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Who are the Ravagers? (Really, I’m asking)

The Ravagers by Ian Churchill

DC Comics’ Source blog has been busy today, what with all the artist announcements and those Before Watchmen statues. And now they’re providing a look at The Ravagers, the new teen super team coming to the New 52 in May, courtesy of Howard Mackie and Ian Churchill.

The group includes Fairchild of Gen13 and, most recently, Superboy fame, along with Rose Wilson and, um … Timber Wolf’s younger brother? A Brood? Actually, they seem familiar, but admittedly Wildstorm characters are kind of my blind spot, and I’m guessing that’s possibly where they appeared before. So, tell me in the comments — who are the Ravagers? Do any of them look familiar?



None of them, besides Fairchild, remind me of any WS characters.

Armadillo Man? Black Havok (Blavok)?

I don’t see Rose in there.

Someone on the forums suggested the girl with pig tails is a new Terra.

Black Havok? Punky Bruester?

Black Havok (Blavok) – could be Joto/Hot Spot from the Jurgens Teen Titans run

The blonde in the upper right could be Jenny Sparks

Until you said that was Fairchild/Fairchilde/red head from Gen13, I thought they might be a play on the classic DC team “The Wanderers”, led by Knockout from Apokalips.

Don’t forget: Looks like the Announcement now says this is being written by Lobdell.

Vinnie Bartilucci

February 9, 2012 at 1:37 pm

Judging from the connection to Legion Lost in the advertising, I was under the impression that a couple of them were victims of the virus from the future.

@mvdc looks like that was a mistake, the announcement now says its howard mackie

I thought I was being totally keen eyed thinking it was Fairchild making a debut in the DCU until I finished the post. She’s been kicking around Superboy? Bah? I’m apparently clueless.

I’m thinking the brunette could POSSIBLY be the native american lesbian chick from Gen13. And I don’t see Rose Wilson anywhere in this cover. Also, I think Lobdell may only be doing issue 1; I could see him doing the plotting for first few issues since 1) the book is spinning out of the crossover he set up for May and 2) Mackie’s done better work as a scripter than as a straight-up writer. He’ll prolly take over head duties around issue 4 or 5

I don’t know why they don’t just use Gen13.

The character with the glow coming from their chest could be Vox/Herald from Pre-Nu52 Teen Titans. I figured Rose Wilson would be on this team. They could always add members later on. I have a feeling these will be mostly new characters. Which is a shame because there are a lot good DV8/Gen 13 characters to choose from.

they look X-men-esq hm… Okay Lets see Fairchild ,LightRay, WildChild, Cold Heart, Moon and he big guy i will call Grunt. Yes lets rock!

Clint: I’m with you. While Gail Simone’s Gen 13 relaunch never really grabbed me, i think the characters still have the potential for being a great teen team, as the powers, personalities, and interplay between the characters is timeless. The problem, as always, is with explaining a character named “Grunge” when it’s, y’know, not 1994 anymore.

Grunge will actually be appearing in Superboy #8. I doubt that they’ll be a super team since they’ll be on the run from NOWHERE. I’m wondering what the Teen Titans book will be about after the crossover.

Humongosaur from Ben 10?

I have no idea.

What I want to know is, if you’re going to use Fairchild, and Grunge is popping up in Superboy – where the hell is Roxy!? I thought she’d be a shoe-in for this book, since I figured it was going to be a more Gen-13ish version of the Teen Titans.

Dan Jurgens’ Teen Titans had a big monster guy–Fringe? Frenzy?–but he didn’t look all that much like that guy. But then, if they’re redesigning everyone, maybe that’s him…? Is Rose Wilson in that image? If so, I don’t recognize her…

I like Churchill as a penciller. But man – this book is so 90’s

DC really has gone back to the 90’s since the relaunch

Not surprising considering most of the guys working on these books made names for themselves in the 90s. And that’s really not a bad thing since a lot of these guys produced some of the better material back then, and they’ve only had time to improve their craft.


Yeah Liefeld has really improved – lolol

And Lee, doing better work?? His pencils have never looked more rushed than on Justice League

And Lobdell doing good work in the 90’s?? You mean those FORGETTABLE and MEDIOCRE X-Men stories – yeah

What a joke

The Rose Wilson mention was my mistake … I thought they had announced she was on the team so I assumed she was the girl in the upper right corner with maybe a different look. But the electrical stuff in her hands doesn’t jive with the character’s powers.

Is it me, or is Fairchild more muscular than usual? Maybe it’s to justify the rack . . . I figured that Kryptonian spines had to be stronger than humans’ after looking at Power Girl. Also, I reckon the chick about her is Fairchild. Wake me when Adam Warren is involved. There doesn’t even have to be a crossover with Empowered.

Thinking Gen13 . . . how will the name “Grunge” be justified? I’d say that he wanted to be called “Grudge,” but he got misheard.

Now see yumph, it’s that elitist tone that keeps people from liking you. I can point out hundreds of 2000s comics worse than Lobdell’s run on X-Men. Forgetable? The X-Men have never been better except under brief runs like Morrison’s and Aaron’s curent runs. Seriously – AoA, Fatal Attractions, X-Cutioner’s Song, Phalanx Covenant, and even the Onslaught build-up and X-Men/UXM parts of the crossover were good. Yeah, things like the best alternate reality and Magneto stories are just FORGETTABLE and MEDIOCRE. It’s nice to see that you can find an excuse to insult damn near anyone just for having an opinion.


spin it any way you want – the 90’s sucked for comics

the best stuff from the 90’s was the stuff that defied the Liefled and Lee trends – Kingdom Come, Preacher, Long Halloween – the stuff that was the antithesis of the crap that DC is harkening back to currently

That redhead in the foreground reminds me of this:

The bikini in the snow is so practical.

From a recent interview:

Ravagers writer Howard Mackie confirmed to Newsarama that the new team — revealed on the first issue’s cover — will include Caitlin Fairchild, a brother and sister named Thunder and Lightning, the “monstrous” Ridge, a red Beast Boy and a new version of Terra.

During the ’90s I followed the X-Men and Spider-Man pretty religiously, and Matt is right: ’90s mainstream comics get a bad rap (which is ironic, considering how good hip-hop was back then). Say what you will about Lobdell (whose recent interviews and public proclamations make me suspect he has not aged gracefully), the post-Morrison, pre-Aaron X-Men were considerably shittier than even his blandest work, despite the involvement of some otherwise remarkable creators (ie, Fraction, Brubaker, Milligan).

Also, yumph!! ? Don’t mention Kingdom Come again in the same breath as Preacher. First TPB I culled from my collection when I started to run out of space on my bookshelves. I kept my G.I.Joe: Order of Battle trade, but not Kingdom Come – that should you tell you something (“Yeah, you have lousy ta-” just don’t, it demeans us both).

And hey, Mackie’s gone already? Good riddance!

The official team is a brother and sister of “Thunder and Lightning” that red guy is, believe it or not, Beast Boy, Terra is on the team, Caitlin Fairchild, and the monster in the back’s name is “Ridge”

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