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Quote of the day | DC’s New 52 vs. Avengers vs. X-Men

“Yeah, of course — that’s what people want to think. But let’s be clear: The DC relaunch is a response to everything Marvel’s been doing, and not the other way around. You don’t set fire to your entire house for no good reason. And by the way, I tip my hat to them. They did something daring and it worked for them. They boosted sales of some of their books. But Avengers vs. X-Men is something that’s been on our docket for publishing for several years now.”

– Marvel Chief Creative Officer Joe Quesada, reacting to suggestions
that Avengers vs. X-Men is a response to DC’s New 52



Nice spin attempt but unless you interpret “everything Marvel’s been doing” to mean “everything since Marvel’s sales overtook DC’s in the 1960s” it’s totally meaningless.

Kevin Kuczynski

March 7, 2012 at 2:28 pm

I really don’t see how this is different than Civil War. Except now different heroes are on different sides. Since this is the most popular event since Civil War I expect Marvel will continue to find new ways for the same heroes to get made at each other.

House of Ideas indeed.

i don’t see how this could be seen as a response to DC’s anything. both companies (and many others) have been having these team crossovers/battles since at least “secret wars”, and i’m assuming long before then. that’s like saying image copies dark horse because their comics use word balloons.

i laugh everytime i hear the sterotypical lines “EVERYTHING WILL CHANGE” And “THIS WILL AFFECT EVRYBODY IN THE MARVEL UNIVERSE” – but in the end its cap,iron man, Thor that seem to be the only ones that get affected and even then its just 4 weeks before the next thing that “CHANGES EVERYTHING”

what would be great if some one like the punisher saves the universe from a skrull invasion or a super human registration act

Diego Jose Ramirez Fajardo

March 7, 2012 at 2:49 pm

Avengers Vs. X-Men? That’s all what Marvel Comics’ stories are about. They’re not heroes, they’re outlaws!! I’ve hated this since I was a kid!!

The answer to the question just had to be “Avengers vs. X-Men is something that’s been on our docket for publishing for several years now” but I love (read: am annoyed by) how Quesada felt the need to preface the response with accepting responsibility also for DC deciding to relaunch their entire line last year.

Has anyone from DC come out and said AVX was as a result of their relaunch? Not to my knowledge. Did anyone from DC call Marvel out for having their undead Mutant storyline conveniently around Blackest Night? Pretty sure that was just a happy coincidence and all parties agreed and stated as such. (These storylines just don’t happen overnight people.)

Just another example of how Marvel’s big voices always have to take shots and win every battle instead of just respectfully acknowledging the success of their competition.

I thought the DC relaunch was in reaction to the customers, not poor old JoeQ.

Whether theyve been planning it for years or just days, both events come from the same place. Both companies are doing the same thing they’ve always done, DC by relaunching their lines and Marvel by pitting one high selling title against the other. Objectively speaking, neither really has the higher ground in any tangible sense because neither are doing anything new.

bull… The House of ideas is out of ideas for years.

I have an idea…

just imagine… (oups… sorry, DC’s idea!)

Marvel Universe VS Ultimate Universe!!!!!!

We will make millions.

Note: If Marvel do this, I want my weight in paperbacks, guys.

At least isn´t a retcon DC is used to do and call it bold.

Marvel and DC– two toilets that lead to the same sewer.

Bullshit AvX was in the docket for years. I know he can’t come out and say that they pulled this out of their ass to deal with the New 52, but come on now, we’re not complete idiots.

Joe Q forgot to take credit for independant creators, digital comics, movies based on comics and keeping the print medium afloat. But he’ll get around to it, that stuff is just a reaction to everything Marvel has been doing.

“Avengers vs. X-Men is something that’s been on our docket for publishing for several years now.”

Yeah, and SIEGE was seven years in the making, JMS had OMD planned from the very start of his run, and there’s a bridge in Brooklyn you want to sell me.

The real irony in using the phrase “House of Ideas” to grouse about Marvel’s unoriginality is that this sarcastic version has been in steady use among commenters for decades, going back to livid letter-column writers in the 60s and 70s. It reminds me of that great professors’ joke “You should avoid cliches like the plague.”

Joe Q— KILL HIM WITH FIRE!!11!!!1!

Man., could somebody here open the windows? It’s getting a litte RIPE here with the stench of DC fanboys ripping into their favorite target from that Other Company. Yeah,because reading those nu52 titles are soooo much more enjoyable after criticising MARVEL’s C.O.?

(It’s almost as if Quesada’s DELIBERATELY trolling them with these sort of comments— with comics sites in collusion by reporting them— and then sitting back to enjoy the show.)

/Big Two Comics

Joe Q is so full of himself. He always was a fratboy. He’s become an arrogant suit.

If Marvel are so great and wonderful, why are almost all their books $3.99 and why are they so reliant on crossover events to tell “stories”?

As said above, DC was reacting to the industry and customers’ needs.

The day Marvel also puts its readers and the industry first… never going to happen. Marvel’s leading our great comics hobby towards doom with its arrogance.

Soup Owens-Fowler

March 7, 2012 at 5:43 pm

“70 percent of the survey’s 5,336 respondents were already fans, with only 5 percent completely new to buying comics, and 93% were male. What’s more, only an estimated 2 percent were younger than 18 years old. ”

Yeah DC how’s that reboot going for ya? selling lots of comics? Invitin new readers into the fold? Getting those young readers you’ve been hoping to get on board? How’s that continuity cleanup going? Making a lot of sense there huh? Yeah, don’t worry buddy, you’ll get it together somehow.

So, Quesada’s the same as ever, I see. Nothing new here.

Same old Joe crap. Quesada always acts like he created the comics industry, when all that he’s done is to rip off everyone before him. Give me a break. DC’s move was one of the gutsiest in comics history, and even though it’s not a perfect situation, it beats the crap out of Marvel’s current output.

Avengers versus x-Men? Didn’t DC do that in the sixties with the JLA and JSA? Didn’t Marvel already do that with Avengers/Defenders? Nothing new here.

AvX was planned before DC announced their relaunch. They had a retreat at Bendis’ house I believe in April before the announcement. The advertising for the event is a copy of DC. They’re doing interviews on many websites. Abc is shilling for them. They have radio ads, will have Tv ads, and they’re hitting the social media websites. They are also giving huge incentives to the retailers. They didn’t do that with Fear Itself.
As for DC, people keep omitting the 25% that are lapsed readers that picked up the habit again. A lot of the avid fans bought more books than ever before. The main demo they were after was 18-34. But superhero books are not for everyone. DC got people in the shops. The retailers are the ones that deal with customers directly. They should have books for everyone, not just DC or Marvel

Okay, I hope that this quote was taken a bit out of context (i checked the link, and there’s no further context on it). I can easily believe that AvX isn’t a response to the New 52, no argument there, however…..

“The DC relaunch is a response to everything Marvel’s been doing” needs more explanation. By itself as quoted here and on the link, Joe Q would have you believe someone at DC said “Hey guys, Marvel’s doing another Event, let’s copy them by relaunching all of our books and shifting our creative teams around.”

Maybe this is just one of those things we’ll never understand because we’re not industry insiders…..

Well, even to a jerk like me who reads like 10% of these comics, it is obvious that Avengers Vs X-Men has been planned for years, since X-Force, the Messiah Complex and Cyclops’ general assent to general-king of Nation-X.

That said, I don’t see where Joe Quesada has a rational case for DC’s relaunch initiative being a response to Marvel’s activities, that’s silly.

Heh, well he might be right. DC’s reboot drove me away from their books*, maybe Marvel’s been planning to do the same with AvX.

*To clarify, their *current* books, I’m still picking up preboot trades. I now have a complete Secret Six run. :-)

I was a huge Marvel fan for years. I never cared for DC comics…unless it was Batman. The truth is Marvel has run out of ideas. How many times can they do the same story lines over and over and package them in a different way. Marvel has lost all of their top writers…with the exception of Bendis. DC has been gradually reworking and cleaning up its mess from the past…bad continuity issues, characters that could be developed more, merging it’s multi-universes together…etc. It has been successful for DC and Quesada is a little bitter about it. I jumped on DC with the new 52. There are some great books and there have been some bad books…but over all the new 52 is far better than anything that I have read from Marvel in years. DC took a huge leap of faith and it worked.

So as long as Marvel continues to push the same old stories…make mine DC.

In the next scene, Captain America and Cyclops share an open-mouth kiss.

— MrJM

Is there anything sadder and more idiotic than “Marvel vs. DC” trash-talking? The two companies are pretty much Tweedle-dum and Tweedle-dee at this point. Each one has a few good books out. Each one publishes a mountain of dreck. Each one prefers to recycle old concepts and stories, rather than encouraging creators to develop original ones. They are what they are. For any company employee or fan to act like one company does it right while the other does it wrong is, as stated earlier, idiotic.

Actually, I completely believe Mr. Quesada, when he says that the Avengers vs the X-Men story has been brewing for quite some time. Because having heroes fight each other is all that Marvel DOES anymore…mixed into a giant Crossover Pie!

Trust CBR to publish this Quesada quote.

CBR is a pro-Marvel site after all. They really want Marvel to be the winner and DC to be the loser. You can see that by the Marvel bias in their articles (like the Litmus Test), Axel Alonso column and comics reviews. They want DC to fail, even more Marvel’s screwing everyone with their yearly crossovers, double shipping and $3.99 low quality books.

Marvel publish fan service comics now and that’s what CBR wants more of, at the end of the day. So any Quesada quote (a man who’s always a bit defensive about other companies’ initiatives, yet claims he loves comics and wants the industry to survive) only fuels CBR.

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