted she was connected to in Superboy. Gen 13 deserve better!

It was great seeing her in Superboy, though.

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