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Vasilis Lolos prepping return with Electronomicon

Bursting onto the American comics scene in the mid-00s with the Pirates of Coney Island (sadly unfinished) and work in anthologies like Flight and 24seven, Greek artist Vasilis Lolos quickly made a name for himself with his angular artwork and unconventional storytelling. But after quickly rising up the ranks with group projects-as-books 5 and Pixu, Last Call for Oni, and even mainstream work on Spider-Man and Wolverine, Lolos disappeared. But now news is coming to the surface that Lolos is plotting his return to American comics, and it’s called Electronomicon.

According to a post on his DeviantArt page, Electronomicon is the name of a graphic novel he’s doing for Oni that he describes as “in the vain (sic) of Blade Runner and the writing of H.P. Lovecraft.” This collection of cosmic horror stories is something the artist has been working on and off on since 2009, with 2012 looking to be the year it reaches completion and publication. In recent years Lolos has had a habit of doing work for musical acts, and in this project he’s bringing that influence to bear with the group  La Suspiria reportedly working on a soundtrack.

Here’s some pages found online that show how Electronomicon is shaping up:



Glad to hear he’s back, but I’d be more interested if he showed any signs of finishing Pirates of Coney Island, or Last Call (which was supposed to have, I think, 2 more volumes) before he jumped into a new project.


Since volume 1 was published in 2007, I’m afraid that at this point I’ll believe we’re getting a volume 2 when we actually get a volume 2. I’m not saying it isn’t going to happen, but just that it’s been too long to easily swallow that promise.

WHAHEY! Look ‘MA IM ON CBR! Hey guys I’m glad that you picked up on the book, I am trying to bring something really new and epic with Electronomicon, I am taking storytelling and art to strange places . I will be posting more of the heavy-on-the-art pages on my blog.
Last call 2 is done and delivered since January 2012 , it makes up for the time of absence , believe me.
And the pirates are off my hands, the last 2 issues are done by another artist, I am just doing the covers for the last 2 issues and the GN.

Thanks for the update! It’s very much appreciated. Looking forward to reading Last Call 2.

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