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Gerber and Nowlan’s Infernal Man-Thing coming later this year [Updated]


Last year in one of his regular Q&A’s with Comic Book Resources, Marvel’s Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso teased the release of the long-awaited and long-delayed Man-Thing graphic novel by the late Steve Gerber and artist Kevin Nowlan. Today Nowlan confirmed on his blog that the hardcover, which is now listed on Amazon, will come out in October–just in time for Halloween.

As Chris Arrant noted last September, this project was initially started and announced in the 1980s, but it reportedly fell by the wayside while sitting on Nowlan’s drawing board. The original title was “Screenplay of the Living Dead Man,” intended to be a follow-up to the story “Song-Cry of the Living Dead Man” published in Man-Thing #12 way back when. It wasn’t until Gerber’s passing in 2008 that Nowlan began working on the project again in his spare time.

UPDATE: According to a story on, this story will first see life as a three-issue miniseries, The Infernal Man-Thing, which begins in June.



How does stuff like this linger ??

Can’t wait for it !

i just pre ordered the book for same day release delivery! and ya! and i ordered mt # 12 1st series for .50 . i got the both of them on amazon!

New Gerber material? This can’t come out fast enough.

Just pre-ordered it. Can’t wait.

Steve’s too much of a curmudgeon to let a little thing like being dead for four years stop him from writing.

Very nice.

Yay. Now, what are the chances that Marvel finds “The Real Ending to Omega” behind some filing cabinet somewhere?

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