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Stokoe, Graham donate original art proceeds to benefit Gary Friedrich

Ghost Rider by James Stokoe

Orc Stain creator James Stokoe and King City creator Brandon Graham have joined Steve Niles and other creators in supporting Ghost Rider creator Gary Friedrich, who owes Marvel $17,000 after he lost a suit against them.

Stokoe and Graham are donating 100 percent of the sales of a set number of pieces of their original art to the creator.

“In a bid to erase the world’s collective memory that people, not the ethereal blob that is Marvel, are the ones that create characters, Gary has been ordered to forget that he created Ghost Rider. Along with the $17,000 he’s being forced to pay out, Gary is in a bit of a pickle,” Stokoe said on his blog. “All things aside, whether you agree with the legal outcome or not, Mr. Friedrich is one of comic’s valued creators and is in need of some financial help. Brandon Graham and I have decided to have 100% of the proceeds for the next ten pages of our original art (ten Orc Stain and ten King City) go to Steve Niles excellent fundraiser for Gary Friedrich.”

Both Stokoe and Graham sell their art through Robin McConnell, who is tracking the number of pieces sold. Right now one Graham piece and two Stokoe pieces have been sold, leaving you plenty of opportunity to add some awesome artwork to your collection AND help out Friedrich. Head over to McConnell Art to see what’s available.



Awesome response to all this nasty business.


Oh, yeah…that whole Joey Q. being on the board of directors thing….

Its amazing that the comic book community can come together when the organizations that were put together to HELP COMIC CREATORS IN NEED are completely silent.

Heroes Initiative….maybe we don’t need you. We take care of our own.

Oh, the anti labor pro Marvel crowd are going to have an anti Friedrich day over this.I don’t think Heros Initiative was meant to cover this,but I’m not sure what criteria they do cover.I thought it was strictly catastophic health issues.Be that as it may, my prediction is these paycheck contracts will be ruled against someday, and instead of coming up with an equitable smaller settlement, that Marvel will end up paying through the nose dozens of creative people and their estates in the future.In order to get recognition as legitimate employees and the lack of other things like pension and benefits all creators need to band together and hit Marvel/DC all at once.I wonder if Marvel was a campaign contributer to this judge if an elected official or his benefactor who appointed him.

nice that other creators are not going to stand by and let one of their of their own continue to suffer at the hands of marvel and dcs claiming full copyright and making even a paycheck be a work for hire contract. and hopefuly send a message to marvel and dc that even if they own the copyright the creators are still free to make some profit from their creations whether they like it or not.

Why do people keep saying Gary Friedrich created Ghost Rider?

Writer Roy Thomas and artist Mike Ploog were involved too.

GF signed away his creator rights back in the day – and now wants to be credited as sole creator, because he feels cheated? If he’d read his original contract properly, maybe he wouldn’t be in this situation in the first place.

No one to blame but himself. A self-created situation. Now he’s crying unfair (bit like Tony Moore is).

That creator who claims he owns has been owned by Marvel for years, because he didn’t read his contract properly. He was work-for-hire, period.

Of course – everyone’s going to be anti-Marvel in all this. It’s the “freelancer being treated badly” reaction, as usual. No one’s looking at this case objectively.

I’m sure my comments are going to get jumped on too. After all – you can’t expect anyone who reads comics to think objectively and fair.

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