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Comic Couture | Steve Bissette’s Tyrant + zombie shirts

World of Strange currently sells some pretty rad shirts from a variety of comic artists, including Fred Hembeck, Peter Bagge, Bob Burden and Rick Veitch, and now they’ve added three new shirts from Steve Bissette (Tyrant, Swamp Thing). You have your choice of the above Tyrant design or two different zombie shirts, and Bissette promises there’s a fourth design on the way.



I’ve got those 3 or 4 issues of Tyrant. Wish that series had continued…

I thought Brat Pack was by Veitch? (That being said, it’s too bad there isn’t a Doc Blasphemy shirt available. I wore the heck out of my old one.)

Yeah, my mistake … I was thinking of the Teen Angel/New Mutants book he did that was about sidekicks and Brat Pack. My apologies for the error.

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