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Ben Caldwell wants to tell you about page composition, see?

I know I link to Ben Caldwell a lot, but that’s only because he’s awesome. When he’s not sharing someone else’s suggestions for creating interesting visuals for stories, he’s sharing his own. And explaining how film noir helps inform his choices. There’s even more in today’s post. Great stuff for process junkies.



ben’s work is great, but he also made Wonder Woman in Wednesday Comics un-readable. So I take what he suggests with a grain of salt.

@Laura: I thought his Wonder Woman was at least interesting. I’d rather see someone try something neat and fail than just create something bland. WW was far from the worst strip in Wednesday Comics.

@laura nope, sorry. the panels might have been too small and the lettering might have been weird, but i’ll put the actual panel drawing and composition up against anyone.

except darwyn cooke, but that’s just cause he could punch me in the face.

and thanks again, michael!!!

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