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See how Aaron Reiner created his Adventure Time! story

Aaron Reiner creates Adventure Time!

Although I don’t really know much of anything about this Adventure Time! cartoon (although since I recently became a dad, I’m sure a lot of things that have escaped my notice, like Yo Gabba Gabba and the like, will become a big part of my world in the not-too-distant future) that BOOM! released as a comic this week, Caleb’s review yesterday made it sound like a lot of fun, so I’ve added the show to my TiVo and the comic to my buy list.

I also really dug this post by Aaron Reiner, which goes into heavy detail on the process of creating his back-up story for the first issue, which he drew and then painted with watercolors. “When my story was finally approved I decided I wanted to do it in watercolor… because I wanted to get the bright colors I love about the show, but I also really wanted it to be clear that I wasn’t trying to mimic the art of the show,” he says on his blog. “I wanted it to feel like my comic as well as a tribute to the program.”


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Congrats on becoming a father! And I don’t know much about Adventure Time, but my little one loves Yo Gabba Gabba!.

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