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New look at weird characters from Miéville and Santolouco’s Dial H

In a brief interview with, China Miéville, the Hugo Award-winning author of such novels as Perdido Street Station, The City & the City and Kraken, unveils some of Mateus Santolouco’s character designs from their upcoming revival of DC Comics’ Dial H, but holds back on the details:

i) I am superstitious as hell about talking about work before it comes out — it makes me very anxious, just seems like a hostage to fortune to me.
ii) As a reader I’d prefer to know little to nothing before I read something, so I always indulge my projected reading-self by being a bit coy about such. I will say, though that
iii) you called them ‘Dial H alter egos’ – I didn’t, nor did I confirm nor deny their status as such.
iv) There are various Easter eggs for hardcore/long-time fans of Dial H for Hero in the run. (As one of them, can we come up with a better noun for such people? Diallers? Dialups?)

Check out a page from Dial H, and one of Santolouco’s character designs, below, and visit io9 to see more. Dial H #1 arrives May 2.



Hooray for holding back!

Chimney Guy is so great!

This is gonna be a wild ride, akin to some of the other Dark books.

Looking forward to this one.

Dear suits @ DC(nU), Don’t f**k this up. Let the man go wild with it and see what happens. Thanx.

He might grow on me – but I am not liking that art at the moment…. or maybe its the fact its reminding me of some Disney kids movie villian.

I will however still give it a try at this stage – but I’m really basing it on the fact I loved the previous Dial H series from Phiffer(sp?) – so I might again.

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