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Gene Gonzales helps the DCU swing with ’60s fashions

Gene Gonzales has been posting a series of drawings lately that feature DC characters re-imagined in 1968 fashions. So far he’s done Catwoman, Death, and The Riddler, but I’m hoping there’s a lot more to come, because these are fantastic.

Hell, now I want a DC ’68 mini-series almost as much as I want someone to start an art blog of Death in period-appropriate dress throughout the history of the world.



These are AWESOME! Love Gene’s stuff!

They’re very nice, though Riddler looks pretty much the same.

Outstanding! Catwoman has a little Laura (MTM) Petri going on, and Death just blows me away this is great stuff.

Can’t wait to see more!

Catwoman was in comic books and on TV in the sixties. How exactly was she re-imagined?

Exactly by giving her a completely different costume that still fits the time period. In his post, Gonzales talks about the challenge of redesigning the outfit when an already iconic version exists. He did a swell job.

I really like the one of Death. Cute. The other two…. not so much. Sorry. And they’re not exactly late 60’s. Catwoman looks like an odd mix between 50s and 80s. But Death is spot on — I can’t wait to see him do more character in her style.

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