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Strangeways: The Thirsty to quench parched comics shops in April

Strangeways: The Thirsty

Matt Maxwell announced yesterday that his second Strangeways graphic novel, The Thirsty will be in the upcoming Previews catalog under the order code item FEB121066. For those not familiar with it, Strangeways is a series of horror-Western graphic novels written by Maxwell and drawn by Argentinian artists Gervasio and Jok. The first Strangeways novel, Murder Moon plunked former Union officer Seth Collins into the Weird West to confront a werewolf; The Thirsty brings him to a new town infested with vampires.

Maxwell has serialized The Thirsty here on Robot 6 and is currently doing so again on his own site (where you can also read Murder Moon in its entirety), but this will be the first time it’s available in print.



Isn’t that Alex Sheikman art there nice? It sure is.

Thanks, Mike!

Hoping Matt will be at ECCC this year so I can buy a copy directly from him. Bought MURDER MOON from him there a few years back. It was a great read and Matt was a really nice guy.

I’ll only be at ECCC if I can crash an artist’s alley space, sadly. I’m on the waiting list, but nobody’s dropping out, and the show sold out in AUGUST, if memory serves.

Will be at Stumptown in April, which is a not-so-long train ride down, if you’re up for that.

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