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R Kikuo Johnson captures The Shark King

Russ Manning- and Harvey-winner R Kikuo Johnson’s (Night Fisher) new, all-ages graphic novel is coming next month from TOON Books. It was announced last fall, but now we finally have some details.

One thing that seems to have changed from the previous announcement: at the time it was thought that Johnson would only be writing The Shark King while Trade Loeffler provided the art. Now, Johnson is listed as the sole creator. Like his previous comic, The Shark King is set in Hawaii, but this time presents Johnson’s take on the shape-shifting shark-god Kamohoalii by putting it in the context of a story about a young boy “who has to balance his yearning for Dad’s guidance with his desire for Mom’s nurture.” TOON has sample pages and they look wonderful.

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Random House/Candlewick/Toon Books had a finished copy at the American Library Association conference in Dallas last January.

There’s also a Teacher’s Guide! Yeah! Comics being taught in schools!

Haven’t loved everything I’ve seen from Toon but this looks really neat.

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