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Hickman to leave FF, Fantastic Four in October; then what?

Fantastic Four #586

Come October, writer Jonathan Hickman’s time with Marvel’s first family will run out.

In an interview with iFanboy from last weekend’s Image Expo, Hickman discusses not only his upcoming Image projects, but also his current Marvel ones. “I’m off of Fantastic Four at the end of the year…S.H.I.E.L.D. is wrapping up. I turned in my last issue of Ultimates last week,” he said. You can watch the full interview, conducted by Ron Richards, after the jump.

Hickman expands on the end of his Fantastic Four and FF runs in an interview with’s Ben Morse. “I always had an end point in mind, but along the way I really fell in love with writing Marvel’s First Family and I also had all these dangling bits to clean up, so I agreed—[and] wanted—to stay on,” Hickman said. “Then all the gears started turning on all the [Avengers Vs. X-Men] stuff and what comes after and it just became obvious that October would be a good time to hop off.”

Hickman’s run on the title, which eventually led to the launch of its sister title, FF, began with issue #570. His last issues of Fantastic Four and FF will be issues #611 and #23.

Marvel’s senior vice president of publishing, Tom Brevoort, told our own Tim O’Shea earlier this year that when he was looking for a new writer for the title back in 2009, he was looking to bring “a younger voice into the mix” to follow writers like Mark Millar, JMS and Dwayne McDuffie. “…I wanted to bring in somebody who would have something new to say, and who maybe wouldn’t be as shackled in his thinking to the past. At the same time, I wanted to maintain the overall positive/optimistic flavor that the series has always had when it’s been really clicking, in my opinion. Given those parameters, it didn’t take me long to start speaking with Jonathan Hickman, with whom I was working on Secret Warriors at the time. Jonathan went away, pulled together his ideas, and came back with a strong pitch for the series—and away we went!”

No word yet on who will replace him or where he might go to next in the Marvel Universe, but with the news that Brian Michael Bendis is leaving the Avengers titles later this year, Richards speculated at iFanboy that perhaps a run on Avengers is in his future. Where do you think he’ll end up, and more importantly, where would you like to see him?



I’m banking on him taking on the Avengers and Iron Man.

Sadly, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Fraction take Fantastic Four. Perhaps Gillen on FF, if he’s really leaving Uncanny.

It’s almost certain he is doing the Avengers title. It sucks he’s finishing up his FF and F4 run. It was bound to happen sooner or later. J. Hickman (definition of not letting corporate (marvel) suck away his creativity).

Whatever project he does next (along with Manhattan Projects) is gonna be a hit.

I really enjoy Hickman’s indie work, and am more interested in his corporate stuff than most…but does it seem like things are setting up to have each of the ‘architects’ just play musical chairs with their assignments? I’m not sure how that creates a new innovative environment….but then mayhaps I just answered my own question.

Why is none of Hickman’s Image work on comixology? I want to buy it on there, but I don’t see it.

Chris McFeely

March 2, 2012 at 3:54 pm



Hickman has been less than impressed with the state of digital comics so far. He’s been waiting until either someone shows him a better way to do it or he figures out a better way himself. So it’s hard to say how long it’ll be…

Thanks Adam.

Thats too bad, as I have really taken to impulse purchases on comixology. I don’t have a chance to hit the store, but I wanted to read Red Wing this weekend. Thought I could just buy it on there, and read away.

Is there an interview or anything where he talks about what he thinks is wrong with digital comics? I respect his POV, and don’t want to say he is wrong or anything, but I dunno what else I would change other then pricing.

Jake Earlewine

March 2, 2012 at 5:22 pm

I’d be willing to give Hickman a try on Avengers. Hell, anybody would be a better fit than Bendis.

I fully expect Hickman will be writing at least two post-AvX series. He seems pretty comfortable juggling about four books a month, and two of those slots will be filled by his new Image ongoings.

An Avengers series seems like a lock. As for the other? Well, Hickman’s been talking about the cosmic corner of the MU for a while now, and Axel Alonso has been hinting about big things to come for Nova. So…

Of course, Marvel has also been waiting to announce its plans for Miracle Man.

Well all good things come to an end. Great things, even sooner. Look forward to where he’s going next. If nothing else I’ll be keeping a close eye on his Image work, especially Secret with Bodenheim, and I still have Feel Better Now? to look forward to.

Bob, I don’t think so. I just remember it from conversations with him.

Thats too bad about Hickman. I have moved to buying almost all my new stuff too through digital, and I was wanting to buy Manhattan Projects. I don’t understand why a creator would say “no” if its no extra work for them and readers enjoy it.

Bob, there’s a lot of problems with the current digital landscape beyond just pricing. Most notably the lack of ownership of what you pay for and the reliance on proprietary apps to view them.

Some people don’t want to buy/pay for something that can be stripped away from them at anytime with no recourse or refund, or could be cut off from their collection due to the providers reluctance to develop for a specific device.

And if a creator feels that way (and I don’t know if Hickman does), they may be unwilling to sell a product that they themselves wouldn’t buy.

Well that’s his perrogative, but as the paying customer, I assure you that he is wrong.

Wrong about what, exactly?

Woot! I just saw the news that Hickman’s image work is getting released digitally today. Awesome news, and out of support I will be buying it for sure.

So funny this happens right after we talked about this. Awesome timing.

Hickman on Avengers would be EXTREMELY INTERESTING.

Matt Fraction on Fantastic Four would work very well too if they don’t use Salvador Larroca. I know he and Fraction are friends, but Invincible Iron Man’s art has been far too boring to justify their continued partnership. Larroca’s art is very sterile – there’s no sense of movement or fluidity whatsoever. The faces of the characters in Larroca’s art are lifeless in an uncanny valley sort of way.

Recommended Artists for Fraction’s Fantastic Four
– Mike Allred
– Dustin Weaver
– Guy Davis
– Simon Roy
– Juan Jose Ryp
– Steve Epting
– Barry Kitson

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