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Quote of the day | ‘… A Million Moms should boycott this title’

“I absolutely think that A Million Moms should boycott this title. It worked for Archie! We have profanity, a profoundly liberal politician spouting off all over the place, and there’s loads of sex too. Oh, and the naked people from the Pioneer Ten space probe plaque are two of our major characters. (That’s all actually true.)”

Saucer Country writer Paul Cornell, hoping to boost sales of his new alien-conspiracy comic series,
out this week from Vertigo



To Paul Cornell: it would be awesome if they boycotted your book. You can’t buy advertising like that.

Are there any gay characters in it? Those Bigots don’t like them there ho-mo-sex-uals….


Hispanic Democrats largely don’t support homosexuality either (e.g., Hispanic support for Prop. 8) so it’s not just a White GOP thing. Frankly, Saucer Country’s Hispanic Democrat lead being socially liberal is more unbelievable than the existence of Little Green Men.

However, the biggest reason that SC won’t be boycotted is that most Americans don’t known about the Vertigo line. When they hear Vertigo, Americans think either (a) a medical condition or (b) an Alfred Hitchcock movie. So, why boycott a Vertigo comic that only several thousand people will read?

By contrast, Archie has widespread name recognition and the sales to prove it. So, of course, any change to the comic good or bad garners attention.

Jake Earlewine

March 15, 2012 at 7:47 am

If you want a Million Moms (or a few thousand, however many they really are) to boycott your comic book, you should send them some complimentary samples.

Ouch, that was an unfortunate emoticon typo.

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