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Six by 6 | Six superhero series Joe Hill & Gabriel Rodriguez could do

During an exclusive interview with CBR TV at WonderCon in Anaheim, bestselling author Joe Hill revealed that he’s working with his Locke & Key collaborator Gabriel Rodriguez on a “established superhero title” for DC Comics or Marvel. While he’s best known for comic creations that don’t wear a cape or cowl, Hill is no stranger to superheroes: He’s producing The Cape for IDW Publishing, and he made his comics debut in 2005 in Marvel’s Spider-Man Unlimited #8. Although news of what character (or characters), what universe, or even what format their superhero story will be, we have a few suggestions:

Astonishing Spider-Man: Hill made his comics debut doing a Spider-Man story, so it’d be poetic to see him return to Marvel on the back of the webslinger. There’s a new movie coming out, and the Astonishing Spider-Man title in particular would seem a great fit for Hill and Rodriguez to jump in and do a compact, vibrant run.

Etrigan: It’d be an off-beat choice to do a character that’s never really flourished, but in a way that opens up the possibilities for what Hill and Rodriguez could do to make it into a high-profile book. Imagine the way Neil Gaiman took to the Sandman concept to make his own Dream and the Endless, and put that kind of scope and passion into an Etrigan series.

Shazam: Geoff Johns and Gary Frank are already breaking new ground with Captain Marvel Shazam in the back pages of Justice League, but inevitably there will come a time where the thunderstruck hero will need to spread his wings in his own series. While seeing Johns and Frank continue would be great, imagine how Hill and Rodriguez could take to Billy Batson and all things Shazam.

Fantastic Four: Marve’s First Family was brought up indirectly in the CBR TV interview when Hill was asked about the idea of thought balloons in modern comics. Although he was just using it as an example, it is a startling quote: “If the thought balloons were like, Reed Richards, like, looking at Dark Phoenix and she’s in the Dark Phoenix thong or whatever and the thought balloon was like, ‘Man, I’d like to do her,’ that would be fresh.” Imagine that.

Superman: Although some might peg Hill as more of a Batman guy, I’d argue he might have more to say about the Man of Steel given the landscape that Superman’s comic mythos provides. From idyllic childhood in small-town America to the arrival in the big city to journeying to alien worlds, I’d love to see Hill provide a new context.

After Watchmen: Fan fervor aside, Before Watchmen is destined to be a high seller … and given that potential preposition “Before”, who’s to say DC couldn’t carry it on with an “After”? Picture it: Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez picking up the pieces after the end of Watchmen, literally, with a lowly intern at the New Frontiersman sifting through the remnants of Rorschach’s Journal.

Watch CBR’s video interview with Joe Hill yourself and tell us what you think he and artist Gabriel Rodriguez are up to in the world of superheroes.



Would love to see Hill try his hand at some DC/Marvel work. A Jason Blood or Phantom Stranger book by him would be magnificent.

Also, DC Dark would have Hill, Snyder, Lemire, Mieville, Cornell, Fialkov, and Kindt under one roof, which is pretty ridiculous.

I would like to see Hill and Rodriguez do another well-written, well-drawn creator owned book together. Marvel and DC already have enough creators they’ve ruined and turned into hacks. Adding Hill and Rodriguez to the list of people that should really stop and think hard about how they’ve enabled Marvel and DC’s criminal and destructive “we steal your characters and imagination and livelihood until there’s nothing left” way of business is not something to be contemplated or encouraged.

Hill and Rodriguez deserve a lot better than that. The industry deserves better than that.

“If the thought balloons were like, Reed Richards, like, looking at Dark Phoenix and she’s in the Dark Phoenix thong or whatever and the thought balloon was like, ‘Man, I’d like to do her,’ that would be fresh.”

If that’s his idea of fresh, do not buy fruit from this man…

(I love Locke and Key and agree with Bird. More original stuff!)

What better way for IDW to introduce their own “super hero” universe than with an original super hero book by Team Hill/Rodriguez? Let’s get a NEW super hero sandbox to play in.

Dan: Thanks for commenting. IDW already does super-heroes, and I’d argue that Hill’s own THE CAPE is one of them. BTW, loved your editing work at IDW!

Yeah, Chris, IDW has begun to do more super hero titles nowadays, with Byrne and LOVE & CAPES. Thanks.

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