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Manic Professor X ruins the X-Men Fried Chicken Party again

Lamar Abrams came onto the comics scene back in 2008 with his Mega Man-meets-Superman minicomic Remake, and graduated to the next level when AdHouse Books published an expanded version as a graphic novel in 2009. In 2011 he returned with a special titled, aptly enough, Remake Special also from AdHouse.

While we patiently await what Abrams has planned next, I was delighted/amazed/confounded by this quick one-page X-Men comic Abrams posted on his flickr feed.  Online is the only place you’ll be seeing this gem, unless Marvel does a Strange Tales anthology and sets it in the MAX line.

Some NSFW language can be found after the jump.


Getting past those alarming last two panels, how soon until we can replace the idea of the X-Men baseball game issues with the X-Men Fried Chicken Parties? I’d love to see that in Wolverine & The X-Men.



Replacing the baseball game with a fried chicken party? Do the X-Men really want to follow in the footsteps of the Red Sox?

Kurt –

As a lifelong red sox fan, I spat water out my nose. Well done, sir.


I love the “awwww shit here we go again…” general feeling in the second panel.

Is Professor X cold chillin’ in a giant wound up shoe in that third panel?


interesting replacing the x-men baseball game with them eating lunch together as a fried chicken party and xavier going to far frying storms brain.would love to see marvel print this.

Yes Jason, I’m pretty sure that’s a Kuribo shoe from Super Mario Bros. 3, which just makes this even more awesome.


February 12, 2012 at 9:38 pm

The lost ending to House of M.

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