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Quote of the day | Jason Aaron on the end of Scalped

Scalped #56, the beginning of the final arc

“It’s a serial medium, they’re not all going to be diamonds. You do the best you can and you move on to the next project. Especially with Scalped. That book represents, to me, the last six or so years of my life, when I went from being a single guy, working shitty day-jobs, to now. I’m married, I have kids, and make comic books for a living. For me, personally, there are a lot of profound changes wrapped up in those years, and Scalped has kind of been that one constant through all of that. That book launched my comic career in a big way. It’ll be strange to move past that, to wrap it up and keep going. But I’m excited to finish this story that’s been in the works for so many years. I haven’t felt sad or regretful about that. At this point, I’m still just really excited to bring it to a close.”

– writer Jason Aaron, on Scalped, which comes to an end in June with Issue 60


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Scalped has been amazing, I’ll be sorry to see it end.

I hope Jason does some more creator-owned work.

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