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Here’s what the new Swamp Thing looks like

Swamp Thing

Via Buzzfeed, DC Comics has revealed what the new Swamp Thing looks like. The antler-sporting version of the character makes his debut on the cover to Swamp Thing #8 by artist Yanick Paquette.



Awesome. Wasn’t expecting antlers. They’ve been hyping up Swamp Thing as a Warrior King of sorts, so that, along with his hardened exterior works well for the new design.

Dig the antler look, but not as big a fan of the breast plate look. Personally I like Swamp Thing look more swampy – softer, almost wetter look, with plants growing out. Either way, after seeing him fly, I’m onboard with it all.

This is probably the “battle suit variant” Swamp Thing. I can’t imagine the antlers or armor being permanent.

THEY ARE NOT ANTLERS. Those are tree branches resembling antlers. They are wooden not bone. They do represent the Gaelic crowns of nature worshippers.

“Gaelic crowns of nature worshippers…” Here I thought Scott was inspired by the antlers of his good pal’s creation Sweet Tooth.

For the sake of simplicity, I’m just going to go ahead and refer to ‘em as antlers from here on out. Thanks for your input though, CagedLeo730. Seriously, if I made what resembled antlers out of clay, would it be wrong to call them antlers? Using your logic, the antlers on actual deer, elk, moose etc. should be referred to as bone.

“Wow, look at the antlers on that deer! They almost look like tree branches!”

“THEY ARE NOT ANTLERS. Those are bones that grew into antlers. They are bone not wooden. They do represent physical superiority and sexual prowess.”

Awesome! All he needs is a zipper and some slow-motion running scenes set to synthesizer music. “Somebody’s in trouble on the other side of the swamp!”

The Floronic Man (Jason Woodrue)?

Dope, just about what I expected. Must say I didn’t expect the crown/horn look but it makes sense considering he’s the Green’s warrior king. I like the more armored looked the hardened, wooden exterior gives him. This sort of reminds of Medieval Spawn. this image definitely has me anticipating the next issue.

I think it’s meant to evoke the idea of The Green Knight of legend. I like.

CBR already showed us what Swamp Thing’s going to look like in the June Solicitations so this is no big deal. In issue 10 he’s got the same type of body but the head is classic Swamp Thing. Maybe CBR needs to pay more attention to their own news

not sure about the antlers, the rest looks cool. That said, i’m hoping this version of swamp thing is going to have a more fluid, constantly changing look.

This is his true form, which you’d know if you clicked through and read the post, Lord Prong.

Like some have said look similar to the Floronic Man. Not thrilled with the look, but I can look past it if the story is solid.

Looks pretty sweet to me… If Swamp Thing was a Magic card I wonder what color he’d be… :)

Too bad this is no longer Vertigo and I can’t read it.

That is pretty nice actually. And I like the antlers too. The wooden antlers.

Actually, to be pedantic…antlers are not bone, not like horns. They are hair, and grown and fall off, only to be regrown.

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