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After nearly seven years, Hulkling and Wiccan finally kiss

From "Avengers: The Children's Crusade" #9

That roar you hear is the collective jubilant shout of legions of Tumblr users upon reading this week’s Avengers: The Children’s Crusade #9. You see, after nearly seven years as (arguably) Marvel’s highest-profile gay couple, Teddy (Hulkling) Altman and Billy (Wiccan) Kaplan finally had their first on-panel kiss. And, boy, was it a doozy, capping off a heartfelt apology turned possible marriage proposal. That’s right, Marvel Universe could be heading toward its first superhero same-sex wedding — but given how long it took Teddy and Billy to just kiss on the page, we probably shouldn’t look for those embossed invitations anytime soon.

Still, as Gay League notes, “These boys get more action than Rawhide Kid – and without a mature readers label to boot!” Of course now that they have kissed, what’s left for all of those fanfic artists to draw?

Read the full sequence below, and check out one of the more entertaining reactions to the Big Moment.



It was especially awesome because it happened in the finale issue of an epic mini-series story arc which has been running for close to two years now!

I’m confused. Didn’t they kiss in the last issue of the original series?

They’re pretty much Marvel’s only gay couple. They’re inarguably their most high-profile simply by default

Next comes marriage than adopting kids hopefully.

Northstar and his boyfriend Kyle are a couple too, so they aren’t the only gay couple.

There’s also Rictor and Shatterstar, though their relationship is a bit of a mess at the moment. Kind of bummed this got spoiled for me as I was waiting for the trade on this one (something I don’t usually do with Marvel books, but Allan Heinberg? C’mon, you knew that wasn’t going to come out fast…) but ah well. A very cool moment nonetheless!

Too bad Children’s Crusade was awful and disappointing and the last issue was one of the most boring things I have ever read in my entire life. What a waste of two years.

Pfft, big deal. Batwoman already had lesbian sex in her book. Glad Marvel has finally entered the 21st century.

I agree with Alice. Terrible TERRIBLE end!!!! Worst end they could have done. SO BORING! and make no sense!
The kiss is ok. They did that because the rest was rubbish!

I love the small box on that last panel: “Thank you coming on such short notice.” Now, obviously, it’s Captain America speaking at the meeting on the supposed next page; however, it’s also a little “tee hee” moment referencing Hulking and Wiccan having to…um…speed things up to get to the meeting. ;-)

Seeing how she’s returned and what her new status is, I kinda wish they’d have kept Scarlet Witch in limbo.


Yeah, two guys kissing in comics is old hat at this point.

On that note, is it me or do comic book companies, corporate or indy, STILL seem uncomfortable with a Black man kissing a Black woman? Outside of Black Panther and Storm, I can’t think of any Black couples nowadays.

In short, the rule among comic creators seems to be:

* White gay love: COOL

Just my two cents.

* Black straight love: It’s EVIL!


I would proffer more gay interracial relationships be in comics, but that’s just me.

eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! has it really been 7 years! *hugs them* i so want plush dolls of these two! *tosses rice* this is going to be the BEST wedding in comic history and i’m going to buy 3 copies!

Why IS this a big deal?

Gay people kissing each other is normal. Trust comic books to show how backwards they are as a medium, by making a drama out of this!

Then again, that’s Marvel – needing to hype skin color (ultimate spider-man) and sexuality to appear as though they’re modern, when in fact it shows how backwards-minded they are!

And FYI: Apollo and Midnighter in the Authority books were kissing years before this. IT’S SAD you commentators here are going to buy three copies, just because it’s Marvel.

And the fact it took SEVEN years for these two characters to kiss — doesn’t that tell you about the publishing mentality at Marvel, when heterosexual couples (like Spidey/Mary Jane) kiss JUST LIKE THAT. They don’t have to wait seven years.

emm,marvel didn’t hype this,it its reader(&this column writer apparently)

&you are dumb if you think only sexuality what made the characters,so for 7 years only the kiss part that you notice&nothing else?

Didn’t realise that they never kissed before? It seems kind of silly that it took so long. It reminds me of Matt from Melrose Place. That he never kissed a guy on the lips in the 5 seasons he was on – and that was 20 years ago! Looks like we are progressing very, very, very slowly!!

And what is up with Wiccan (?) in those pics? he looks really old, and kind of like an out of it junkie, with a 5 o’clock shadow…. when hes, what? 16? haha…

Great instead of Tommy being the moment killer its Ms.Marvel Thanks alot bloundie…. atleast they got to kiss befire getting interrupted this time

Let’s not fight black love versus gay love, that’s not really appropriate, Fred. People should be able to celebrate one milestone/hurdle without some spoilsport crashing the party, complaining about something entirely different.


a heterosexual black person.

I finally received The Childrens Crusade and it was brilliant. I mostly started reading Young Avengers because of Hulkling and Wiccan. I can’t believe that it took seven years for this scene to be published? I’m glad that Marvel had these two characters for gays like me to relate too. Bravo!

There was also Karolina and Xavin from Runaways. So yeah, Wiccan and Hulking aren’t the only gay couple to come out of Marvel (bad pun intended), but they’re my favorite.

I hate it when homophobic people say things like “If you want equality, then you shouldn’t make such a big deal of a celebrity coming out, or a same-sex couple kissing in a movie”. The thing is, they don’t realize how freaking amazing it feels to have a character (in a comic book or movie/show) who identifies as queer, just like you do. Yeah, sexuality is only one trait, but it brings you that much closer to the character, and helps you relate to them. Just like a woman might feel like she relates more to female characters, or a black person to a black character. Representation is IMPORTANT and since it’s something it’s something that’s just starting to happen in recent times, of course we’re making a big deal out of it!

And really, homophobes only have themselves to blame. We wouldn’t make such a big deal out of it if they didn’t make such a big deal out of our sexuality in the first place :)

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