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Quote of the day #2 | Marvel’s longform birth certificate

“Though Marvel has commented, the internet has decided it will not be satisfied until it sees the longform birth certificate.”

Men of War writer Ivan Brandon, responding to online reaction to statements made by Marvel Publisher Dan Buckley and CCO Joe Quesada concerning the Gary Friedrich case and the sale of sketches at conventions



A funny quote – but not really an apt comparison. Whenever legality is involved, it is hard to completely take Buckley’s statement at face value and not look for the legalese that might be present in it

He threw in words like “creator” and “personalized” sketch. But hey, maybe they were just innocent word choices

The internet: Never let facts get in the way of your outrage.

To be fair, DrunkJack, they did give a rather roundabout answer to the final question about whether artists can sell pictures of copyrighted characters.

Uh…what does he mean by “longform birth certificate”? (And I do know it refers to the controversey about Obama and the idiots who have the gall to call themselves Americans demanding HIS birth certificate, I just want to know why he’s using that reference.)

It’s a joke. Marvel has given concrete answers, but it’s still not enough for fans, just like when Obama provided his short-form birth certificate, it still wasn’t enough to quell the rantings of the Birthers.

What a sad state of American politics and culture when the controversy around President Obama’s birth certificate is compared with the civil fiasco at Marvel. Good thing it is an election year.

It’s a tongue-in-check comment making the point that some people will never be satisfied even when presented with facts or reasonable arguments.

Ivan Brandon is in no way saying the Presidency is as important as comic books.

Because in the face of bad P.R., corporate executives would never lie to put out some fires.

“But Gary didn’t do it alone. Mike Ploog, the original artist, was a co-creator. Other people contributed as well, including Roy Thomas and Stan Lee. There were many individuals present at the time of Johnny Blaze’s creation who disagree with the claim that Gary was the sole creator.”

Quesada is right he is not Goliath he’s King Solomon except that instead of dividing the baby in half he is gonna keep it for himself. This is a recurring theme by the Friedrich bashers “I not attacking Friedrich creator rights I ‘m defending Ploog! ”

This story is most interesting because of the nature of the ghost rider’s origin – a contract with the devil!

This is ridiculous.

“One company said their (limited by litigation) opinion. WELL THAT SETTLES THAT!”

Here’s something I doubt anyone has said as a comeback:

“Hey Marvel! Give up the ghost (rider)!”

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