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Quote of the day | ‘They only sue when there’s money on the table’

“I just went, Robert, what you’re about to get involved in is a pain in the ass, take it from me. But there is a silver lining in that you’re doing something that matters. Because nobody ever sues anybody over something that doesn’t matter. So, you know, if your book was selling four copies, it wouldn’t matter what agreement everybody thinks they have. Nobody cares. They only sue when there’s money on the table. There’s money on the table because you’re doing something successful. You have to get a thick skin, and in a weird way, if people keep coming at you, and lawyers keep coming at you, that means you’re doing something successful, that you’re enough of a target for them.”

Todd McFarlane, who last month settled a decade-long legal battle with Neil Gaiman, relating his advice to Robert Kirkman, who’s being sued by former Walking Dead collaborator Tony Moore



He’s got a point.

‘Cept Neil Gaiman was in it entirely for the purpose of setting a legal precedent, and isn’t even keeping the money.

Tony Moore, on the other hand, yes he’s clearly concerned about the money. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Yeah, cos Neil Gaiman was hanging out for that fat ‘medieval Spawn’ cash.

“…If people keep coming at you, and lawyers keep coming at you, that means you’re doing something successful…”

Or something pretty shady…

I loved how quickly the Image guys realised why the big two need to keep the rights to their characters. They had continuity problems in the first year. Three years in they had more retcons than DC. Now no one really knows what the history is. I’m all for money and royalties but not so much with the ownership.

Is Todd wearing a leather shirt in that picture?

Michael, if you’re a creator who creates your own comic you don’t need to worry about it. It was only when the Image guys became comics factories just like the companies they left that it became an issue. The Image guys sold their move like it was a creative thing but by their own actions most showed it was more about money since they immediately set up the same work for hire conditions they’d objected to at Marvel and DC.

It’s funny, cause I’ve always felt the Gaiman thing was one of the few such lawsuits I respected since it WASN’T a case of *obvious* truckloads of money at stake (I say obvious because who knows really what’s going on behind the scenes). It was a matter more of right is right.

When people sue you, it’s because you’re doing something right. Hopefully, that applies to criminal court as well……

Very relevant: interview with ninja turtles creator, and how success brings lawsuits and creator rights problems.

… the counter-argument to that, Mssrs M & K, is that they’re coming at you because you screwed them out of what’s rightfully theirs … speaking purely hypothetically, of course

Whatever helps you sleep at night, Todd.

Todd has a point. Tony Twist certainly wasn’t screwed out of anything that was rightfully his.

Bullshit, Gaiman has been after the rights from day one, not because the characters suddenly went up in value. McFarlane is thoroughly enjoying rewriting history, isn’t he? Shame he’s not any better at it.

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