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Writer calls on conservatives to ‘fight back’ against pro-Occupy comics

Although slow to react to the nearly two-month-old announcement that V for Vendetta creators Alan Moore and David Lloyd are contributing to Occupy Comics, one conservative writer has finally had enough with the “leftist” comics industry, suggests those on the right should “fight back.”

Dusting off a list of grievances that includes the controversial Tea Party reference in Captain America #602, pro-Obama sympathies and an unnamed series “blaspheming God and Christianity,” Paul Hair writes on Andrew Breitbart’s Big Hollywood that it’s time for conservatives to counter with their own version of Occupy Comics.

“Leftists have made no secret about who they are, and I see no reason why we shouldn’t simply wipe the dust of their town from our feet and stop throwing pearls to them in worthless attempts to change them,” he writes, loading both barrels with biblical allusions. “Instead, I propose we fight back.”

Arguing that, “I no longer see a point in engaging leftists in argument or debate,” Hair suggests the right’s Occupy Comics initiative should “simply move forward and promote who we are” and real-world solutions to economic problems.

He puts out the call for other contributors to Breitbart’s online network to become involved, drawing responses in the comments from Mike Baron and James Hudnall, among others. “The OWS comic is an example of comics people boarding the train after it derailed,” Hudnall writes. “I’ve been quietly working on projects I plan to do which will explore different arguments about society and government than what many comics pros tend to do but we aren’t all left wing. I find there are a lot of conservative and libertarians in the community. They just aren’t as vocal as lefties.”



Who is Paul Hair again?

I don’t know who Paul Hair is but isn’t Hudnall the crazy HAARP conspiracy guy? Mind control, weather control, etc.

“Paul Hair writes on Andrew Breitbart’s Big Hollywood that it’s time for conservatives to counter with their own version of Occupy Comics.”

Why? The audience for either project is likely to be tiny and dominated by people who already agree with its message. I know I don’t want to read either one.

Don’t bring God into this. He’s probably sick of the way crazy people twist his message to their own ends.

I’m glad somebody is finally stepping up to make comics that are as boring as political blogs. Plus, I’m pretty sure this is the most publicity this “Paul Hair” fella has ever gotten. Off to a good start, champ!

As a Christian I do not believe that either the “Left” or the “Right” have a monopoly on God. And one day there will be a lot of people surprised about where they stand in his eyes. “Right” does not always equal pro-God, nor does “Left” always equal anti-God. God cares for all people and gives no concern to these self imposed factions that so many have created for themselves. If your response to someone is resentment and hatred, I assure you that you are no more “with” God than those that blaspheme his name. It’s not us versus them, it’s us versus the devil and he plays both sides of the fence.

Unknown Man Demands Unlikely Action

— MrJM

Everyone has a right to express wut they want to… Even u conservatives, go for it.

That’s just childish. While I may agree that real world religious and political opinions should stay out of comics, it’s equally ignorant and irresponsible to rally the rightist side of the industry to “fight fire with fire” as the saying goes. This does absolutely nothing for the industry except make comic creators look like bickering idiots.

“Paul Hair-brained” is more like it. RIMSHOT!
Seriously.. who is this guy?

“(Conservatives and libertarians) just aren’t as vocal as liberals.”

That’s because they’re still figuring out how to make fire.

It’s been done, and it totally sucks:

The Probability Broach is also slightly racist:

Not as vocal? Clearly he’s never watched Fox. Those people never shut up!

Thelios hit the nailon the head.

‘Nuff said!

Now I’m really curious as to what that supposedly blasphemous series is. Thor? Demon Knights?

“Seriously.. who is this guy?”

Found nothing on, or Google. I did find a nice article on Ron Paul’s hair, however.

Paul Hair-
“Paul Hair serves in the U.S. Army Reserve as a non-commissioned officer. He is a veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom and wrote or contributed to approximately 50 reports and assessments while in Iraq on an eight-month deployment during 2009-2010. He has worked as a civilian in both the government and private sectors. His columns and commentaries have appeared at Champion News, The Daily Caller, WND, and other outlets. His views are his own and he in no way represents the Army Reserve or any other part of the U.S. government.”

Two clicks away people….


There hasn’t been a courageous, edgy political statement since the Mohammed cartoons. Producing content for your target audience and calling it ‘edgy’ is just pandering.

You have to understand why I weep,
Mein Hair.
A fan’s merely a fan, not a sheep,
Mein Hair.
We all have our unique social opinions,
Mein Hair.
So I do.
So do you.
So I’m through.
Yes I’m through.
And I’m through
Listening to you.
Bye, bye Mein Pointless Hair.
Farewell, mein Pointless Hair.
It was a dumb debate,
And now it’s over.
And though I never cared,
I need the open air.
We’re better off without you, Mein Hair.

Don’t dab your eye, Mein Hair,
Or wonder why, Mein Hair.
I always told you that you’re kind of a moron.
You mustn’t cuss me out
You should have known by now
You’d every cause for blowback
Mein Hair.

The industry of comics is so wide,
Mein Hair.
Not only right and left, but moderate
Mein Hair.
I couldn’t list all the names if I tried,
Mein Hair.
So I think
You should just
Put away
That back issue
And shut your mouth.

Bye Bye mein Pointless Hair.
Fairwell, mein Pointless Hair.
Like Warner Todd Huston,
This is over.
And though I barely care,
I need the open air.
You’re better off just quitting,
Mein Hair.

The “unnamed series ‘blaspheming God and Christianity’” is actually “The Preacher” (). Seeing as how Garth Ennis is an atheist (with a possible distaste of Christianity per Wikipedia), this is not a shocker.

You can go to Paul’s blog to see more:

My favorite is the person who posted “And why shouldn’t the “comic industry” support OWS? They and their customers are just a bunch of unemployable fat-assed closet homosexual slobs crashing in Mom’s basement, living in a never-ending juvenile fantasy world of fascist “heroes” whose answer to every situation is overwhelming force and destruction…the perfect OWS followers.”

So he’s angry about a series that’s been over for eleven years?

Plus, for every “Preacher” like series (which is few and far between), Paul gets beauties like “Jesus” to bolster his side.

If you look at his writing credentials, you will see a little website WND (World Net Daily) home of the birthers among other crazy conspiracies.

Fight back how, by firing everyone? If he’s saying that creative conservatives should fight back with their own comics, books, blogs, art… it ‘aint happening. See, nobody enters a creative field with the intent on becoming rich and that seems to be the #1 priority for any and all conservatives throughout the country (well, except the social conservative god warriors, what with the dirt-caked feet and a spouse that looks suspiciously uh, familial). The only conservatives in comics are the ones controlling the bigger companies, who are more concerned with running out properties to exploit others’ creativity, not because of their own. If he’s insinuating that these bosses jettison their liberal employees for biting the hand that feeds them, they’ll be left with a company that can crunch numbers but barely draw stick figures. And that’s not a great way to run a creative-oriented business.

I’m a big liberal lefty and I’m happy to hear what our conservative counterparts can do with political discourse. If it’s a good project, i’ll read it. If not…I won’t.

I would read the shit out of a loony TEA PARTY COMICS. Make that happen Hair -Man!

This guy needs to read Ex Machina. His head will spin off and into orbit.

Isn’t “creative conservatives” an oxymoron? This Hair d-bag affiliates himself with Andrew Breitbart, the parton saint of no ethics “journalism”, then he proves that he is lower than pond scum. The OWS movement makes the Tea Party look like a little girl’s tea party. They are not going away. They are gaining political clout. And that scares the panties off of right wing morons like Hair and Frank Miller. Good.

We already have a line of conservative comics: anything by Frank Miller.

With a track record like this, I don’t hold out much hope for the quality of these nakedly conservative comics:

I’m a conservative, and i think this guys nuts. There are a few conservative writers out there but that doesn’t matter since most good writers won’t treat a person like crap for not supporting their values. I don’t mind a well thought out treatise on liberal ideas, I just can’t stand it when someone, left or right, puts his views out there as the end all, be all and if your not on his side your an idiot. thats why Matt Fraction can kiss the fattest part of my ass

There’s a reason why current “conservative” ideas in comics don’t work. They have a very narrow mindset and are against any big changes to their ideology. That is the opposite of what comic books and sci-fi do, which is allow the exploration of new ideas, regardless of any ideology.

Take Firefly. Why is this story, which is about a group of people (some of whom are war vets) that want the government out of the way of their lives and endeavors, not a conservative story? Seems right up their alley. But nobody makes the distinction between liberal and conservative when talking about Firefly because that’s not the point. The focus is the characters and the events of their lives, not some inherent opinion about the role of government in society.

Some creators may choose to include a liberal slant, and some a conservative one. But are you really going to write a comic about how decreasing the taxes on the upper class will increase job growth? Who the ☠☠☠☠ is going to read that?

@Jason Green:

What do you call it when you laugh and vomit at the same time? Because that’s what i did when i read your link.

Thanks for the information about this guy. I could have clicked through myself but I don’t like to give this sort of people any additional add revenue.

The weird juxtaposition of whining and tough guy machismo is one of the weirdest things about the modern conservative movement and the announcement of “projects” like this one show it in all it’s glory!

Just to throw this in. Bill Willingham is a conservative and I love me some Fables. Good work is good work no matter the ideology behind it. I can see some Conservatism in his writing and while I disagree with 99% of what conservatism stands for its still awesome. Also, he has contributed to BigJournalism.. The problem with Heir is that he is calling on people to come up with some anti-ows work while no one is really demanding it and it won’t likely sell outside the echo chamber. That’s the free market baby, though he’d probably blame it on the liberal media agenda and George Soros.

I agree with both Darryl and Andrew Brown. If you can express your ideas or even your ideology in comics form and have it be entertaining and thought-provoking, I’d be happy to read it. I may not ultimately agree with some of its precepts or whatever, but I can appreciate a GOOD story. This knee-jerk sort of “ARGLEBARGLE LIBERALS MAKE COMICS THIS MEANS WAR!!” approach is just intrinsically shallow and stupid.

I was gonna make an anti-Reptilian comic book, but Obama stole my Sharpies.

What…exactly is it that he wants to do? I’m not clear on what he’s actually saying.

Conservative blowhard is aghast that the majority artistic mindset leans to the left.

A minority section of the fans of art produced by said artistic types cheer the blowhard on while bitching about the inclusion of political standpoint that doesn’t mirror their own in the artwork in question.

The majority of the fans of work produced by artistic types yawn, roll their eyes, and move on to enjoyment of their chosen artistic media.


One of my favorite all time comics is Little Orphan Annie which was a big conservative comic before our parents were born. I love the strip and it sometimes makes me misty eyed.

So…bring it on, conservative friends!

I’m a funny duck. I consider myself right wing, but I also consider myself liberal / libertarian. I dislike the left… but I also dislike the far right. And I definitely haaaaate social conservatives. They are the death of America and the death of freedom. I can respectfully disagree with someone like Ron Paul on how far right his economics are, but I’m right with him on his views on civil rights. Yet I can’t stand people who just flat out call themselves conservative. I can somewhat agree to disagree with lefties who call themselves flat out liberal, as much as I don’t like they taking the term, but I cannot stomach flat out conservatives.

Damn.. so much for a short preface on my political views. See. I can’t even narrow mine down to a paragraph, never mind one single word.

I guess the point I’m circling is, labeling comics as being either ‘liberal’ or ‘conservative’ is a sucker’s game. You need a more well thought of analysis of a book and its politics than just a one word summary.

Oh, and if you ask me, the people jumping into the OWS folk and the Tea Party folk should unite and go after the rich elites pulling strings on both the left and the right who are screwing us all in the ass.

“I no longer see a point in engaging…” Engaging one another is something few seem to bother with any more. Its much easier to rant on like Mr. Hair.

Some day I’m going to get around to making a poster of Jesus that quotes Luke 19:13, “Occupy till I come.”

Darryl, Little Orphan Annie is a different case since modern conservatives are way different than conservatives in Harold Gray’s time.

American conservatism is crazy. They envoke religion and then try and block a healthcare bill. I forgot the part of the bible where Jesus charged for healing the sick. They support big business and tax cuts for the rich when Jesus told us that it is easier for an elephant to get through the eye of a needle than a rich man to get into heaven.

One difference between the days when Denny O’Neill was writing from a bleeding-heart leftist point-of-view or Steve Ditko’s Objectivism informed his work is social media; I can pick up “Defenders”, even tho I find Fraction to be smug and tedious, and don’t share his politics. OTOH, when I happen upon Gail Simone’s Twitter feed, and see that Kevin Maguire is posting like an MSNBC apparatchik, that’s an “aaaww, too bad”. Haven’t bought much of Simone’s work, since her “Birds Of Prey” went stale after an interesting start, but when I was flipping thru the recent “Batgirl” TPD, knowing about Simone’s politics didn’t enhance what was lackluster work. Ditto for Mark Waid, whose um, outsized online personna soured me on his work,

So, I’m now aware of Maguire’s partisanship. It’s not a reason to stop picking up “Worlds Finest”, nor does it change my appreciation for his past work. But it does inform my regard for him, in a way that wouldn’t have happened when he was drawing Giffen’s JL.

What I do find worrisome is Bleeding Cool alluding to “pinklisting’ creators with opinions to the right of Andrea Dworkin and Catherine Mackinnon’s. After a lifetime hearing about the horrors of HUAC and McCarthyism, seeing the ease the cultural left adapts those tactics is eyebrow-raising.

Law & liberty, thank you.

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