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Quote of the day #2 | Alan Moore on fans who buy Before Watchmen

“I have to say that if you are a reader that just wanted your favorite characters on tap forever, and never cared about the creators, then actually you’re probably not the kind of reader that I was looking for. I have a huge respect for my audience.  On the occasions when I meet them, they seem, I like to think, to be intelligent and scrupulous people. If people do want to go out and buy these Watchmen prequels, they would be doing me an enormous favor if they would just stop buying my other books. When I think of my audience, I like to have good thoughts and think about how lucky I am to have one that is as intelligent as mine and as moral as mine. […] The kind of readers who are prepared to turn a blind eye when the people who create their favorite reading material, their favorite characters, are marginalized or put to the wall — that’s not the kind of readers I want. So, even if it means a huge drop in sales upon my other work, I would prefer it that way. I mean, there’s no way I can police this, of course. But, I would hope that you wouldn’t want to buy a book knowing that its author actually had complete contempt for you. So, I’m hoping that will be enough.”

– From an interview with Alan Moore by Kurt Amacker, published by Seraphemera Books. The lengthy interview covers the Before Watchmen prequels, the roots of his legendary dispute with DC Comics, his severed ties with former collaborators Dave Gibbons and David Lloyd, public domain characters and so much more



Waah, waah … as if we needed further evidence he’s a bitter, pretentious a$$hole. He actually makes me want to buy ALL the prequels now… (I love the part where he’s the arbiter of what is or isn’t moral)

what a twat

It always seems like Alan Moore turns to hyde sometimes when he’s doing text interviews, while he stays Jekyll when he’s being filmed.

Moore has other books coming out?

Well, if they’re like Necronomicon, we won’t be missing much.

Actually, I agree with him.

I would take the current output of most, if not all, of the “Before Watchmen” creators ahead of Mr. Moore’s recent output any day. Is his ego really so massive that he doesn’t even recognize that some people may buy Before Watchmen not because we are so enamored with the Watchmen characters, but out of interest in the work of those creators?

I find these statements more insulting to other creators than to the fans. So we are immoral if we want to support a new comic by, for example, Darwyn Cooke? That’s ridiculous.

Yeah, I will not be buying Watchmen.

The professionals who worked on it are scabs.

If you are buying it, you are a scab.

Neil K – seriously?

Your entire argument falls apart with ‘so we are immoral if we want to support a new comic by, for example, Darwyn Cooke.’

Firstly, because this isn’t a new comic, it’s a bastardisation of an existing comic intended as a STANDALONE PIECE.

Secondly, because you’re not helping improve Darwyn’s role in the comic-book world. By buying his BW Watchmen tie-in, you’re not encouraging DC (or anyone else) to give him the chance to come up with something wholly original, or to work on a project based on HIS name value.

These writers/artists on BW? Are capable of much more than professional fan-fic.

Wow My 1st reaction is to buy every issue of this prequil just to spite Alan Moore. Otherwise I would want to invest my time in new and cool comics. It is too bad he has kind of lost the magic of creating great and awesome stories.

i wanna read more of that “Creature from the Black Lagoon Rape Fest” comic he did recently!

I made it about halfway through the interview. I found it far too fawning.

In a world that’s produced stuff like Wilson, Congress of the Animals, and The Love Bunglers (and those just in the past two years), the best endorsement of modern comics the interviewer can give is “Well uh I still read Wolverine”?

I more or less agree with Moore. In any case I think his position is a reasonable one, and I don’t see why anyone should have a problem with his taking that position.

Alan Moore is a boss.

David Williams

March 13, 2012 at 2:45 pm

No problem. I have been unimpressed by Alan Moore from first to last. I will buy it because there are excellent creators working on these projects. I don’t like Alan Moore’s books and I think that his genius is overrated. He has spent way to much time listening to his own publicity.

I haven’t read the interview yet, but my first thought is whether his disdain extends to his co-creator, Dave Gibbons, who has apparently blessed or, at least, not strenuously objected to the various Beyond Watchmen series.

Lost Girls and LoEG are pretty much Fan Fiction writ large. I really don’t think Moore has anything but meager rationalizations in response. I mean, if he wanted to do literary art-porn, why did he HAVE to use Peter Pan and Dorothy? While THEIR creators would likely be WILDLY JUSTIFIED by the characterization of, you know, the White Rabbit molesting Alice, I don’t see him giving a damn, nor cashing in on the whole spectacle. He’s a hypocrite. He’s also one of my all-time favorite writers. Ill continue buying his work, along with the Watchmen prequels

Good interview; bit more nuanced than the quote above, but still with plenty of bite!

Id agree with what he said if he hadn’t ever written Lost Girls and League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

So, fans of Stevenson, Wells, Barrie, Carroll, Stoker, Baum and Doyle should… go Fuck themselves then??

Because I’m fairly certain at least ONE of the above authors would be a might upset with certain aspects of Moore’s work on characters he didn’t create.

Left some words out there. I guess, to put it another way, if we saw an artsy version of the news-dealer f***ing the young comics fan, Moore’d be cool with that :)

Oh for fuck’s sake, we’re already into the “It’s exactly the same as Moore using public-domain characters” false equivalence?

I’ll show myself out.

Dave, read the interview: There’s a long section where he fully debunks the so-called “hypocrisy” of his using other fictional characters besides his own in his works.

I’m not buying a single issue of BW because I have ZERO interest in them.

And Moore continues to be a passive aggressive douchebaby. If anybody finds a comic by their favorite creators interesting enough to buy, regardless of who main character in the comic is, they should be able to buy it, read it, and enjoy it without a guilt trip from an asshat.

I like to compare this to George Lucas opening up the expanded universe . By allowing
Others to imagine and create story in this universe. Some of the
Best star wars stories are by other authors. Timothy zahn for example.

I agree with Alan Moore. Only stupid people will be buying Before Watchmen.

To hell with those stupid prequels.


March 13, 2012 at 3:05 pm


We are allowed to do that. Moore just doesn’t like the people who would.

As far as this quote from Moore, he’s not basing it on his output after Watchmen like people here are quick to default to. What he’s saying is that if you’re the type that can justify supporting BW in anyway then you didn’t understand the point of the original book and therefore don’t understand Alan Moore.

I don’t necessarily agree or disagree as I don’t really care too much for the open-ended super hero soap opera format…but I think that’s also kind of the point!

Either way you are all free to partake in unbridled consumption! ‘Merica!

He’s sort of right. Before watchmen is an ill-conceived project.

Okay I read the interview. Naturally, he has a good point, but it’s still splitting hairs. I agree that it’s a little tasteless to do the books in this fashion, just a naked cash-grab, and that Moore continues to be mistreated, from any sensible pov regarding creator rights. But it’s as Dave Sim’s always said, if YOU think YOU can do Cerebus better than me, more power to you. Im better, and I trust the public to appreciate that. Sim plans on reverting Cerebus to Public Domain when he dies for this very simple reason….sorry Moore disapproves of the literary quality of how the prequels are looking, but considering his ad nauseum statements how he doesn’t care about Watchmen anymore, he doth protest too much. MAYBE the books’ll be good. Maybe not. There’s certainly no need for new Cerebus comics either, but MAYBE someone can do it! Anthony Burgess wrote a sequel to 1984 called 1985…I don’t see a problem here.

I won’t be buying Before Watchmen, Mr. Moore.

But I am a fanboy, and I will read it. Please forgive me…

I think it is an ill conceived project too, but I am looking forward to seeing Adam Hughes draw an issue with his improved skill since he last worked on something other than covers.

I don’t blame Moore so much for his comments because I do think there are some personality issues going on with him, that are perhaps out of his control.

I do very much like his Superman story “For the Man Who Has Everything” although I didn’t really like what he did to Adam Strange in “Swamp Thing.” Although perhaps a case could be made that the original creators were somehow screwed over, the great art that came after by other creators, particularly him, have enriched the world.

Cory Arsenault

March 13, 2012 at 3:43 pm

Siegel and Shuster got screwed over the rights to Superman. Alan Moore earned income by writing Superman stories.

Just throwing that out there.

Well I was not going to buy these to begin with but now I will not being buying any more Alan Moore material. If a reader does not like something that is their prerogative, but to insult people who buy them is ridiculous. It is this kind of divisive behaviour that gives comic book collectors their stereotypes. It’s bad enough to see the stereotypes parade across the screen on Kevin Smith’s Comic Book Men. But to see name calling because someone chooses to purchase something, that might actually be good or bad, is infantile. Message boards like this make me embarrassed to collect comics. And as for if these will be any good, I would like to hear from the apparent time travellers who have gone forward in time and read them, and now feel that they can bad mouth something that the rest of us have not read. I am done with comic book message boards, tired of the infancy on display.

nathan daniels

March 13, 2012 at 3:58 pm

I don’t really have any interest in Before Watchmen.

But – Moore can go fuck himself. He made his career on Swamp Thing, a character created by Len Wein and Bernie Wrightson. He completely changed the nature of the character. Did he care what the creators thought? He wrote Marvelman/Miracleman and completely changed that character and his cast. Did he care what the creators thought? He is using classic literary characters in League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Does he care what their creators thought? I wonder if the creator of the Invisible Man would have been happy to have him cast as a rapist? He is using classic literary characters in Lost Girls . Would their creators be happy with what he’s done? I don’t believe he created Jack the Ripper, who was in From Hell, either.

I think Moore’s an amazing writer, and I respect his talent. Had he only written characters that he himself created, I would support his opinion. But since the majority of his best known and most successful work has come from his interpretations of previously existing characters (whether corporately-owned or public domain), then I think he is mainly being a hypocrite and a cranky old man.

I was going to buy these because I’m interested in the stories. But I have even more incentive to buy them just because it would piss Alan “I love me some me” Moore off. The man obviously doesn’t care about anybody but himself so when it comes to these new books, WHO CARES what he thinks!?

Judge Fred MANSON

March 13, 2012 at 4:00 pm

I respect Alan Moore and his opinions. Despite not being with him at 100% each time, I agree with him.

Not here. Not with those harsh words against his traitors fans who will want to read BTW. Not when someone says to me what to do to stay in his/her moral way.

Will I buy all the BTW books? Yes.
Will I become a traitor reader? Fine.
Will I continue to buy his previous works? Yes.
Will I buy his new works? It will depend of the stories
Will I support him? Yes, until he is walking on my own liberties of thinking, of judging.
I am a reader.
I am above all a freeman.
Cogito ergo sum.
So I am.
A freeman I will stay.

Come on guys, he’s just following what Bob Kane said when the Killing Joke was coming out. Or, wait…that didn’t happen. I guess writing more Batman stories without the original creator’s input or consent is okay. Sorry Alan, carry on.

What does Bob Kane have to do with Batman? I think you meant Bill Finger.

I won’t be buying or reading BEFORE WATCHMEN. At best, I may glance at some of the new artwork with the Silk Spectre.

While I agree with most of what Alan Moore says, I wish he wasn’t such an arrogant jerkass.

What a douche bag. OK you guys want to read more about characters you love? You guys are not as kind and smart as i thought.BASCIALLY what he is saying…. I know he got screwed by DC but to come out and say stuff like that about your audience is ridiculous. The arrogance. So basically if people don’t listen to him they are not smart or people he would like. DOUCHE BAG.

Ha Ha Ha.

All Moore’s well known mainstream work is on other people creations! All of it. The names of the Watchmen were changed but we all know they were supposed to be Charlton characters. Every character in the League is someone else’s.

The dude may be nuts. If his rep and was based on his work from the last 15 – maybe even 20 years very few people would know who he was. If it wasn’t for Swampthing and Watchmen being the hits they were my guess is we’d never even heard of him.

I am not sure if he’s still writing disney porn but I am sure I won’t buy whatever it is.

I am tired of hearing him whine.

A$$h…s, the corporate media, in this case DC Comics, puts something crappy and immoral in front of you and you guys run to buy it. Alan Moore pretentious? If people think that then stop buying his stuff, he’s said it all, he doesn’t want you to buy it, the guy has guts, he basically told you: stop buying I don’t care I prefer to have less readers that actually use their brains than the usual stupid people that buys crap as long as it looks “cool” to them.

For me the guys that will buy the prequels are the same guys that like “The Big Bang Theory” and are the same guys that are going to watch Tim Burton’s movies even if they’re the same $hit with Johnny Depp performing exactly the same character over and over again, that’s you Moore’s haters.

I think this statement from Moore is awesome. And I agree with him. DC shouldn’t be doing the prequels without his go-ahead, and if he feels like spitting some bile about it, I think that’s fine. I won’t be buying them.

I know, right? Even From Hell was highly indebted to Stephen Knights reading of the Whitechapel murders. Supreme was his take on the Superman mythos. Obviously, Neonomican was him doing Lovecraft mythos. I ADORE each of these works, but seriously, Mr. Moore, publish Jerusalem already. Wasn’t LoEG 1910 the lyrics of Brecht’s three-penny opera in comics form?

Oh my, looks like the haters are out in force tonight. Big lulz at some of the posts on here.

1) Before Watchmen and what he did with LoEG and Lost Girls is not the same. It just isn’t. Taking something old (not to mention public domain) then making something entirely new using it is fundamentally different to taking something old and extending that thing or simply doing it again. Google “history of the amen break” (the most remixed sample in music history – a cornerstone of hip-hop, d&b, jungle, oldskool breakbeat) and compare that to Chris De Burgh recording a cover of Elvis Presley’s ‘In The Ghetto’. Not. The. Same. Thing.

2) People saying “MOORE IS AN A$$HOLE!!! I’M BUYING ALL OF BEFORE WATCHMEN AND IM NEVER GOING TO READ HIS STUFF AGAIN HAHAHA!!!” or “I’m going to buy it to piss of Alan Moore” are exactly the kind of people he doesn’t want reading his work. Well done for proving his point. Also: thanks for giving me a quick chuckle at you missing the point so spectacularly.

3) If you haven’t already figured out that BW is, in terms of artistic merit, equivalent to a tribute album then you’re probably not going to be bothered by the fact that the existence of BW contradicts a big part of what makes Watchmen important.

4) Before Watchmen is going to cost $139.65 to complete (35 issues @ $3.99) so if you’re dumb enough to blow that much cash on an entirely derivative product when you could spend that money on 35-40 other comics then you deserve exactly what you’ll get.

5) If you’re still sitting on the fence on the subject of BW and can’t decide whether or not to buy it, please consider spending your hard-earned cash on supporting a much more deserving creator owned comic. It will be cheaper and it will be made with love – actual love- by it’s artist & writer.

Websites like this, Multiversity, Bleeding Cool, Newsarama, etc are going to cream themselves over BW this summer but don’t believe the hype – there are a lot of comics out there that are going to be a lot better than this. Regardless of what you think of Moore, DC, etc, the fact is that if you’re on a limited budget that budget is better spent if it’s supporting creative endeavour and artistic bravery instead of another corporate cash-grab.

Bizzarely enough, I have nothing but contempt for that over-rated, arsehat-wearing, hack either.
I must be intelligent as I will not be buying “before…” So my decision to not buy any of that pompous twats derivative scribble must be the correct one.

Yeah Alan, like you didn’t just make a lot of bastardisations of Public domain characters with ‘The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen’ (not only that, but he also did thinly disguised, unnamed character cameos from ‘Get Carter’, ‘James Bond’ and ‘Harry Potter’) And rather unflattering versions at that (Lucy Harker as a lipstick lesbian, Allan Quatermain as a junkie, Orlando as a bi-sexual sex-toy, Voldemort as a trippy date-rapist).
Even the characters from Watchmen itself are merely based on old Charlton Comics characters that DC had aquired (Rorsharch= The Question, Dr Manhatann=Captain Atom) that Moore wished to use for the story, but the DC decieded to bring in to the DCU proper, thereby necessatating the need to create new characters.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Alan Moore’s work, but LoEG and Watchmen are stories about stories, as opposed to stories in their own right. And I don’t wish to be unsympathetic to him, but he knew what sort of business he was getting into (Seigle snd Shuster’s disputes for the ownership of the most famous character in comics is legendary).

In conclusion. I think he’s being rather churlish.

Over half of the creators I follow and support seem to have a massive contempt or straight-up full-on hatred for their audiences. Hi, Ed Brubaker!

Googam son of Goom

March 13, 2012 at 5:28 pm

I’d like to see something new from all of these amazingly talented creators. I have no interest at all in the Watchmen at this point in time.

You superhero fan ‘characters first! creators suck unless they are doing the superheroes I want!’ crybabies make me so glad I decided to stop supporting these companies and their work for hire garbage. You get the industry you deserve, and you people deserve garbage. Good for you that got it.

What a miserable hypocrite. Writing other people’s characters sure was awesome when he was building his career and reputation on them.

What impresses me is how only a minority of those who have anything critical to say in response to Alan Moore’s comments appear to have read the interview from which the comment was taken. Quite simply, he responds to so many of those accusations in a very measured manner– so it’s not as if he hasn’t addressed those criticisms.

If you don’t find his response convincing, that’s quite another matter.

I read the whole thing. He came across as very paranoid and in love with all things Alan Moore. He had some valid points, but the bits about cutting off his friends in the industry and never speaking to Gibbons again because he didn’t get a proper thank you or he was somehow involved in DC-led subterfuge against him seem petty. The interviewer also seemed to lean more in the I’m-a-big-fan-Mr.Moore category than impartial journalist looking for the facts. All that being said, I believe the negative reactions you see here are due more to his seeming do it my way or follow my lead or we are through (fans, friends) and you are not worthy of the respect I once held for you attitude. Despite some of his words to the contrary..

“Well, I’m afraid I have to take a kind of hard line on that, Kurt. This is just purely me, but obviously in regard to any of the–what’s the word? I don’t want to use “creators.” I feel that the industry employees who are actually working upon this book–I had only heard of about three of them–but I’m certainly not interested in seeing any of their work. But, I’m unlikely to because I don’t read comics anymore and they’re never going to do anything outside of comics. I think it’s a shame. I can see why the people concerned are involved, having either never created anything original themselves or they did, but it wasn’t good enough to get DC out of their current hole.”

He makes a lot of assumptions there about the quality of people’s work who he has, for the most part never read.The above slam lacked both professionalism and class.

Yes, I read the whole thing. Apparently, Alan Moore is pissed at all of his earlier friends and the whole comic industry. Alan Moore is right, and the whole world is wrong. And he seems to have a extremely high opinion of himself too (“I’ve written the only work that is known to people outside of the industry, etc.”), and some of his ramblings seem borderline paranoid.


I basically agree with his view of DC Comics screwing him in the Watchmen deal, and the way they keep doing it. I won’t be buying the prequels.

Alan is still an asshole, though.

Over the past year I’ve lost an interest in Alan Moore’s views. I don’t discredit his work, I understand the unfairness he feels, and I’ve tried to be more then understanding when it comes to his views, but thats over as of today. I now can’t help but feel he’s just an angry old man, who in interviews has insulted every writer in the medium, comes off as a holier than thou attitude, a hypocrite and now insults the readers. I have no problems reading Before Watchmen now. I’m hoping the books are so good Alan soils himself.

“Thank you Alan Moore for the opportunity of this interview.

And thank *you* for reading our interview with Alan Moore.

More importantly, thank you for listening to the whole story, not just a sound byte or a sensational headline!”

Oh, the irony….

To Mr. Moore and those who are decrying him or supporting him:
You had to be a big shot, didn’t ya
You had to open up your mouth
You had to be a big shot, didn’t ya,
All your friends were so knocked out
You had to have the last word, last night
You know what everything’s about
You had to have a white hot spotlight
You had to be a big shot last night

Guess what Alan? I’m buying these, AND I have the original Watchmen, V for Vendetta, Green Lantern, etc. and I plan on buying the rest of your Supreme run, Miracleman, etc. I’m an intelligent reader who likes your work but guess what? You’re a hypocrite. Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster got a rawer deal than you on Superman (they were actually living on the streets at one point during the period after they created Superman) and yet you helped make a name for yourself off of Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow.

And the idea that you’ve produced the only comics work that non-comic fans know of? Uh, lets see – there’s the current New 52 reboot, Civil War, Death of Captain America, Death of Superman, Ultimate Spider-man, etc. – all got pretty big media coverage for comics and I’d say are just as well know outside the comics community. And no way does Watchmen have more non-comic community notoriety than Maus. I know for a fact a lot of schools use it in their curriculum to teach the Holocaust (plus, I have to admit it’s even better written). Plus there’s the DC Universe film adaptations of their biggest storylines/mini-series. Those have been doing a decent job of raising the profile of works like Batman Year One, All-Star Superman (another comic better written than Watchmen, and by your nemesis, the much more talented Grant Morrison too), Batman/Superman, JL: the New Frontier, etc.

And you’re seriously going to insult fans for wanting to see the continuation of the stories of their favorite characters? Once again, hypocrisy – unless you only tell a story with the same group of characters for only one arc before ditching them for a new set for the next one, you’ve been guilty of this too Alan. Swamp Thing, Supreme, Tom Strong – all of those had continuing stories, where you did more than one arc with them. I have every right to buy more X-Men, JLA, Superman, etc. stories if Marvel and DC are willing to publish them. that doesn’t make me a bad person and I have to say FUCK YOU for even suggesting it. YOU DON’T OWN WATCHMEN, YOU SIGNED THE PAPERWORK INSTEAD OF READING IT. ANY JACKASS CAN TELL YOU TO HIRE A LAWYER TO READ THE FINE PRINT IF YOU’RE GOING SIGN A CONTRACT, THIS WASN”T A CONCEPT INVENTED IN THE PAST FIVE YEARS. BOO HOO, GET OVER IT.

I’m not going to feel sorry for you after DC gave you a hundred opportunities to have Watchmen back. You admitted you wanted to do prequels with the concept and DC was ready to hand Watchmen over to you if you’d just publish those stories through them. And you spat in their face. I’m going to continue to buy your work now, only I’m going to buy it all in used trades or in back-issue bins so that I can enjoy the fruit of your labors without a single cent getting back to you in royalties or support your ongoing work.

So in conclusion, stop asking for a pity-party Alan, grow up and join the rest of us adults in the real world.

Another thing that pisses me off about Moore and his supporters – the sheer amount of vitriol that is sent at the creators of this series.

Moore, dissing a fellow pro who has done absolutely nothing to you is the height of unprofessional-ism. You should not be able to ever produce another comic if you wanted to because any self-respecting artist wouldn’t draw your scripts. If you can’t respect your fellow artists, why should you expect anyone to ever collaborate with you? These are talented people with families to support who are honestly only doing this so that DC doesn’t put less talented people on this. Despite all the hate they’re getting, they’re doing their best to keep the legacy of Watchmen free of mediocrity. They may fail, but they deserve support for taking on the task because they know most other artists and writers would have even worse odds.

And another thing – it’s hilarious that he thinks DC is secretly out to get him, like it’s this self-aware entity out to screw him and his family. That’s right Alan, because it one person at DC is out to screw you, that means EVERYONE who is working for them or has worked for them, other than Dave Gibbons, is out to screw you. Are you really that dumb that you can’t figure out it was the marketing and corporate parts of DC that were trying to milk your image? Oh yeah, I’m sure all the Editors, Writers, Pencillers, Inkers, colorists and even the Letterers played some very important roles as cogs in the machine that is trying fuck your ass with a steam-piston powered phallus. At least be smart enough to differentiate between the innocent, creative side of DC and the admittedly slimy corporate side that EVERY company has. God, you’re a jack-ass.

You had to be a big shot, didn’t ya
You had to open up your mouth
You had to be a big shot, didn’t ya,
All your friends were so knocked out
You had to have the last word, last night
You know what everything’s about
You had to have a white hot spotlight
You had to be a big shot last night

Exactly what does quoting an old Billy Joel tune (twice) bring to the discussion? It’s not as clever as you probably imagine it to be.

Holy shit, the more of this interview I read, the more inane Alan comes off. He is actually so self-absorbed as to think that Watchmen is so much bigger than the rest of DC’s publishing line that the New 52 was a plan B to Watchmen sequels?

Wow, pretty sure Batman and Superman have been bigger money-makers for DC since… forever. And it was actually a massive success, so if it was a plan B, why’d they decide to go back to plan A , Alan? It turned the industry around; for the past six-seven months sales stats have had double digit percent increases over the past year, and looks like they’ve achieved sustainability with them too. And they plan on launching 6 more high-profile books to replace the chaff they’ve culled (and one of those cancelled books was a critical darling).

Hilarious, Alan – you really don’t get sick of polishing your own helmet, do you?

And maybe your big lines about nothing intellectual being produced since Watchmen might have been taken a bit more seriously if it had been the last story you ever wrote, because you’re pretty much admitting that the work you’ve produced since then has also been mediocre and devoid of intellectual merit (and when you produce stuff like Lost Girls, it’s hard to disagree).

Thanks for the lulz Alan, I needed them!

It’s not being clever–it’s criticizing the worst of you pro-or-anti-Moores, and Moore himself, for acting like a bunch of drama queens over this. If the books stink because of the stigma attached to the property, DON’T BUY THEM for Pete’s sake!!! In fact, if you don’t like any books the Big Two put out because of their ugly history with creators, then don’t give them incentive to further mistreat their legacies (or not). Maybe it’s time you guys gave corporate-owned comics a rest.
And now to further ridicule you all (Moore included), allow me to quote an old Jean Knight tune:

Mr. Big Stuff
Who do you think you are?

Also, the idea that nothing since Watchmen has been as good – sorry, but a large body of Grant Morrison’s work proves that statement wrong. And Neil Gaiman’s Sandman run. And Justice League International under Giffen and DeMatteis was a hell of a lot more entertaining. Scott Snyder’s Batman run (it’s one of those New 52 books you said was only meritorious of being a “Plan B” that could never turn the industry around, remember?) is going on to be one of the best Batman stories ever, even better than your Killing Joke, I’d say (and without having to resort to the lazy “sexual assault instantly makes a story darker and more mature” technique you seem to be in love with).

And as I read further, he just keeps spouting how Watchmen was the ONLY work to ever elevate the medium, and once more I have to point out – Maus, Scott McCloud, pretty much anything by Neil Gaiman or Grant Morrison – seriously Alan? Seriously? You’re going to keep pushing this point with a straight face? I’ve come to a conclusion – Alan Moore is trolling us.

Am not in the least interested in $ome desperate ‘grasping-at-straws’ effort by DC (or any company—that means you too Marvel!) to extract the last few dollars out of comic & graphic art consumers in a dying marketplace, with lame gimmicks such as “52” and now this: the story is DONE, the show’s over, time to move on to NEW stories by others, or by Moore, or by…?.
With repetition of 8 or so basic plots rejiggered over & over ad infinitum, regurgitated, only to be re-digested
like a cow chewing its cud, with the end result being so much bovine excreta.
It’s no surprise.
The industry never learns from past mistakes, and ready for another ‘correction’ just like after the Superman Death issue of 20 years ago, when the anathema follow-up was Batman’s broken back, then…
So many past series were cancelled prematurely in haste, without a chance to gain fan-following ‘legs’, the story-arc just left dangling without resolution, while inferior product was cranked out like sausages only because it was a no-brainer.
The creative artists & writers aren’t to blame, any more than the fans who want more product, the problem is
with the ‘dog-eat-dog’ business itself, which lacks ANY real imagination and wants to foist the same ol’, same ‘ol, again and again…and hoping no one notices…

Crap – how could I forget Frank Miller before he went crazy?! his stuff from Daredevil to Batman to Sin city to Ronin is all pretty good stuff that helped revolutionize the industry. And some of his work is also arguably better than Watchmen.

Says the OGRE who’s trolled this SIX times! Seriously man, SIT ON IT!!

I can’t be angry with him…From Hell is truly head and shoulders above pretty much everything…it’s more a testament to Moore and Campbell’s genius than anything else. Not a swipe at the industry. Just cuz Kirby’s great doesn’t mean super-heroes with issues suck…I don’t see why Moore refuses this point. Just cuz no one else does From Hell-level work doesn’t mean The Medium Fails…

And perhaps the biggest failing of Moore is that he makes excuses – when he does something with someone else’s characters, he’s bringing something new to the table and improving them. You know, cuz he’s Alan Moore. Didn’t he ever think that that was what these BW creators were hoping to do? Add something new to the mix? Maybe they thought taking a superhero comic with a finite ending and seeing what would happen if you made it into an ongoing like the superhero comics that inspired it could open up new avenues of stories and discussion.

But no, because they aren’t Alan Moore and they’re using his characters, it could never possibly amount to anything other than “recycling” and “regurgitation.” Gee, Alan, did you ever think someone could possibly have the same mentality about your work? Well, I know Grant Morrison does and I personally can’t wait for Multiversity to come out and see the issue devoted to the “Watchmen Done Right” universe. I think you’ll shit your pants.

And when he does it, he does it “with respect for the material,” as if to say the current creators of BW are singing “screw Alan Moore!” while they produce this story. How many times have the creators stated they were fans of Watchmen and wanted to the series justice with this prequel? And lets not forget this important fact – Alan planned on doing a prequel. Yet, that would just cheapen the original story right? Wouldn’t that, by your own criteria, make your proposed Minutemen GN the equivalent to you taking a shit on your self-described Mona Lisa of comics, huh Alan?

One of these days, Anonymous, one of these days:

Really Alan, you doing corporate characters ended with Batman and Superman? What do you call Supreme? You took a company owned character and did exactly the kind of stories you’re decrying right now – never-ending soap opera super hero comics that were work for hire – and you did them a little over a decade ago. You can’t say you stopped after five years in the industry when you did all that ABC stuff in the mid to late 90s. I call bullshit right there.

Oh, and here’s another couple of things better than Watchmen, and helped elevate the industry – James Robinson’s Golden Age and Starman. Especially Starman, something that did a lot of stuff super hero comics never did, and probably more than Watchmen did.

Also – scabs? Fan writer who would have paid to write the stories of Batman, etc.? Wasn’t that your Supreme run? A chance at telling the kind of Curt Swan/Otto Binder Silver Age Superman stories you loved as a child? don’t lie and say you wouldn’t have told those stories with Superman instead if there had been a way to keep DC from seeing any profit.

To say there’s something wrong with wanting to write the continuing stories of characters you loved and grew up with is incredibly mean spirited and hypocritical – you basically stated that was your reason for writing LoEG – you liked those characters and wanted to tell your own stories with them. Yes, the old school guys got a raw deal, but creators in the industry now are not only not being treated that way (otherwise why would Brubaker and Fraction have been allowed to stay on their mediocre run of X-Men for so long?), but they know the score going into the industry. They’re prepared for the worst, because they aren’t naive morons.

Who ars you really, Anonymous?

Okay, I get it–sarcasm. You don’t have to do so ELEVEN FREAKIN’ TIMES, man!

Seriously, after eleven posts:

Alan Moore’s comments should also apply to anybody who has ever bought reprints of the origonal Watchmen. They’re to blame for it staying in print.

I’VE never bought a copy, original or reprint. I intend to do so, in order to FINALLY read the darn thing, after which I’ll put the book down–I don’t even like the story!!! Afterwards, I will write a letter to DC DEMANDING that they stop printing the stupid book–ENOUGH with the grim, gritty, impotent, inhumane, sociopathic nutjobs Moore created!!

I’m convinced that Anonymous is Acer.

@Other Chris

Yeah, you caught me – I’m Acer. What tipped you off – the complete lack of any kind of conversing with myself that people usually do if they’re posting under two names to look like two people. My plot now foiled, I’ll move on to a different site and pull the same trick with two new identities, MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Or should I say Bwa-ha-ha?

HEY!!! Consider yourself sued for ID theft, hoser!

@ dave

I am Vengence
I am the Night



…. some random dude from Buttfuck, Midwest USA

I should’ve guessed.

In all seriousness though, I do honestly feel this way about Alan Moore. He’s a hypocrite, and when he makes excuses that just end up making him look more hypocritical, it starts to make him look incompetent. And the way he strokes his own ego – that’s what this interview was, it was him going on about his genius.

I’m personally a firm believer of James O’Barr’s belief that in order to keep producing good work, you need to never be satisfied with your previous output. If you stop seeing flaws in your work, you’ve no longer have the ability to do anything all that relevant or new with the medium. You should always strive for perfection, and thus never achieve what you set out to do because you’ve set the bar so high. And Alan has apparently, in his eyes, achieved perfection. I’ve always thought he was egotistical, but this is a new, and quite deep, low for him.

Which is sad, because I honestly do think he’s talented, but he’s gone on to the point to where he makes Frank Miller look positively sane and humble, and that guy just finished one of the most racist comics I’ve ever seen, and he thinks it’s positively brilliant.

And Acer, I have the right to say whatever I want here, that’s why a comments section exists. And honestly, what I’ve said is a hell of a lot more relevant to the topic than what half the other people have posted since I’ve actually addressed the entire interview.

Good advice from O’Barr. And yes, I do understand your right, but you didn’t have to go all Jay Sherman/David Spade on us. You could’ve simply said “Sorry Alan Moore, I wholeheartedly disagree with you and you ought to listen to yourself.” That’s my translation of your opinion in one sentence. I apologize for my ‘counterattacks’.

@ Acer
Hey it’s cool, and it’s also kind of flattering (for me) that you compared me to Jay Sherman and David Spade, who I think are hilarious. But I have to disagree, I think my argument was a bit more nuanced than that. As I said, I wanted to address the whole article, and I did it in chunks, stream of thought style since that was easiest. Plus, if I’d said it like you said it, while it’s pretty concise, it lacks personality, and dare I say it without becoming Moore-ish, wit. I mean, comments should be personalized, so they rise above the rabble and leave a lasting impression right? Otherwise why leave one at all?

And back to Moore, a lot of his argument against hypocrisy seems to be, “It’s okay when I do it because I’m Alan Moore, so it’s different. They aren’t me, so it isn’t okay. DC screwed me, please feel sorry for me!” I know a lot of people here would say, “You don’t get it, you missed his point!” I’m sorry, but the way he presents his situation, when he justifies himself, when you boil it down it becomes exactly what I said – what he did was okay because he’s Alan Moore. He makes it look like he’s differentiating things, but a lot of his argument is that because he was being respectful, it’s different. No, I’m afraid that doesn’t clear you of hypocrisy Alan, it just makes you look delusional too. You’re going to sit there and tell me that these creators are lying through their teeth when they say they plan on being as respectful as they can to do Watchmen justice? That they aren’t as earnest as you are when it comes to paying tribute to something they love? As if you’re the only person who is allowed to do that type of thing , the balls on this guy…

And don’t buy into that horseshit about the medium being intellectually bankrupt (once again with the delusions. You know, Alan, when you left the mainstream, you weren’t the only brilliant guy in the industry.) You’re good, but you’re not light years ahead of the next guy like you make out. For one, you could make a strong argument for Grant Morrison or Neil Gaiman (and I would) being better writers. And in addition to all the previous creators I’ve mentioned being in the same class as Moore, here’s a couple more – Warren Ellis, Brian K. Vaugh, and Mark Millar. All can be mentioned in the same breath as him, when it comes to raw skill and revolutionizing the medium.

And speaking of revolutionizing the medium, lets address more horseshit that he keeps leaving behind in this interview like one of those Central Park carriage horse with the trots. Specifically, the intent of Watchmen. In Multiple interviews, he’s stated the purpose of Watchmen was legitimizing the medium i.e. showing what comics can do that other mediums can’t, why they should be taken seriously as more than just books with pictures. It was his main argument as to why a movie version wouldn’t work – the story was specifically designed with this intent, which means the movie could never pull the story off, because the idea was to put as much stuff into the story that would only work through comics. So why would you structure it like a novel? Why? Then that makes it like a novel, and novels already do that. Comics tend to have that never ending, soap opera kind of thing you mentioned – why not revolutionize that aspect while you were at it? I mean, it is something they do more than any other medium, why not incorporate that aspect, do something that this unique aspect of comics gives you the opportunity to do that you couldn’t do in another medium? It would go even further towards your original goal of legitimizing comics.

It’s because you yourself aren’t as revolutionary a comic writer as you think; you’re more of a prose writer, it’s all to natural to resort to the comfortable narrative structure of a novel. Also, it’s cuz you’re scared, aren’t you? When DC basically handed you the keys back to your creations with the one stipulation that they get a piece of the action you were already planning on doing, you suddenly realized the size of the Herculean task you’d be undertaking. Everyone would see that even the Great Alan Moore could fail at something when your Minutemen GN would turn out to be even less satisfying to Waid’s Kingdom Come follow-up The Kingdom. That’s why you turned their offer down, because for once you’d have to face the fact that your skill don’t quite match up to your reputation, your ego.

Your career is, honestly, over as far as producing anything of note, and people are only going to remember you for being a whiney self-absorbed hermit, NOT the creator of Watchmen, This is the reputation you build when you practically make a hobby out of baseless, insulting accusations against people you admit to knowing nothing about, just like you’d expect a kranky delusional hermit to do. Stan Lee will always be Stan the Man, Jack Kirby will always be King Kirby and you’ll always be That Bearded Asshole. that’s your legacy dude – deal with it.

Digital Deviant

March 14, 2012 at 12:30 am

Face it you are a has been Alan; prove us wrong, write something new to compete with this new generation of writers! Stop living in the past man…

The comments prove one thng – comic books fans, by and large, continue to be a fucking embarrassment to the whole world. You all sound like a bunch of fucking idiots.

“But, I would hope that you wouldn’t want to buy a book knowing that its author actually had complete contempt for you. So, I’m hoping that will be enough.”

Moore is just having a laugh. There is no way he could ever know if his anyone among his so-called audience had read the prequel books. He’s just hoping to discourage people from buying so as to hurt WB/DC’s sales and credibility, which is his wont, and I don’t blame him due to his previous treatment. It really doesn’t matter in the scheme of things if you read these books or not.

@ Digital Deviant

Your comments are friggin’ hilarious when you consider the big news lately is how your “new generation of writers” are writing books based on concepts and characters CREATED by Alan Moore! Do you actually think about your comments before you write them?

I can’t get over how precious some of you are – Moore’s basically saying, if you’ve got any respect for me and my work, please don’t buy Before Watchmen. if you’re a fan of his work don’t buy it. Don’t support an organisation that has screwed him over – if you’re a fan. That’s not an unreasonable request. It’s like a singer or actor saying, if you like my product and respect me as an entertainer, then don’t cut me off at the kness by buying pirated DVDs/ CDs or downloading stuff.

And to those intending to buy the Before Watchmen stuff he’s basically calling you all out as the kind of comic fans who probably didn’t understand the point of the Watchmen series if you’re intending to read/ buy this uneccessary prequel stuff. it’s a pretty accurate assumption on his part.

I’m not an Alan Moore fan or apologist at all but the man has a pretty good point this time around. The majority of dipshits commenting here should actually read and think about what he’s saying instead of going, “Wha, wha Alan’s criticising me, I must go on the defensive as my ego is so fragile, wah, wah!!” You’re all friggin’ embarrassing.

This is not about morality… it’s about whether or not you, as the comic buying public, wish to support the rehashing of old ideas for the profit of a publishing company.

Would you really want to encourage a non-Ennis PREACHER prequel?

The way I see it, these WATCHMEN prequels are just fanart.

A lot of the responses here demonstrate why Moore is being kind in restricting his feelings about fanboy potatoheads to “contempt.”

Plenty of us, if not most, care more about creators than characters, but it just so happens that JMS and Lee Bermajo are creators!

If Rob Liefeld was doing these books, you couldn’t pay me to read them, but DC has lined up some top notch talent.

The world doesn’t revolve around you, Mr. Moore.

Look’s like ‘Anonymous’ has serious fanboy butthurt. Either that or he’s actually JMS doing a repeat of his ‘Newsarama’ trolling session.

We know you it’s you JMS. We know what you do. My message to you: write better stories (and Babylon 5 was even more boring than Star Trek: Deep Space 9 – but still not as boring as your unfinished ‘Superman walks across America’ storyline).

“Plenty of us, if not most, care more about creators than characters”
So buy their creator owned work instead.

Before Watchmen is going to cost you $139.65 to complete. Think about that.

I have great admiration for Alan Moore and his work. So I am disappointed at what amounts to psychological manipulation and verbal coercion toward his readers with his comment. From what I’ve read about Moore and this ongoing disagreement between him and DC, I have sympathy for both sides. But I have also come to learn that Moore tends to have a lot of contempt for most people. And it does not take much for someone to be put on his contempt list. I have no desire to curry favor with any author. And I believe that the comic publishing industry as part of the creative arts field is bigger than both DC and Moore. Furthermore, I don’t think Moore retains the moral highground with his comment and I resent his form of passive bullying.

Top notch talent for now.
Give it two years. You will see Doctor Manhattan team up with Plastic Man, fighting Lex Luthor, written and drawn by some C level DC hacks.

I don’t have butthurt, but apparently Alan does cuz he seriously believes that DC has existed the past 25 years solely to manipulate his life through clandestine means. The guy’s a paranoid ego-maniac. Read the freaking interview, not just the cherry-picked blurb.

He literally goes on for paragraphs about how brilliant he was when creating Watchmen, how it was the pinnacle of comics. It’s fine when other people say it, but when the creator of the work starts believing his own hype so much that he ostracizes an ENTIRE industry of creators because some MARKETING guys fucked him (yeah, JM DeMatteis got worse than that as a Spider-man writer and you don’t see him bitching about Marvel; maybe it’s cuz he realizes it was a minority of people running the company that tried to fuck him?)it makes him sound like the delusional ego-maniac he is.

Just to give you an idea of how many creators he’s pissed off – Jason Aaron isn’t even working for DC, and he made a blog post about how he’s given up on Moore as a person because of his misplaced hatred – over two months ago the last time Alan shot his mouth off. The guy had no reason to take anything Alan said all that personal, but he wasn’t going to stand by while he just went around claiming he’s god’s greatest and only gift to comics. He’s not, and he needs to get over it.

He’s the ONLY guy to ever elevate the medium (called that out for bullshit multiple times, don’t feel like doing it again), and he didn’t address the allegations of hypocrisy other than to say, “It’s different when I do it because I do it with LOVE.” WTF?!?!?! O rly?!?!?! So apparently the only reason great guys like JMS (the architect of the last great Spider-man run prior to Slott, minus OMD and Sins Past,), Adam Hughes, Amando Conner, Darwyne Cooke etc, is because of a paycheck!? Oh come on Alan, if Watchmen is as great as you say it is, these guys are probably going into the project with more love for the source material than project you’ve ever worked on. Or is it because fanboy love doesn’t count? It’s not as special as your LoEG (basically fan-fiction in its own regards) because their love of the comic source material is lame compared to your love of novel characters?

Finally, DC didn’t screw you. Ask anyone, ANYONE, and they’ll tell you that if you’re ever handed a contract, get a lawyer. You read the whole thing and then get a lawyer to do the same. Not doing that makes you look like an incompetent jack-ass. This is pretty well known advice and it’s existed as long as contracts have existed. NEVER SIGN ONE WITHOUT A LAWYER, YOU ARE A MORON. I’ll start feeling sorry for you when you have a legitimate complaint and you have a legitimate defense of your own hypocrisy other than, “I’m Alan Moore.” That kind of shit only works for Chuck Norris.

Is it just me, or is every point that the negative commenters are making already addressed by Moore in the interview? It’s fairly nuanced, and possibly too long for people to read it all, but it all seems quite reasonable to me, and I’m happy to disagree with him on some of his points – his distinction between characters he created for the corporation (Constantine, for example) and the work he thought he was creating *with* them (Watchmen) is nuanced and credible and supports his argument; likewise his comments about public domain literary characters and their appearance in LoEG.

But maybe I just read the whole interview…

This is an argument that can and will go on for years. But I stand firmly on the side of Alan Moore. He is a co-creator of this work and does not want these prequels done and that is enough for me. Like the giants who came before him, he has and continues to be mistreated by the industry for which he has made so many invaluable contributions. I only wish his fellow creators and the fans stood by him in solidarity. Until then, the abuse of creators and their works by those in power will continue unabated.

Really people? How can you stand by a man who slanders fellow creators? He admits to knowing absolutely NOTHING about any of the writers or artists he attacks, meanwhile when I call him out, at least I’ve read his work, the whole interview, read up on his situation with DC – and yet it all comes down to, “Well, he got screwed and that’s not fair…”

It’s not fair that he’s allowed to launch baseless attacks on fellow professionals that A. he admits to knowing nothing about and B. have nothing to do with the perceived attacks on him. How can any of the Moore supporters defend that? No one should be allowed to collaborate with him because he’s a rabid dog that can turn on you in a second for nothing. If you’re going to bash the entire comic book industry (and that’s what he’s doing, he’s not singling anyone out, he makes it quite clear that the ENTIRE industry is devoid of talent besides him), then expect everyone working in that industry to ignore you. Draw, ink and pencil your scripts yourself. Otherwise, show some respect and target the truly guilty – the CORPORATE side of DC. The CREATIVE side of DC has done nothing to you.

And the bad contract you brought on yourself, no matter how well you’re getting along with the opposite party, you get a lawyer when you’re handed a contract. It’s common sense 101.

I’ve read the whole interview, and it’s basically these points:

1. DC screwed me and none of it’s my fault
2. I’m the greatest thing to ever happen to comics and my work is the only thing to ever do anything worthwhile with the medium. If I’m not writing it, it isn’t revolutionary
3. I’m not a hypocrite because I genuinely love the characters I’m borrowing for my story, but when DC wants to use mine, it’s nothing more than a cash-grab because the parties involved in its creation couldn’t possibly have anything to add to my perfectly constructed masterpiece. That’s cuz they aren’t me; MY Minutemen GN would have been worthwhile and added to the book, but these guys are no-talent hacks. I mean, only a no-talent hack would agree to writing a Watchmen prequel.
4. Doing something that isn’t 100% new is vapid, has no literary merit and will lead to the death of the industry. But my stuff that uses other people’s characters (over half my work) is somehow exempt from that rule, because….. I’m Alan Moore bitches.

Seriously, those are his main points. And he’s wrong on all of them.

“Now, I’ve since seen the Watchmen contract, which obviously we didn’t read very closely at the time.” His words.Sounds like a YOU problem to me.

@ Mike t.

Exactly – why the hell wouldn’t you read it?! “Duh, well, they were acting really nice to me…” Wow, so you should get a pity party for being naive? It was pretty well know in the industry at the time that Siegel and Shuster had to be saved from the streets in the 70s by fellow creators because they got screwed on Superman. And your logic is that because they were acting really nice, and that you were so AWESOME, that it’d be inconceivable for DC’s corporate bean counters to try and screw you?! Dude, you ain’t that fine!

*Puts on black T-shirt*

*shirt reads, in large white letters: ALAN MOORE IS RIGHT*

*stands in the center of the room*

It’s amazing how up in arms fandom can get about a publishing company wanting to continue a story that they published years ago. Alan Moore (among others) was done wrong by DC in some form or the other but really it seems he’s just not happy that he’s not getting his way. If DC said, “Okay Alan, you’re right we won’t publish any more Watchmen material because we, like much of comic book fandom, consider you untouchable and no one has ever produced any kind of work that in any way EVER measures up to what you’ve written.” He’d still find something to complain about.

Who do you guys like for March Madness?

@Ed A.

Why shouldn’t I buy both?

@David S

That hypothetical book doesn’t sound like something I would buy. The books actually being published seem to be worth checking out. If they suck I’ll drop them.

I read things I want to read, and don’t read things I don’t want to read. I don’t see why someone else’s feuds should dictate what I’m allowed to enjoy.

I don’t know what happened between him and DC, but if he was wronged, that’s something to be addressed by the legal system. If the law rules in favor of the company and people don’t like it, they should lobby the government to change contract law or vote for judges (or officials who appoint judges) who are more sympathetic to workers in this type of situation.

@ Elflord
MSU; gotta go with the Izzone

@ Alan Moore
Watchmen is the only comic non-comic readers know of? Have you not heard of Walking Dead? I think its well on its way to being the most widely known comic outside of our little tight-knit community.

Also, right now Jason Aaron is writing what very well could be the greatest X-Men run of all time. 7 issues in and it has action, comedy, wit, and is the freshest superhero comic I’ve read in a LOOOOOOONG time. It has a lot in common with your Tom Strong, except A. it uses characters people actually give a shit about and B. it’s even more entertaining. So sit on it, Mr. Mountain Man.

Oh yeah, there’s also Scott Pilgrim, Wanted, and Kick-Ass, which didn’t suck and raised a lot of awareness for their comic counterparts.

And the interviewer is dead wrong – Maus IS better than Watchmen. It is, Watchmen isn’t this perfect masterpiece, it’s just a really great comic. And Maus is a better story; for one I actually gave a shit about the characters involved.

@Darryl Ayo

How is it that you gave Sturm shit for participating at Marvel and then later deciding he didn’t want anything to do with the company over their treatment of Kirby et al, yet Moore, gets a free pass for stuff like For the Man Who has Everything? Moore definitely got screwed hard by DC and he’s totally right to hate on them for their terrible business practices. But listening to him talk about how when he uses other people’s characters its taking part in a literary tradition while any creator who does what he made his entire career on is a hack who’s riding his coat tails is nauseating. It takes a special kind of self-absorption to squander the enormous amount sympathy you are due from being so royally scammed towards kissing your own ass.

Please don’t take this the wrong way. You are one of my favorite voices in comics criticism, so I am genuinely curious as to how you think this situation is different compared to Sturm.

I agree with Anonymous’ points. Thanks for articulating it so well. I was planning on getting some of the prequels and I will continue to get the ones that look interesting to me.

The Watchmen is now considered to be one of the greatest novels written after 1923. This is a feat that no other comic has accomplished. Why should comics be taken seriously as a literary genre if the fans don’t even take them seriously. I’m not saying D.C. doesn’t have the right to do this. They clearly, legally do. I’m saying they have absolutely no reverence for literature.

You’re not trolling me are you? Cuz otherwise, thanks. It’s nice to see people actually do read my comments.

And here’s my final thoughts: I wasn’t planning on getting BW. I like the creators, but I wasn’t all that interested in the continued stories of Watchmen characters. I mean, I would love a Sgt Rock style series that is just the Comedian’s war atrocities and Nite-Owl in the equivalent of a Batman Brave and the Bold team up book, where we can see Rorschach slowly descend into madness. But otherwise, I just didn’t care, despite the great talent they attached to the project. I just don’t have money to spare between the great X-Men books coming out (they are, and I love them) and all the great New 52 books I’m invested in.

But Alan’s comments are bad enough that I’m almost 100% sure I’ll pick this up, if only to support creators who deserve our respect. at least they know humility and have some kind of work ethic that they’ll take on such a hated and reviled project if only because they don’t want the Chuck Austens of the world getting assigned to the project. THEY deserve some kind of movement, not a boycott because some pissed off old codger who believes he has the moral high ground (and as I’ve said, he doesn’t, not in the slightest) is telling you to. These people are going to be pouring blood, sweat and tears into this project, all the while people (who have their heads up Alan Moore’s ass almost as far as he does, you think it’d be crowded in there) are screaming for their blood. THAT deserves respect.

Alan, I have two words to say to you – Buch Dich. Anyone who knows Rammstein knows the importance of those words and how much I dislike you in order for me to be saying them. Buch Dich. It’s coming and the name of the man who’ll be doing it to you is Morrison. I’m sure if you ask, he’ll at least spit on it first.

Would you say that Moore is in a phase similar to John Lennon post-Beatles??


With Sturm, I was disappointed to the point of outrage that he mentioned his own Fantastic Four comic in an off-handed fashion, several paragraphs into a very long article about taking a stand against Marvel. Even though he listed his autobiographical history with Marvel Comics as a fan right up front. It felt like an evasion and in the context, it severely rubbed me the wrong way.

Whereas Moore is talking about a thing that has happened to him and his own work, along with DC’s long history of hounding him, mostly over this one book.

Very different stories, for me.


“And the interviewer is dead wrong – Maus IS better than Watchmen. It is, Watchmen isn’t this perfect masterpiece, it’s just a really great comic. And Maus is a better story; for one I actually gave a shit about the characters involved”

This was the other part of the interview that really just made me roll my eyes. When he thinks he’s the only person to ever make a comic that people talk about outside of the industry. He’s so high on this idea that he’s the only comics creator who has done anything “literary”? I love Watchmen, but I also read literary criticism and when they do talk about comics they aren’t talking about Watchmen, they are talking about Maus, Persepolis, Jimmy Corrigan, Footnotes in Gaza. Krazy Kat, etc. And I know Moore knows this, because he tried to write stuff for that crowd when he contributed to RAW but while somebody like Mazzucchelli used his success with DC and Marvel in the 80s to go do his own thing with Rubber Blanket in the 90s… Moore went and wrote Supreme for Image.

@ Darryl Ayo

Ok, I can see that. And I think Moore is absolutely right to be outraged at what happened to him. His whole naivete about DCs business practices doesn’t inspire much sympathy from me because he had just finished working on a comic using a character whose creators were made destitute by his employer. If he honestly didn’t know what had happened to Siegel and Shuster by 1985 then I have to believe he just didn’t care enough to find out readily available information. Everything after that though? Hounding him through his friends and buying companies just to acquire his contracts without his consent? That is really reprehensible.

But by the fourth page or so, he’s gotten through this horrific story… and then he fills the next four pages with some of the most noxious smears of people for doing exactly what he made his own name doing when he was in their place, stroking his own ego making himself out to be some kind of messiah, and talking about how his own appropriations of other peoples work is just him participating in a grand literary tradition but when other people can’t be totally original its because they are vapid and hacks.

@ Acer

I guess you could say that, but I’m not all that well versed in the Beatles (would that make dave Gibbons Paul McCartney?)

@ Julian

It’s nice to see other people with the same viewpoint as me vocalizing what I’ve been trying to say but in less convoluted way. It’s nice to see someone has got my back. Yes, I’m sure some underhanded things have been done lately, but I do think he exaggerates a bit about how DC has it out for him, in that I can actually see that innocent parties within the companies exist and that they deserve the benefit of the doubt, but Moore’s ego drives him to write EVERYBODY in the industry off.

It would be fine if his verbal attacks were focused on the deserving parties – CORPORATE DC, but they aren’t and it puts him in the wrong too. I can’t sympathize with the man when he goes out of his way to make enemies of potential friends just because they have ties to a branch of DC, whether or not said branch is complicit in the shenanigans that hurt him.

He makes himself out to be more like a martyr than a messiah I say (or maybe a messiah that’s been turned into a martyr is better), and he’s really just an asshole saying troll-like things to get pity and attention, exactly like a grumpy old man. You made a good point – he left DC, makes a big stink about creators rights, and what does he do? Takes over all of Liefeld’s ABC books at one point, and when he leaves that company where he did work for hire on other people’s books (basically fan-fiction tributes to the silver age stories he loves that he alleges will destroy the industry), he goes and pretty much does the same thing at Jim Lee’s Wildstorm with Mr. Majestic and WildC.A.T.S.

Holy shit, does this guy even think to take his right foot out of his mouth before he kicks the left one up in there?!?!

And I’m sorry, I know I said I was done, but I couldn’t resist…..

From what I remember of the various Beatles documentaries I’ve seen–along with reading part of the massive Beatles Anthology–a factor in the group’s breakup was Lennon’s developing control-freakishness and creative arrogance (and of course his and Yoko’s courtship).

“Regardless of what you think of Moore, DC, etc, the fact is that if you’re on a limited budget that budget is better spent if it’s supporting creative endeavour and artistic bravery instead of another corporate cash-grab.”

Actually no. If you’re on a limited budget, that budget is better spent if you’re using it to buy stories you want to read. To claim that you know better than everyone else what entertainment they should buy is the height of arrogance.

I’ll spend my hard-earned dollars on the stories I want to read. Whether they’re “artistically brave” (whatever meaning such a damn pretentious label has) or a “corporate cash-grab.” I’ll read what I want, I’ll read what entertains me. And if you’ve got a problem with that, kindly go fuck yourself.

Again until the end of time: you people have a lot of nerve calling Moore “arrogant.” People ask him stupid questions and he answers them honestly. You people don’t like his answers. Simple solution: stop asking Moore stupid questions.

Alan Moore is better than you people. He’s a better writer, of greater acomplishments and it is his work that is in question. He is in a position of natural authority with regards to the authorship and creative purpose of Watchmen. Instead of being intimidated and reacting in fear, you would do well to learn from your betters.

Is it even known for a fact that DC bought Wildstorm just to get Alan Moore? I’ve only ever heard that idea put forward by Alan Moore and even then, I don’t recall him stating as a definitive fact… more like that was what *he* believed (and as we have learned since then, his sense of self-regard is somewhat… inflated).

It seems like a far-fetched idea to me, honestly… They bought a whole company just so they could get their hands on Top 10 and Tomorrow Stories? I really don’t buy it…

@ Darryl Ayo

I always liked that Kirk Douglas quote about Kubrick ““You don’t have to be a nice person to be extremely talented. You can be a shit and be talented and, conversely, you can be the nicest guy in the world and not have any talent. Stanley Kubrick is a talented shit”. I kind of think it applies here.


I’m inclined to believe that Moore is right seeing as how DC had already tried to buy Awesome Entertainment at that point and they really never seemed to care too much about Wildstorm once they had it.

There are literally dozens of comics that I would rate higher than Watchmen.

For an established artist well in his 50ies to say something to the effect of “I have done the best ever”….I mean really…that is laughably childish. Maybe he is overdoing the smoking, I dunno.

There are no “dozens of comics better than” Watchmen. Watchmen is the best. All this nerdy listmaking is crap. Alan Moore wrote the best English language comic book of all time, saw that nothing has parallelled it (much less surpassed it) and you call him arrogant for noticing the obvious?

Sounds like a touch of that old North American faux-modesty value where one isn’t supposed to notice one’s own good works. Aw shucks, it weren’t nothin’. Go fly. It’s plain as day that Watchmen stands head and shoulders over 99% of comic books and eyebrows and scalp over the other 1%

Okay… Now I am certain that Darryl Ayo is taking the piss.

darryl you can’t be older than 13, if you are i’m sorry….

Weeeeell, since my last post has yet to be moderated, here’s the PG version –

@Daryl Ayo
I’m not going to be “put in my place,” you elitist ass-hat. You are NOT my better, nor is Alan Moore. I have a right to say what I want about Moore, and I think I’ve been pretty spot-on so far. He’s not as great as he, or people like you, make him out to be. He isn’t some comics wunderkind who saved the industry in the 80s. He actually claims that in the interview – he saved the industry. No, titles like X-Men, New Teen Titans, CoIE, Man of Steel, JLI, Daredevil, and DKR saved the industry you clown.

Let’s look at more Moore ridiculousness, shall we? He honestly believes Green Lantern lately has been successful because of him. He claims DC has no good ideas other than to do big events with their roots in short back-ups he did in the 80s. O rly?! Was the Sinestro Corp in one of those back-ups? Or other ring corps? Cuz those are the most important pieces of the success of the Lantern books lately – Sinestro Corp War works without all the “Blackest Night” prophecy references and Blackest Night itself had NOTHING to do with any Moore stories. All those references were thrown in as 1. a tribute to a guy the creators thought was brilliant and deserved to be immortalized within the franchise 2. kind of set up that same tone he was going for with Twilight of the Superheroes, the idea of things like prophesy coming to pass, an endpoint. They didn’t plan on making Ion a Daxamite named Sodom Yat until they realized they could go this route of a “fullfilled prophesy.” It helps the story, but it still works very well w/o it.

Green Lantern is successful because of the hard work of Geoff Johns, Dave Gibbons, etc., not residual 80s Alan Moore awesomeness. How can you even take him seriously when he makes claims like this? I know his attitude about it is quite a bit different than Watchmen, but he’s still being snarky and snide, that DC didn’t have an original idea on this project and he’s looking down his nose at their ineptitude, at least in his eyes. And he genuinely believes this. These creators went out of their way to pay tribute to this guy and he takes a giant shit all over their efforts. Screw him and his elitism.

He hasn’t written the best English language comic, that is quite honestly Maus. There’s a reason why it’s A. more talked about outside of our circles by actual academia and B. widely used in school curriculum. And it isn’t American values to never be satisfied with your work, it’s called HUMILITY, maybe you should learn some too? I’m insulted by your pastiche of my nationality. James O’Barr said it best, and even if it is an American value, it’s something that has made us into a strong and proud nation, and it will make us strong once again.

I simply can’t begin to understand some of the comments here. You are angry at Alan Moore for sticking up for the people (and yes himself) who actually crate comics, sticking up for their life’s work. Let me guess, you also will be seeing the Avengers and saw Ghost Rider, guilt free. Any great cartoonist (certainly some that are not as great, as well) has worked under conditions where they do their job in less them satisfactory conditions, for less then scrupulous people and see their work exsploited without suitable credit, control and royalties. The last thing they, THE CREATOR of the work should need to have thrown in their face are an ungrateful audience. Audience, have the right to reject works, but to side with scumbag Corperations, who actively ruin artist and writers lives (family, health, dignity). The only thing going for a cartoonist this day is a little respect from the audience and enjoyment of puting pen to paper. Unbelievable.

@ Ben Cohen
Did you even read the article? That same hate for creators you accuse people like me of is what Alan is guilty of. read the article. I’ve stated my reasons for saying what I said many times – I’m trying to stand up for creators, specifically the people Alan slanders without knowing a single fact about them (which he admits to). He shouldn’t be allowed to get away with slander. That’s why I’m calling him out. I have respect for everyone working at Marvel and DC, they don’t need a guy like Alan Moore, someone people actually listen to for some reason, spouting off paranoid delusions and slanderous statements that could end up hurting their reputations. Also, the guy has delusions of grandeur that he thinks gives him the right to look down his nose at the rest of the ENTIRE comics creator community. Seriously, read the whole interview. There is nothing in there that should make you sympathize with him in any way.

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