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Na na na na na na Naifeh…Batgirl!

Never in a million years would I want to pull Ted Naifeh away from Courtney Crumrin and Polly and the Pirates for something like this, but holy crap would he be awesome on a Batgirl comic. He’s been playing with his new, color sketchbook and there’s more like that at the link.



I agree! And he would give JHWIII a run for his money as best Bat-artist. So much better than Capullo or the others.

Naifeh is one of my favorite artists, period. He’d be awesome on anything I can think of.

Let’s be honest…there is something iconic about Barbara Gordon as Batgirl, as this art shows. We the hardcore fans loved Oracle. But everyone knows Batgirl in that costume with that red hair.

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