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Quote of the day | ‘We’re not … doing Gandalf in a red leotard’

The redesigned, and renamed, Shazam, by Gary Frank

“… The cape is now more of a cloak but, beyond that, the magic power is now a part of the look. The idea is that the lightning is always crackling around him, the power barely contained. He is, in effect, a conduit for the power. […] We’re not ditching the muscles and doing Gandalf in a red leotard.”

– artist Gary Frank, talking with Comic Book Resources about the redesign of Billy Batson/Shazam
for “The Curse of Shazam” backup feature in DC’s Justice League



What about Captain Marvel–not doing that either?

@Wraith – Agreed.

I don’t understand DC’s penchant to reinvent the wheel with this (or most of the other) reboots; They throw out a statement like “We’re focussing on ‘x'” where ‘x’ is a feature that the character often or always displayed prominently. I think it’s a distraction from their just producing a 90’s Image version of the character.

New take. New DC. New character. Not an extension of the old one.

I’m not sure how I feel about this. In essence it makes sense, because they can’t name him Captain Marvel on the cover and what it sounds like, it’ll be similar to Flashpoint where its a group of kids that become Shazam instead of just one. I just hope that they don’t focus on the problem with naming Captain Marvel like they focused on how “lame” Aquaman was in the first few issues of the reboot.

Shazam? More like Shit-zam.

DC’s just lucky C.C. Beck isn’t still around. He would have ripped them all a new one.

Hey look, kids! A total misunderstanding of the character!

Well…he certainly doesn’t look like Fred McMurray anymore.

I hope the new version looks like Freddie Mercury.


Honestly, Mr Frank, after seeing that teaser image, I don’t think anyone imagined you’d be doing anything half as cool as Gandalf in a red leotard sounds.

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