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Quote of the day | Paying creators for their effort

Atomic Robo: Real Science Adventures

We used to handle these things with short stories in the backs of our issues, but we weren’t satisfied with that model. The artists who drew those stories did so in their own free time. Call it fan art that just happened to be based on a Robo script they found. In their inbox. Sent by me.

We loved being able to pack a little more content in our issues, but we came to hate that it got there by exploiting our friends. Sure, they came to us, in some cases they begged. But if these guys are going to take the time to draw comics for us, they should get paid for the effort.

-Atomic Robo writer Brian Clevinger, explaining the ethical component of creating an anthology series about the dinosaur-slinging robot and his team of Action Scientists.

In a industry where so many creators are willing to work for “exposure” (and so many publishers are willing to exploit that), this is really damn cool. Those back-up stories have always added so much to the various Atomic Robo comics that Real Science Adventures was always an exciting idea for a series. This makes it even better.




Wow. I cannot commend this stance enough.

I grabbed a FCBD “Atomic Robo” story a few years ago and was bored to tears, unfortunately; now, though, I almost feel like I ought to start buying it just to say “thank you for having principles.”

I see at the link that this book is on sale next week! I’ll make myself a note.

@Wraith How on Earth can you have been bored to tears by any Robo story?

@ Josh Bell
I wanted to write the same thing :D

Which issue do you mean Wraith?
If it’s Dr Dinosaur or King of All Bombs, you shall be cursed to reading grim and gritty superhero comics for all eternity.

Okay, thanks for the link. I’ve checked, and fortunately it was neither of the stories you mentioned so at least I won’t have to start buying a ton of DC and Marvel stuff.

It was actually “Flight of the Terror Birds” from two years ago. I have to say that, having glanced at the other two stories you mention, they sure look much more entertaining. Perhaps I picked a dud year?

I thought Terror Birds story was weaker.
But maybe it’s a matter of a right mood :D
Check out the earlier FCBD stories, perhaps you’ll like them more.

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