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Thor on a unicorn calling down a rainbow

Thor on a unicorn calling down a rainbow

In an officially licensed Marvel product, no less. Based on the rules and card designs found on Marvel Super Hero Squad Online’s player vs. player card game, Upper Deck has partnered with Marvel and Gazillion Entertainment for a Super Hero Squad trading card game.

The blog Squad Cards has been showing off some of the new cards, which allow you to toss a fastball special, have She-Hulk give your opponent a group hug or call upon “Odin’s rainbow pony,” as seen above. Looks like fun!



XD I thought it was some fanart at first. I actually watched the SHS tv show and never saw Thor ride a rainbow pony (although I did see Galactus without his helmet but that was another bucket of weirdly funny). Thanks for posting this and the link to the other SHS cards. Makes me wish I’d get a group hug from Shulkie. ^_^

Well, without ending up paralyzed from the waist down. ^^;

Mr. Q

Why the axe instead of his hammer? (I’m trying not to even think about the unicorn.)

Its Ultimate Thor Dave.

Still better than Fraction’s Thor.

Extremely cute stuff. Makes me want to be (more of) a kid again.

Awesome stuff! I guess this means that Thor is a Brony?

Do they have an ally card of Thor’s friend Dorothy?

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