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Skottie Young redesigns Labyrinth’s Goblin King

You remind me of the babe!

While we’re waiting for Skottie Young to show off his takes on more Bone characters, here’s Young’s interpretation of Jareth, the Goblin King from Labyrinth. “As much as I love that movie,” he writes, “I do not have a ton of love for the David Bowie Goblin King […] It’s a bit dated. So today I played with that design a bit.”

I feel him. While I loved Jareth’s look from within the ’80s, it hasn’t aged well. It’ll be interesting to see how the as-yet-unnamed artist of Archaia’s graphic novel prequel about Jareth handles it. Since it’s a prequel, it’ll be a younger Goblin King, one whom Archaia’s Editor-in-Chief Stephen Christy describes as being “Sarah’s age or a little older” and “kind of a punk in his own way.” He also notes that David Bowie has likeness approval and that whatever the prequel Jareth’s sense of style , he’ll look like a young Bowie.

Whoever the artist is for the first Archaia book, the company does have plans for more, so I’ll keep my fingers crossed that one of them could be by Skottie Young.



Just me, but I think screwing with Bowie is inherently a mistake. He’s so caught up in why a huge % of the Labyrinth fanbase like Labyrinth.

I love the drawing (and Skottie’s work!) but I’m not sure toying with the signature early eighties look works, especially if a makeover on Bowie means giving him a crazy 1950s ‘Hairspray’ bouffant.

There had better be a giant codpiece under that cloak. Otherwise … well, what’s the point?

I geeked out so hard over this I am a little embarrassed. I would love a modernized David Bowie’s Jareth. I liked how Bowie played Jareth, not necessarily his costume – his face and body language are the important part to me.

he cant dance in that!

Love Skottie Young. Hate that.

It’s far enough past the 1980’s that it’s classic. Leave it where it is.

And why is it always people who grew up in that generation who always end up scorning that generation? Skottie, we realize you’re a child of the ’80’s, but those of us who were not think it was kind of nifty.

I’m a fan of Skottie Young’s work but, as one of his twitter followers, I HATE his opinions on most things. Who, in their right mind, would try and mess with David Bowie’s Goblin King?!? Let’s face it: Young may be a great artist, but he’s a terrible writer and even worse critic. His version of the Goblin King adds absolutely nothing new–oh, wait, he added a staff. It’s as if he’s become so arrogant that he thinks he can do a much better job than the Henson Studios in terms of designing a character. STFU already, Skottie. Also, time to unfollow on Twitter. This kid has gotten SO annoying!

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