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Quote of the day #1 | ‘… I’m qualified to handle blue penises’

Dr. Manhattan, by Dave Gibbons

“My history with Watchmen goes way back.  In 1986 I was working at Thunder Road Comics in Burlington, New Jersey, and I sold every issue of Watchmen as they came out.  It was a pretty amazing time: The Dark Knight Returns was also shipping, so superhero comics were enjoying a banner year.  The mullets, parachute pants, and New Coke made up for it, though.  YIKES.

Several years back, I was one of the first artists to contribute designs to Zack Snyder’s film adaption of Watchmen.  I mean, I only worked on the film for, like, eight minutes, but I cast a long shadow! Did you like Silk Spectre in latex?  That was ALL ME.  That’s right — I’m preening!

So, you see, I have some strange sort of orbital relationship to Watchmen.  I feel pretty honored to be working it.  I’m looking forward to drawing all these characters.  Yes, Doctor Manhattan is an unusual choice to assign me to, but I’m assured that DC has a plan!  Maybe they believe that, since I’m well-associated with drawing female anatomy, I’m qualified to handle blue penises.  Wait … that doesn’t sound right …”

Dr. Manhattan artist Adam Hughes, kind of addressing one of the first questions that arose when he was confirmed as one of the creators involved with DC Comics’ Before Watchmen prequels




Unless Hughes started drawing this mini-series years ago, he’s NEVER going to finish it on time. :-(

See, this is the right attitude to have about this whole deal. Go into it with some excitement and a sense of humor. These are just funny books we’re talking about here, not nuclear armegeddon (wait,…). I hope it all translates onto the page, I’m looking forward to seeing what these creators are able to do with the material!

Everyone involved in the Before Watchmen project should be ashamed of themselves.

Hess, its all about the PAYCHECK…

But Dr. Manhattan wasn’t naked until the story. He didn’t feel he had until then.

Yes because Azzarello, Jae Lee, JMS, Hughes, The Kuberts, Cooke, Conner and Bermejo are SO desperately in need of money they’d all gladly jump onto this project for it. These are guys that can make money off of anything they do, so I hardly think it’s about a paycheck. Hell, Cooke even said no straight up when they first came to him, then later signed on when he found a story to tell.

There’s no reason anyone involved should be ashamed of themselves.

Andrew, if you prefer, its all about putting more $$$ in DC’s coffers.

Why was it necessary to make a prequel of Watchmen, much less ANYTHING else?!?

Prequels, be it comics or movies, are POS’s for the most part, w/a few rare exceptions…

Looking forward to this project.

@Snikt snakt

It’s not necessary to make ANY comics. And ALL comics are made with the intention of putting $$$ in coffers.

I have been enjoying the various industry people poo-pooing sequels and prequels and using other people’s characters. I look at the list of creator names and can’t help but notice that most of them have done the very thing they think DC shouldn’t do.

“Assigned?” “They’ve assured me they have a plan?” Jesus, that does NOT fill me with confidence.

Yes.. It’s about putting money in DC coffers. They’re what we call a business. Everything they sell is to put money in coffers. To pay creators, stockholders, cleaning crews and water delivery guys. Bills don’t get paid by fanboy reverence and anonymous Internet declarations.

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